Getting my Confidence Back! 138lbs 5'2 with one baby - Georgetown, TX

So excited that I have finally booked my...

So excited that I have finally booked my procedure! I can't wait to not be spongebob square butt anymore. I've been searching for Drs. awhile now when I finally came across dr. Johnny Franco and loved that he gave dramatic results. Now I'm just waiting for the days to count down and praying recovery won't be to hard with a toddler!

Less then 2 months away???? Currently 138lbs and 5'2

So I have been getting a bit nervous lately not so much about the surgery but about the results I just hope it will be dramatic enough. I'm still trying to figure out what supplies I will truly need so and advice is welcome! Posting before baby and current body pics even tho I'm a bit embarrassed with them.

Had pre op appointment today. It's getting real now! ????

Went to pre op and paid for my procedure. Almost everything is in order just have to go get my blood work done tomorrow. I'm starting to get real nervous. More so about healing with a toddler then the actual surgery. I have total confidence that Dr. Franco is going to greatly improve my body. ????????13 more days!!!????????

Waiting for my blood test results is killing me!

The anxiety of not knowing if I'm good to go out not is killing me! I've been taking my iron pills and vitamin c for a few months but I'm still so nervous. I did bleed a lot when I gave birth even tho that was almost 2 years ago I just can't help but worry. Bouns is I haven't had a menstrual cycle since I got pregnant in 2014 so I haven't been losing any blood. I already paid for my mom to fly out to Texas and my husband took time off so if it's a no go I'll be so bummed. I'd have no idea when I could get both of their help agin. Definitely need mom to help with my toddler. I'm just praying and hoping I get good results and soon.
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