First EMatrix RF/sublative Rejuvenation Treatment, Pleased Thus Far - Warner Robbins, GA

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Background: I have some minor acne scarring on my...

Background: I have some minor acne scarring on my cheeks that I'm tired of looking at. A couple ice-pick scars and some scarred/enlarged pores. I've had a couple of series of micro dermabrasions in the past and I aIso had a micro laser peel (by Sciton lasers) set at 10 microns, done in March 2010. Neither had any effect on my scars. I also had 2 Matrix IR (non ablative laser) done on my right cheek scarring in May 2010.

I had my 1st eMatrix RF treatment done almost a week ago. (June 2010) My skin was cleaned using a Clarisonic brush and then I had topical numbing cream applied. The cream was reapplied after 15 minutes for a total time of 30 minutes,prior to the procedure. All the cream was then removed with a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution to make sure the skin was completely oil free and clean.

The treatment was only done on my cheeks. The settings used were Treatment B at 48 MJ (There are 3 levels w/ 3 different microjoule settings per level) I had expected the deepest level (Treatment C) but my esthetician had told me that the company is now recommending acne scar revision to be done at treatment level B, as this seems to cause more coagulation in the tissues. I had apres peel soothing balm and sunscreen applied, post peel. I was told not to wear any makeup for a minimum 24 hours, and then to only use mineral powder makeup. Liquid makeup is not recommended until all the ablation scabs flake off.

I had mild redness post treatment, but there was no pain to speak of. My face was numb for approximately another 2- 2 1/2 hours. Painless as compared to the micro laser peel. My skin was comfortable and I didn't have much swelling on the first day. My skin did begin to ooze in a few spots that evening, and since I couldn't wash my face until the next day, I just had to wait to shower it off in the morning.

Day 2 I was more swollen, but the redness was the same. My skin was comfortable.

Day 3 the redness and swelling were beginning to decrease and the scabs were more noticeable. I did apply a light dusting of mineral powder as we went to the movies. No problems at all and the powder completely covered any redness. Grid marks/scabs were noticeable if you were up close.

Day 4 most of the swelling and redness were gone and the flakes were barely coming off. Skin was still comfortable.

Day 5 approx. 30-40% of the scabs had flaked off and my skin was a bit itchy due to the dryer skin. I was told NOT to pick or scratch the scabs as it's best for them to flake off on their own.

Day 6 approx. 75-80% of the scabs are gone and my skin doesn't itch at all.

Day 7 all swelling is gone and all except for maybe 10 scabs have fallen off. These scabs are the size of a pin point are not noticeable to anyone but me.

It's too early to determine the overall effect of my skin, but I'll return to post any updates/changes. I'll have a follow up treatment in July, August and September.

Wanted to post a current update. I finished my...

Wanted to post a current update. I finished my initial course of 6 treatments in early October, followed by a "touch up" treatment in late Dec. 2010. I was told, according to the aesthetician, that I had upwards of 80% improvement on some of my scars. I was able to look at my past photographs, and though I don't agree that it's an 80% improvement, I can't deny that there has been correction and progress made in my scars. Oddly enough, my worst scar (a pretty decent ice pick acne scar) has been the one that has corrected the most. It's now as small, or smaller than some of my other minor ice pick scars. It's important to note, however, that as it became more shallow, it did widen at the surface. Honestly though, I don't know if that makes much of a difference in it's severity, but it does appear smaller overall. It's funny though, as your bad scars improve, you tend to notice scars you never really "saw" before, or at least that's the case with me.

I was treated on the most aggressive levels of Treatment B at the highest settings for treatments 2-7. I healed quicker and with less edema and erythema each time. I also didn't get nearly as many grid dots my most recent times. My last 3 visits also included an IPL session prior to the eMatrix. I will say, I was able to tough out the eMatrix without numbing cream my last 3 times. We still only treated my cheeks, and would use up the extra pulses on the sides of my chin and between my eyebrows. I understand that I must have a high pain threshold in order to tolerate the treatments w/out numbing cream, so I don't necessarily recommend others try that if they are at all nervous about pain. I personally don't find it all that bad, and since it doesn't take more than 10 minutes, it really shortens up my visits considerably.

Do I have beautiful skin? In a word, no. Have a noticed a change for the better, yes. Would I recommend others to try this? Sure! It's probably one of the few treatments out there that doesn't have lingering pain, side effects and downtime. If you're wanting something that is slower and easier going, but still capable of some positive results, eMatrix is worth a try.

Oops, I should have said that I was treated on a...

Oops, I should have said that I was treated on a high "C" level, not a "B". I don't want to cause any confusion w/ my original post. :)

Macon Facial Plastic Surgeon

Jessica, the esthetician, was VERY helpful and informative. We had a 30 min. consultation a month prior to my decision to go ahead with treatment. We went over expectations together, she called me the day after to check in on my and contacted me several days later to assess my progress.

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