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Here is what my best friend currently look like...

Here is what my best friend currently look like smh so pretty but really really a pain in my neck my back and I'm exusted I can't wait till my surgery it's like the days are going slow lol
My breast have cause me not to do things wear things and participate in things All my life it's TIME!!

Day 1night 1

Ok so I went in got all signed in about 5:30 then I waited till my number was called and they took me back I took off all my clothes and peed in a cup after that they said they would take a pregnancy test
I talked to the people the nurse and the anesthetic person
I was asked questions and stuff
Then my seed any came in the room with 3 students
I guess this only happens when your insurance pays for your procedure
I was then told to undress in front of these geeks future plastic surge ants but I didn't care lol
I made light of the situation by making jokes
I said your not my types lol and then I said gotta love sharpie smell any way I was basically the students lesson of the day they answered questions and was wrong or correct
After this the anesthetic person came in an stuck my hand hooked me up to the iv that shit hurt and stung
I was wheeled back to the room by then I was carefree and slowly drifting off to sleep surgery began at 8:15
I remeber them putting me on another bed and I remeber laying there a little nervous then sleep

I woke up in a lot of pain I cried I asked for my mom and medicine
I as in shock
After the Kirk out drama and they told me they would give me medicine more medicine by this time it was 11:30 I fell asleep from the medicine I also don't believe i woke up from surgery until 11 so my anesthesia was still having me sleep on and off I complained about my lips and throat they gave me Chapstick and a Popsicle
My throat hurt a lot and my lips so dry like crack dry
Then I asked to go back to sleep
My lip was a little busted and cut on the corners and under my upper lip
They took me to another room again
And my family left to eat at the cafe I kept sleeping so I woke up fully about 2:30
Then they made me use the bathroom
I was dizzy I couldn't walk the wheeled me to the potty
And then ingot up and sat on it then my pee would sporadic
I couldn't pee jut had too and then it was reattaching myself how to be
They said that's what the anesthetic does
My family came back then they gave us instructions cleaned the drains I have 2 on each side I went from an Ncup to a D a small D I'm so happy I'm in a little pain but my medicine is making me loopy or high very silly very random
I'm staying very still but I needed help to walk everywhere the car ride was ok but the jumps killed I sudgest holding a pillow on your chest if your roads are bumpy
Later I realized I keep dozing on and off the pattern goes serious
Crybaby snoring then comedy
I got home and I've been in my recliner no bed it's not comfortable I rather sit Indian style and recline
Don't try to move to much because when your meds ware off it will hurt actually don't let them ware off first I tool one pill im on oxy then One then move up too two I've been poppin back and forth first sleep then up then sleep then up lol I dozed off 2timws writing this lol

More pics

Day 1 night 2 ok

A lot of pain sharp pain night sweats the vicotin is probably causing my butt hurts I can't poo poo and these drainers are really making me squeamish
Definatley wouldn't be doing this alone I think God for my family
Taking night shifts and staying on watch out
Helping my Pain medicine schedule be regular e
My holes hurt if I love wrong the drainers feel sore this not bathing deals no fun my peer is still irregular from the anesthetic
I don't really eat much until I get the munchies I have to eat soft foods they made my throat sore with the tube

Rice pudding icecream in the hospital I had Popsicles and ginger ale and 7-11 Slurpies are my life right now
I'm using some but wipes to keep my pits clean and my booty I will update tomorrow

Night 2

Today's bad I won't be sleeping in a bed only the recliner my butt hurts idk why I just took milk a magnesium my plugs hurt the are is sore lol my throat is yucky they don't feel good
I'm squeamish about this blood it clogged earlier

We just squeeze it till it goes in
I've iced as much as I could
Then I went to sleep with my heater blanket

My anus is sore

Is anyone else exsperience this sore butt I mean like really hitting I haven't been able to poo but it's sharp Pain in my anal area
Serious response only please

It's day 4

Day 4 my breast reduction is now taking a toll on me I'm up random hours in pain
I don't really have a boyfriend
More like someone who's was in process of being a boyfriend
I hardly know what to even do when people come visit me
I either am too drugged up I fall asleep or I'm awkwardly social and we watch tv the duration of them being in my small room we made to resemble a hospital
Waking up with the drains are sick feeling you literally have blood collectors and mucus collectors on each side of you
I am strong tho
Stronger than I believed I could be
My nipples are hidden beneath patches and some odd fixtures I look like a bad science exspierementnt
Of the Doctor who created the human centipede
Or some crap I can't wear clothes only buttons or anything that zippens
I've experienced phantom boobs 3times and I've accidently almost yanked each cord several times
I feel lonely because I miss love and affection from my boy like he's all I have in the end and it sucks he isn't emotionally attached to me
When shot changes he won't feel a thing I bet
I'm emo my meds vicotin make me loopy and emo
My butt just got relieved from using castor oil and I also had some milk of magnesia or whatever nobody's cooked for me so I probably will get fatter I only have eaten carry out I'm a burden to everyone and everyone left me last night my mom missed her boyfriend hopefully she will come back with clothes she also was suppose to wash my sister lives with her boyfriend and she left and my aunt did my cousin didn't want to sleep over At all
She lives nearly doors down
The phantom boobs make me love my arms as if they are still huge
I have a deadlines a graphing flyer
But can't seem to stay off the vicotin 2pills I need them almost like that's then only thing actually helping me not be in pain
Evwrynownamd them I feel random pain
This misnomer day four I finally took a shower yesterday j was helped into a big green plastic bag made like the hospital gown my sister tied it tight to me and we used the shower hose I felt like she power washed me tho lol
My posture sucks and hurts I'm still standing weird I am gonna have to teach myself how to walk when these drains come out I will update later

