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I do have a lot to say and have a pretty good...

I do have a lot to say and have a pretty good story. I don't consider myself a writer, but I think I just might give it a try. I have enjoyed reading the posts on this site.

I am 50 years old and have had breast cancer 3 times. Twice on RS, back when I was 27/32. On left side, just this year. Now it is time to replace what is missing!!

The date of 12/12/12 (hey, atleast i can't forget the date) is still preliminary. My Doctor is just breaking out on his own, so he has to get recertified with Insurance company's and such, but I am sure all will be in order by the date. It will have only been 5 months since radiation, but my skin does look really good. Fingers crossed.

I had to change my surgery date to next year in...

I had to change my surgery date to next year in February.
I was pushing to have it done in December since I had already met my out of pocket maximum through my insurance, but the normal is to wait 6 months after the last radiation and December is only 4 1/2 - 5 months. Well, the area where I had my radiation broke out in a rash last week. So NO Surgery for me.
As it gets closer, I will update :)

Boy what a year 2013 has been. I was so hoping to...

Boy what a year 2013 has been. I was so hoping to have my surgery last December (2012).... but issues popped up that we are guessing came from my radiation treatment. Five months after radiation an infection behind my collerbone appeared. To make matters worse, the infection caused a blood clot in my Left Jugular. It took about 5 weeks to figure this all out (crazy times). But all is well now. (i hope) I did 12 weeks of Antibiotics and will still be on Coumadin until the end of May (2013). I will have another Ultrasound in July on my Vein to see how it looks and am hoping for good news.
I would like to start the process of having a Double Diep Flap this October (2013). I will meet with my Plastic surgeon after the ultrasound to see what he thinks. If he is okay with how the clot is looking and feels I am a good candidate (meaning having to deal with any issues that may arise with blood clots) I would be SO HAPPY. It will have been 12 months since I started the process to have the surgery.I
I still am going to have Dr Habash do my surgery. He and my Oncologist work very well together and He and his office keep tabs on me. (I appreciate that)
Well - that is all for now......
Nabil Habash

As I was going through Chemo and Mastectomy, the name that I kept hearing was Dr Habash out of Round Rock. Everyone I talked to, whether Medical or women who have gone through breast cancer, had nice things to say about this doctor.

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