So Nervous, but This is Much Needed!

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Hi Ladies! I have been following many of your...

Hi Ladies! I have been following many of your stories for a while now, and I have always wanted a breast reduction, but could never muster up the ability to go through with it. I've always been so nervious or to be accurate, AFRAID. As the years pasted I began to have all this physical problems. I would get bad headaches, back pain, neck pain, GERD, and even breathing problems. My large breast begin to interfere with my daily life. I could barely funtion, it also contributated to by bad posture. Around the beginning of this year I went to see a PS. To be completly honest I did not know my actual bra size, but I believe I am a 42 G or H!! During my consultation my PS was very nice. He took some measurements and the nurse some pictures. I ask him if he a custom to reducing large breast such as mine, and he informed me that he had done breast larger. I felt somewhat better, but I could not imaging having surgery electively.

I am so nervious about the risk of surgery, and being put under Gen. Ana. for such a long period of time, and the risk of blood clots. Am I the only one how has these fears??? I am currently trying to put all my fears aside and walk in total faith. Well to make a long story short, I was going to bring all my documentation to my PS office which included my chiro., physical therap., neuro., massage therp., but before I could my PS office called be and told me based on my photos and the information that they submitted by insur. would cover! That is a blessing, but I'm still so nervious. I have my pre-op appt in 2 weeks, please pray that I will have the strengh to be strong and follow through, I don't want to miss out on an excellent opportunity! I will upload pics soon. Be Blessed!!!

Two days left! I'm not as nervous as before....

Two days left! I'm not as nervous as before. However, I've been having tension headaches since Sunday. I'm kind of ready to get this over with so I can began the healing process. I will take off from week for six weeks to ensure I am able to recover properly. I pray that my surgery will go flawless!!! As well as my results.... lol.

Thank you Jesus! I made it. I'm bleeding a little...

Thank you Jesus! I made it. I'm bleeding a little at the drain entrance,is that noacermal? I did not take the anti-nausea medicine I haven't been nauseous. As of now I feel good pain, not really pain more like discomfort is manageable. Keep getting sleepy! Oh and they look lovely not a B cup that the Lord, they r swollen so I will probably be a D or large C.

I went for my one week postop appt today....

I went for my one week postop appt today. Everything looked good, they took my steri strips off, and when I got home one of my areola was puffy! It's not nice and flat like the other one, I'm kind of upset, is a puffy areola normal???

Ready for a tummy tuck!

After two children I am so ready. I had a consultation with my doctor and schedule my surgery 6 weeks from now. I am a little nervous because I still have a little bit more weight I would like to lose before the surgery. I will upload pictures soon.
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