40 Yo Mom of 3. 5' 3" 129 Lbs. Tummy Tuck & BA 700 R/750 L - Georgetown, TX

Being a mother of 3 (15,12, 3). My body have been...

Being a mother of 3 (15,12, 3). My body have been through tough times. I am ready to get it back right. I have been researching and found a surgeon who listens and let me feels comfortable. He is up to date with technology. He used the no drain method which Im looking forward to. I hated the drains for m boobs. I will be getting a tummy tuck and exchanging BA with Silicone HP. We havent decided on the size yet but will do this at pre op appt next month. I am very nervous and anxious at the same time but I want to be happy again. I will keep you all posted

Before pic

I'm ready to look good again.

Wish pics

My future goal

Pre implant replacement

485cc moderate silicone

Pre boobs

Need nipple fix and going bigger. I can't wait!

Pre op

I have my Pre op today. I am excited to decide what size boobs Im going to be! I cannot believe that I am only 2 weeks away. Yikes!

Pre pictures

Pre op

Rice sizers

So yesterday I had my pre op. Dr had me try in sizers to get an idea of what I want to look like. We decided on 700cc to left and 750 to right. He also ordered 700-750-800 implant for the day of surgery. I am so thankful that listens but shares his insight at the same time. I am feel so much happier going in this time. I absolutely love the look with rice. I plan on wearing my rice sizers to work before surgery so I don't look too different when the twins arrive lol.

mY time is coming up!

I cannot believe my surgery is next Thirsday. wow! I got my pain meds and will be drawing labs tomorrow morning. I am so ready!
Dr Franco

Dr. Johnny Franco has wonderful bed-side manner, sincere, caring, knowledgeable, understands what my goal is. I love the fact that he listens. He never pressured me one way or another on what to have done but made suggestion and gave me options so I could decide myself. Ive never known of a doctor who gives out personal contact, well Dr Franco does. His staff is also awesome. I absolutely love the coordinator, Kristin. She replies back in an heartbeat and answers every questions. Every aspect of the practice is stellar. I am really excited and cannot wait to see my outcome.

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