29 Years, Dreaming to Decrease Distance Between Upper Lip Lift and Nose - Washington DC, DC

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First, i always had feelings about my upper lip....

First, i always had feelings about my upper lip. Mostly negative. I took shape of my lips from my father and it was thin and not so attractive.
I used to make fillers, but every 6 months you have to make more. And it's not decrease distance but just make lips bigger. This part i did'nt like at all.

First day after procedure

I was coming back from Washington by bus to NY. That's why i was afraid to take alot of painkillers. After 2 hours after procedure i start to feel burning in that area and pain. But honestly not as much as i was expecting.
About the whole process: it took literraly 40 min. Before the procedure i have read SoSoSo many reviews so i knew exactly what to expect. So what is definitly essential during process is music. LOUD!) Because you do not want to hear what is going on with your own skin.
Anesthesia was strong and i didnot feel any discomfort. The only one was when needle with anesthesie went to my mouth.
The next morning swallowing was the maximum. And i was so afraid that start eventually drink steroids to make it less. And it worked perfectly. So in the end of the day it was much less.
I will keep update and publish photos every day.

Day 2

Hi everyone!
I m publishing photos from the day 2.
as you see puffiness is much less.
I am still trying not to mpve a lot my upper lip.
But if yesterday i did not do it because i started to feel pain, so today i dont feel any discomfort anymore, but just trying to be careful.
I am still worrying mask and my husband is all the time trying to cheat and open it)))
so i ll keep you posted guys!

Day 3

As you see on photos swallowness is much less and i start to look normal. also no pain at all. area around stitches starts to itchi, which i think the sign that it is recovering!!! yohoo! i did not excpecting so soon.

love it

Sorry it took so long to update
i really love the results
scars are almost invisible
but my face with new distance between nostril and lip look fresh

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