Excited for Butt Implants - Georgetown, TX

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It's official I will be getting butt implants...

It's official I will be getting butt implants December 20th with Dr. Franco. Made a deposit and scheduled my Preop appointment on December 8th. I decided to make a post about my experience along the way so hopefully I can enlighten those of you who are anticipating your upcoming procedure. I will upload before and after pictures once it gets closer to my procedure date.

It's About To Go Down

Welp......tomorrow is the big day excited and ready to get this over with. My surgery time is at 1 PM and expecting to be out of recovery at 6 PM. I hope the outcome is everything that I wanted and more. So let me add a photo to show my pancakes LOL

Surgery Complete

Hey ladies.... I'm finally feeling well enough to write this review. So surgery went fine I got 548 round implants with fat transfer from my upper back and flanks I'm not sure how many cc he was able to get yet but and the hardest part for me was the prep because I was so anxious to get it over with. That hour seemed to be the longest hour. Once it was surgery time after receiving the general anesthesia the rest was history I woke up in the post op room with minimal pain I was more nauseous then anything but once I took my meds it seemed to get a little better. I have pain pills but since I wasn't in much pain I decided not to take them as for regular Tylenol seems to be helping just fine. I find walking and gettin out of bed the hardest part soon far but as the day continues its getter easier. I'm loving my new body already once I go back to the bathroom I'll upload a pic for you all if I can remember to take my phone.

Some pics after surgery

Day 2

Feeling better each day but still walking like a duck. Lol but loving my results so far

Day 8

Had my 1-week appointment today with Dr. Franco everything is looking great and healing fine. I'm counting down the days until I can sit I'm over laying on my stomach now but anyway the pain is completely gone but still have stiffness in some areas mainly my lower back. The pressure in my butt isn't gone yet but it's more tolerable then before of course. I'll upload a few pics but my camera isn't working properly so bare with me.

Day 11

Omg..... Went to the mall today and let me tell you I'm tired. It's like walking as became a workout for me (sad face). Everything is still going well I can't yet do certain things like bend over to a certain degree but everyday it's a different mild stone. I still have slight swelling in my lower back and I find that some areas on my back is still sensitive I've being trying to desensitize all the areas. Anyway.... Here's a few pics that I took today.

Before/ After

I was requested to post some before and after pictures however my camera is messed up so I will post the pictures that I already have on my phone. Let me mention this... now that the swelling is going down I am thinking I should've went with a bigger size I might consider upgrading.

2 months update

I've been so busy with kids, finding a house and moving that I haven't had time to do any updates. I had to reschedule my 1month post op appointment because of my busy schedule but my healing is going well and my swelling is gone I still have a few spots on my lower back where it feels tight at times but altogether I'm feeling and looking great.
Austin Plastic Surgeon

I am overly excited that I went with Dr. Franco for my Butt Implants procedure. His staff was very professional and welcoming to my needs. He is also very attentive to his patients and the overall experience was pleasant I would definitely recommend him to others who are considering this procedure.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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