My Journey to Smaller Boobs - Georgia, GA

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I've had large breast since 12! All the kids...

I've had large breast since 12! All the kids picked on me for having large breast. I could never find good bras until recently, now I'm 25 no children and don't plan on any time soon lol I have went back and forth with my decision but I'm ready to be confident about my body.June 6 is the date!xcited

My mother had these exact boobies lol. She passed...

My mother had these exact boobies lol. She passed away when I was 12. It's the only part of my body besides my face that I will change permanently. I hope she understands that I want to be different and get these girls lifted and reduced. I believe she will though.. Love u mommy

My nipples are huge ladies I know I know lol

My nipples are huge ladies I know I know lol

The clock is ticking

Hello everyone! I was scheduled for June 6,2013 but I now had to reschedule for June 20,2013 because my surgeon will be out of town! Can you say boost in anxiety! I'm ready to get it over with but it gives me more time to prepare mentally and so forth..

12 days away

The clock is ticking! I'm just short of two weeks until surgery. I was wondering if anyone was ever on you monthly period while having a breast reduction? If so did that affect anything?

One week a way

My date is 6-20-2013. The closer I get the more nervous I seem. I'm starting to question is this the right decision but I'm going to follow my heart and mind and go through with it.

2 days away

OMG IM NERVOUS! My stomach has been aching all day. I go for my preop tomorrow. It seems like just yesturday I thought of having the surgery, now it's beginning to get real.. I will be preparing my clothes and cleaning a bit for the remainder of the day to calm my nerves. Thanks for everyone's support

Today is the day

My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM it's 6-20-2013!! All the waiting and wondering will soon be yet another memory. Earlier I met with the nurse, anasthesia doc, and had my blood drawn. It went well. The plastic surgeon is very busy since the town I live in is so small and everyone wants him to be his doctor. I'm very excited about seeing my PS in a few hours to ask him more questions and to finally begin this journey with smaller beautiful perky boobies! My boyfriend is taking me along with family members because I will need all the support I can get! See you all on the other side!!

Day 1 post op

Hello everyone. Surgery went well. I almost backed out early this morning because the first nurse was very rude and mean acting to me. My boyfriend was there to comfort me but as soon as my grandmother arrived I was a ball of tears. Everyone else was great. My breast are very sore. I have a check up in the morning at 10 that I am excited about going to. I'm in pain but I'm about to take some more medicine its been 10hours since my last dose along with eat some grits eggs and sausage before bed. The surgery seems worth it so far but I will see eventually

Day 2 post op

Hello everyone I went to my PS and they let me put on a sports bra. My boobies look great. My chest in the center is very swollen. My left breast is more sore than the right. Walking around is quite painful but I'm managing to get through. I do believe this breast reduction was worth it. In due time hopefully the pain will ease up. I will post more pictures soon.

4 days post op

Hello all I got my reduction on Thursday and now it's Monday. I'm 4 days post op and feeling alot better. I haven't taken any pain meds all day. After the surgery I was hit with excruciating migraines like never before. I ended up going to the ER because I did not know what was going on. The said I was dehydrated and gave me migraine meds. I'm feeling a lot better. I am very pleased with my results from my BR. My left breast is still more swollen than my right but other than that ok satisfied. Anything beats the breast I had before lol

3 weeks post op

Hello everyone! I am three weeks post op BR and I feel better each day! My stitches/ sutures were removed two days ago. I can take off the surgical strips in five more days. I haven't had any complications except headaches for a week straight after the surgery. As for pain I have not taken any prescribed pain mess since the first week after surgery. I wear a sports bra each day all day. Unless my shirt has a built in support bra. I am very glad that I had this procedure. So far it is very well worth it.
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