Hey ladies

Hello today is a difficult day
I OK first but then I soon realized that I might have been doing way too much today right now I'm using the voice thing on my phone and I am getting them to text because I cannot text my breast is cause pain when I exit use my fingers to text I guess it's because I'm using muscles that are injured still I picked up my nephew and I should've picked him up I was sitting in the bed Indian style and I reached over Windover and I lifted him up and I shouldn't have and now I'm paying for it I had excruciating pain I will rolling over crying and hysterical pain in that happen actually like an hour or two after I had actually picked him up I have no sutures at all I'm no bleeding no bleeding at all really just apart inside the middle where is raised in it looks about it it's bumpy looks like a flick to Knotts swollen and I'm really tired of these drains like wish We stripped the drains every day because they get clogged there's also been blood clots in them and I can see them when they go inside the little balls I still haven't really been having still having been having a good poo session I mean I took Castro oil and it basically cleaned me out I had to give myself a little help with the glove though open my anus to allow it to come out I have basic I basically had to stick my finger in there and take out the hard stuff so the soft stuff to come out the stool softener worked but I did have to help myself go to number two I didn't change I change my bra because it was dirty and we can have a little bit of pain because I have to take the gods padding off and experiencing like up five-point star of pain in my nipples also I cannot sleep well of been having back pain I tried the recliner recliner didn't really work for me so I'm in the bed with millions of pillows occasionally I stretch my arms up I can put them over my head but I think that that also causes Ripson sutures and I don't have ribs in my sutures so I would rather not you do what I really know I can do the litter probably shouldn't be doing I finally showered I didn't get my nipples what they have I'll show you the pictures guys they have plastic ornaments stitches so I can take them off I basically use the hose the shower hose to power wash me basically and I used my regular soaps and I am brushing my teeth he's a little bit easier I just cover myself up with a big plastic bag I'll see you guys a picture of that when you cut holes through a big like a big plastic garbage bag put holes in it and wear it like a vest and tie it like a vast so that the friend and you won't get wet or the back if you don't get what I need to brush your teeth and you can take a shower just don't go underneath the water I felt awesome

Dec 19

Dec 9 was my surgery day
First day when I woke up alotbofnpain
My heat blanket has helped a lot
Moving too much and I wasn't suppose to like picking a small toddler up set me back a few days but my drains are removed thank god that was there work shiiiiii ever
I literally felt like a science lab rat
I still need my meds but overall weaned off them and only use them when I cannot tolerate them nipple strikes literally been feeling a five point star of pain on my nips on dec 15 my stiches and drains where all removed I cried like a baby
Butt honestly the tape riping was the worst part I didn't feel the tubes exit I will say showering is easier now on December 14 I took a full shower and wrapped the top of me in a big trash bag
But yesterday I was able to get my entire body wet
No soap on boobies just light water I keep my back to the shower then air dry
The ointment I'm using aqua phore gave me a burning itchy sensation on my breast skin it was ok on my nips but on my actual breast skin it stung so I called the PS office and they said Vaseline is ok and not to use bactine or whatever I call it and neosporin
The scabs are really awe full I wear a silk scarf under my bra because it will knock off scabs and I find blood in my white surgery bras

Today while washing my bras I wore a tank top underneath I wore my nursing pads I bought from cvs
I preferbthosebinstead of pads or gauze My Nobel movement is still off here are some pics

I had surgery dec9

Ok so my nipple is peaking like revealing pink nipples raw skin im freaking out
I finally was able to have intercourse lol
My boyfriend was so distant afraid to touch me hell I didn't get much affection I'm doing everything I can alone but I realized if I do too much I end up in pain and popping a pain killer
Anyone else ? Nipples peal still back sleeping but now also I can side sleep woot!! Woot!!

Surgery was dec.9

Surgery was dec 9 today is January 4 I will say I feel much better
But still have pain episodes that leave me in tears and helpless

My underneath incisions hurt the most I no longer feel much areole pain
Due to the fact my stitches have dissolved it hurts when I move the ones on the left that did t dissolve
But my pigmentation is coming back and my
Skin is all peeled no more random
Skin graph peelings
I keep my breast moist with nipple pads for Baby's milk pads and I still use aqua phore
I apply with a tongue depressor
The middle of my cleavage still worrys me
In the pics it looks strange
I didn't have stiches under or around my body
I had surgical glue it's almost all gone and
Last night I had a pain episode
I tried to wash my back and I reached wrong I felt a tear but didn't see any sign of irritation
I got out the shower soapy and eased my way to my room

I have been going out and places around town even club but when I need to sit down I take breaks
I won't be returning to work yet tho
I'm not able to sit in my office chair without pain meds and they put me to sleep
And make me constipated
The bumps and potholes in the road hurt so I still use a pillow to insure they won't jump or jiggle
Paul a Pittman

Troy a Pittman I was on meds when I said Paul lol

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