20 Years Old! 425cc High Profile (: - Georgia, GA

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Really anxious about going in for my surgery. My...

Really anxious about going in for my surgery. My pre op I'm 20 years old. Weigh 144 lbs. bra size I'm 32a 32b range. Very flat. I'm really scared I'm going to go to big or to small. I think 425 is to big but on some girls my size look to big some look great. Freaking out alittle! My surgery is 7 days

Wish boobs!

These are exactly what I want but would that be to big for me?? I love all these boob inspirations.

Pre Op and Sizer! Getting Close.

So I went in today, and finally tried on some sizers the moderate plus looked like pancakes on me, I did not like. && the 375 looked to small for my frame in high profile, so I'm going for 400 and 425. The doctor said he'll order both and finalize it in surgery maybe I need one of each. But I'm posting the pre op sizers! WHAT DO YALL THINK!

Nervous Nelly!! 2 more days!

2 more days until surgery, i go in tomorrow for my pre op testing my hospital is making me do it. I'm so nervous and scared how the pain is going to be or if i get really nauseous. How was everyone elses pain?????? i go back to work on Monday so i have 4-5 days to relax until i go back to work. I think ill be able too.

Pre op testing! Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm the hospital now getting pre screening test my hospital makes everyone do this. I had to get blood drawn and I hate needles hate hate needles. But literally wasn't that bad now about to talk to the nurse about post op and pre op instructions. Wish me luck on tomorrow.

Surgery day 1 post op

Just got home from surgery, not in horrible pain but there is huge tightness. Keep waking up every 4 hours im guessing because the medicine is going off. The dr. Said he did 400 r 425 l. They look kinda small but maybe it's cause they need to start healing and fluffing up I'm so happy that I got it though.

More surgery pics!

My PA for the doctor sent me these pics right after they got done. They look amazing

Day 2 of post op

It's day to I been in and out of sleep, not in much pain but it's a good bit. I been taking my pain meds on time so I really don't feel a lot of it my boobs still look that same which is normal. Hopefully they'll start dropping soon.

Day 3 and finally feeling better

Okay so it's day 3 I'm still taking my meds cause going under the muscle hurts like hell. Buttttt! I think there finally dropping alittle. I am scared now cause my nipples are numb and I'm having horrible horrible heartburn and I think it's from my meds. And I still haven't went to the bathroom yet which sucks. But I go back to work Monday so hopefully I'll be okay by then. Also when did any of y'all start wearing a different sports bra besides the surgical one??

Sorry for no updates! But 1 week and a day post op

Sorry been really busy at work haven't had time to let y'all know how I been feeling. They have dropped alittle and still have a lot of upper fullness, haven't got my stitches out yet but healing nicely. Besides yesterday when someone bear hugged me and totally forgot I feel like that muscle strained and is killing me right now especially since there under the muscle but overall been doing good no more MEDS!!! Yay I hated those pain killers.

6 weeks and feeling great

Already have my sutures out, been feeling great it's 6 weeks today i been able to go back to the gym, they dropped amazingly. Took forever but it's getting there finally look a lot better in a bathing suit too.
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