Small Frame with no curves.

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I have hated my body for the past two years. I...

I have hated my body for the past two years. I gained so much weight in all
Of the wrong places. I'm 4'11" and weigh 116, which isn't a lot but I carry it so badly. I decided I wanted a BBL about a year ago and seriously started pursuing the though in September. I had my first consultation at a med spa and I wasn't sold. The fact that he would perform the whole procedure while I was awake was a little terrifying. I had my second consultation a couple weeks later with Dr. Franco and I was sold ! I actually met with a doctor and not an assistant and he was confident in what he could do for me. A week later I called to schedule surgery and now I'm set. I cannot wait ! In the meantime I want to work and developing some good habits to be in good health for surgery and just researching the best tips out there.


I had my Pre-op yesterday !! It's a two week pre-op but I went at the three week mark due to scheduling reasons. I was weighed , 115 and taken back to the room. The doctor came in and looked me over one more time and took pictures. One thing we did change was that he was going to also do a little lipo on my inner thighs. My thighs aren't big at all but I have notice these two little fatty spots when I wear shorts and stuff. He said the reason was to be able to add about another 300ccs to the booty. :) He took before pics and answered all my questions ! I had an index card full of em. My finally question was ... "are my results going to be worth it and drastic?" He said "yes! You are going to look fantastic!" After that I signed all my consent forms and went over more details for surgery day and got my paperwork for labs and my rx.

Some before pics

I couldn't stand to see my previous pics right away every time I saw my review.


My doctor says he teaches whoever takes me home and myself how to massage the lipoed area. Do you think the benefits of getting a lymphatic massage by a professional makes a big difference in results and healing time ? Also how do I find one that specializes in that??


Still haven't gotten my labs done yet , I need to do that tomorrow. Still haven't paid complete cost, still waiting on a revised quote due to the change in location of surgery center. I got my rx's taken care of today hopefully. My usual pharmacy wanted to charge me $168 for 2 out of the 3 meds but the doctors office found it for a fraction of that cost. I think I am starting to get nervous. I'm just worried that my results won't be drastic enough for me. I don't want subtle. But then I don't want ridiculous results either. I haven't found anyone in my area that offers lymphatic drainage massages ... super annoyed with that. Other than that, I'm just here trying to patiently wait the next two weeks !


I've read a lot of reviews where arnica tablets were taken during recovery. My doctor gave me an extensive list (several pages ) worth of medicines to avoid after the 2 week pre op time frame. I basically decided I wasn't going to take any medicines before, not even vitamins lol im so paranoid. If you used Arnica did u take it before surgery as well ? And what about the gel is that beneficial ? I'll be getting all of my things I'll need post op during this next week. I've been reading soooo many reviews to get good tips and ideas. I love this site! Lol

So many thoughts

My brain is all over the place. I'm mainly so excited !! If I could talk about it all day I would but I don't think anyone wants to hear me lol.

Right now my thoughts are "are my results going to be drastic enough for me" , "what if I don't notice any difference" , "is the pain going to be unbearable", "how long before I think I'll be ready for sex", "Am I going to have enough help", "Do i really need to buy this or that ". I'm mentally draining myself. Time fly by please !!!

Saying bye to my old body

Yesterday I woke up with a raging headache. I wasn't able to get the whole house completely cleaned like I hoped. I fell asleep at 6pm and slept for 13 hours !! This headache has turned into a migraine. I'm in so much pain and can't take anything. I also started my monthly yesterday. I PMS sooo bad. It makes me feel like I'm ill. I was supposed to start on the 1st and would've been finished by the 7th. I didn't start till the 4th so now I'm annoyed with that. I guess I'll wear a tampon during surgery ? Does anyone know if that's okay ? I need to call today and ask if the same person dropping me off for sx needs to be the same person picking me up. I've got almost everything I need , I didn't go over board at all on the supplies. I am just missing the PEz thing... I'm not sure where to find it locally in stores. The Walmart i went to didn't have them. I'll be meal prepping tomorrow night and then I'm ready !!

I made it

The one Norco I took right after surgery really did me in for the entire day. I felt like complete crap. I have switched to extra strength Tylenol only. I'm very swollen and sore. I'm pretty much hating this garment right now. Can anyone recommend a pain medicine that didn't cause them nausea and vomiting ? Ill have my doc switch me to something else. If not .., Tylenol only it is -_- :(

Post op appt

Went well. He took off the garment and massaged me a bit. OMG that was painful. I felt like I wanted to pass out. He had me lean over the table and put a cool pack on my neck and back and gave me sprite. He was so awesome. We are all very excited about the results. Results are definitely drastic. Lower stomach , back and vagina are super swollen. I only have bruising on my inner thighs as of now. He changed my pain med to tramadol. I'll try that and hope it doesn't make me sick. *fingers crossed* pretty tired of laying on my stomach, my arms get numb just as I get comfortable. Right now I'm resting on my back on the couch and my legs on the coffee table. Booty just hanging. It's a good relief for now. Soreness today is worse than yesterday. I'd say about an 8


Recovery has been ok. I can't say easy and I can't say rough. Hardest part is being constantly uncomfortable. Today I had an outing to the store for about an hour and a half. It went well. I massaged myself after my shower definitely felt some things moving around. My mom has helped massage me 2-3 times daily as well. My incisions are closed with stitches. I thought that was strange since everyone else surgeons seem to leave them open ???

Continuing of previous post

I wasn't ready to post yet ! Lol anyway , 1 more full day for recovery before i go back to work. I'm a little nervous but I think I'll do fine. Here's a side by side from night before surgery and tonight's picture. Wow !

The struggle

These 8 days have not been easy. It's a constant UNCOMFORTABLE feeling. Not pain just , it's really indescribable. I typically heal quickly and jump back into things but this has not been the case. Went in for 1 wk post op yesterday. Doctor massaged my lipod areas a bit. I about died. It was so rough and painful. It hurt for hours after. I told him my self massages haven't even TOUCHED that kind of pressure. He said it's a must to break up any hardness. He went in below my csection scars to lipo stomach. That whole area is still really hard, swollen and bruised. I hadn't even touched that area bc I was scared of the stitches. We also reduced the amount of hours I wear the garment to 12 hrs a day. I'm so short that the garment kept bunching up on my sides and was causing indents. He gave me foam for sides and said 12 hrs instead of 23. I went back to work 6 days post op. Wasn't too bad but wasn't fun. I am still on pain meds, arnica , and have started taking dandelion root. Supposed to help with swelling and getting toxins to move out of body. Oh bowel movements haven't been a problem at all. They are welcomed and easy. :) lower back, sides and abdomen still really swollen.

Coming alive

Yesterday and today I finally felt more like myself mentally and spirits were high. I went out to a local bar to watch the game , I was dying to get out of the house and socialize. I could only stand about an hour and half out and was ready for pjs. :) bruising on leg is getting better finally, butt has been itchy all day, stomach / vag area is still hard in areas. I am continuing to massage and rub them as much as I can. I still feel really puffy in all areas.

In my mind I thought I would have this surgery done and bam feel great and look amazing. Definitely not the case. You have to heal properly and slowly work your way back to normal life activities. It's such a change. And of course not fitting into anything but not being able to go out and buy anything because of fluctuating with the swelling. Yeah it's ALOT. but I know in due time I will be able to enjoy my new look and finally feel confident in myself again.

I went shopping

So right before NYE I went shopping for some new clothes. Dresses are my new fav. I haven't felt comfortable in a dress since I was probably 14. I can fit in about half of my pants. I don't like to wear them often because the tightness is still uncomfortable. I am definitely loving my results in my waist area. My tummy from the side view is still not as flat as I'd like. I look bloated. I'm not able to wear my garment 24 hrs because it leaves indentions. I also feel like it's too loose now. I don't want to spend $100 plus more dollars on a new one that I won't even know if I like or not. I feel like it'll do the same thing because they are almost one size fits all and my torso is so short. Ugh. I wear the garment and foam on sides back and tummy when I'm sleeping. The past few nights I've wanted to sleep on my back sooooo bad for some reason. I use a foam roller underneath my back and pick up the booty to give my back some relief and stretch it. All my lipo'd areas are still tight. It feels like I'm going to break in half when I bend down lol

My only worry right now is the booty getting much smaller and the I feel like it's bigger up high and not much on the lower creases area towards the thighs. It's still hard in some areas. I'm hoping the shape does continue to change for the better as it softens. I really really really hope. And I hope this stomach gets flatter. Of course I would be the one patient he has to tell not to wear the garment religiously. *insert ugly cry*

4 months post op

Thinking about getting in the gym to work on toning/tightening up everything but I'm a littler nervous to lose weight. Either way, I'm loving my new body. ????

Side by side pics

Before and afters
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