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So I put my deposit down today and booked my...

So I put my deposit down today and booked my surgery with Dr Johnny Franco on 12/21/2016. We had a Skype consultation and he suggested 548cc round implants with liposuction to my flanks and outer thighs. With fat transfer too. I'm so excited! I've done research and originally wanted my implants placed intramuscular. But apparently since I already have fat back there, that won't be necessary. I live about 4 hours from Dr Franco so traveling so be that big of a deal. I'm super excited and absolutely LOVE reading everyone's reviews. And i love to positive support everyone offers.

only 55 more days...

I'm posting a pre op pic. I absolutely cannot wait until my surgery date. I have a professional job and am seen alot by many people in my company, but I still want the 712 cc dr franko suggested the 548cc as to not be a "distraction" at work. I appreciate his opinion but I've read so many reviews where girls wish they went bigger. I would love some advice please!!
Also I consider my butt to be on the wide side :-/ so I'm concerned about the implants covering my entire cheeks.

wish pics

So here are some pics of what WISH to look like....sorry if these pics are of someone, I got them from other reviews

Getting closer.....second thoughts

So I'm just a little more than 1 month away from my surgery date. So much has happened at home since I booked my sx and put the $500 down.
My husband and I have separated. I'm not sad about that but should I still go ahead will surgery? I picked the date so that I could have extra time off paid at work (Christmas and New Years Day). But now I think it would be in my best interest to postpone surgery. Also I am borrowing from my 401k to pay for it. I was about to request the check today then it got real and I chickened out. I really want this and will have it but is now the right time? I have an 18 year old son that will go with me and help me out while I recover.
I would just like some advice... or just tell me to do it and everything will be fine :)
And 1 more wish pic

16 more days...

Hi all!
So I am definitely going forward with the surgery. Thanks for all the encouragement. I'm really excited! I am a little worried about Christmas though. Right now in out of state for work teaching a 3 week training class. I will be back home on Dec 17 and my surgery is on Dec 21. I'm leaving on Dec 20 to drive down to Austin and will be back home on Dec 22. I have a lot of Christmas shopping and surgery preparation to do that weekend before. So that's what I am most stressed about right now. My 18 year old will be fine but I don't want to ruin my 6yr Olds Christmas because I want butt implants. Ya know?
Any suggestions on how to make prep easy or just what true necessities I will need is greatly appreciated.
P.S. my husband and I are moving forward with the divorce. I'll be ok though.

getting so close!

Hey yall!!
So today is Monday and my surgery is Wednesday... I have so much going on that i almost forget to be excited. I spent time this past weekend buying supplies. And i got a pretty nice walker at goodwill for $5! Not sure how necessary it will be but I couldn't beat the price. I also got lots of water and soup and naked fruit juices.

picturespictures of supplies

Post op update

Hey girls hey!
I Thad surgery on the 22nd so I'm only 2 day post??? Omg time is passing so slowly. And boy am I in PAIN. This is for sure worse than my bbl pain. I finally slept for 3 straight hours last night. I've been taking my pain meds like clockwork too. And now my left cheek hurts more than my right. I'm going to give it another day or so.
My ass and hips are HUGE and my waist is small. I got some liposuction on my outer thighs so i think the swelling from that is adding to the fullness of my hips. I really hope it goes down cus i look more bottom heavy now. And not the way I wanted. But again only 2 days post so can tell much yet. I'll post picks later or tomorrow. About to take a pain pill now.

Dr. Franco is so sweet and really made me feel comfortable. I love him and his staff. Great bedside manner and patience.

Oh and that whole body positioning thing I bought is not necessary, I do recommend getting the face rest though. And putting a pillow under you tummy so that your body is at a slight angle while you lay. Let me know if you have any questions.
I went with the 548cc round and im glad i did. The 712 cc were just too big for my booty goal. ?

post op pictures... so far

I took the naked ones today before my shower and the other with my garment on was taken the day after surgery.

My swelling and bruises are bad but I have always bruised very easily. And the swelling is going down little by little.
I only have a about 5 pain pills left and today I haven’t needed them as much. But i am still in pain but more stiff. If that makes sense :?
My butt cheeks are super tight and sore also. Please tell me when I will walk normal again ?

took last pain pill this morning

I took my last pain pill this morning and I'm going to be ok. The pain has gone to about a 3 and only stiffness when getting up from a long nap. I'm posting a before and after pic. And I'll update as I continue to heal. I can't wait for them to drop. Still walking weird and not sleeping in my bed yet because it's too high. But im not screaming every time I stand up anymore ?

So I went to Walmart yesterday....

I was finally feeling well enough to get out of the house so I had my son take me to Walmart. My main reason was to get some half off Christmas candles because I love to burn them all year. Also picked up a few other items. Everything was fine, except the attention. OMG
And I really hope it's all in my head and that I'm just being paranoid but...
I don't mind the stares... I mean heck I've stared at huge asses and still do probably. But one lady just gave me an outright dirty look. And in my head I was like "what the F is her problem?" Then I realized she's a hater!
I was in no way trying to call attention to myself. I was wear sweatpants, long sleeve shirt and sandals. No makeup, hair in ponytail and glasses.
Can you please give me some advice? Or tell me to calm down and it's all in my head
Thank you!

There was 2 dudes that literally followed me around two isles. No biggie right? 2 times

Austin bound

On my way to see Dr Franco for my one week follow up.

Going back to work :,-(

Well the day has finally come... back to reality. My PTO has run out so I must return to work tomorrow. I will very discreetly take by bbl buddy and do my sit/stand rotation as directed. I do have a question though. My dr advised me to wear my garment for 12 hours per day. I have been sleeping in it and not wearing it during the day. Now that I'm going back to work, should I wear it during the day now? Does it matter? Please help!

*UPDATE* Day 1 back at work


It's been a while...... who remembers that song?

It's been a while since I've posted an update. I'm sorry. Overall things a are great. I did have a little hiccup with my incision but I'm good now. Ladies Do Not Sit too soon!! Not even for a little bit. Too much pressure on that weak skin is no bueno:(
My butt looks good. My bruises are about 95% gone. I can walk fine for the most part. And my implants don't feel so foreign anymore. They just feel like pressure and sore. Like I did a ton of squats with heavy weights. Feel free to ask me questions. I'm post a couple pics from today. Pictures do not do justice.
I measured myself before surgery and around my butt was 40 inches. I wish I took a picture of that. Oh well

Draggin a wagon

Hi all!
I just love reading everyone's reviews and all of the positive support we give. Makes me happy:)
So my butt feels so heavy! Still not sitting... only to take my son to and from school and that's less than two miles away. Sometimes I walk to get him though. I use a rolled up yoga mat so sit on in my car. I like that better than the bbl buddy.
Also I've noticed A lot of my swelling gas gone away and volume went with it :( oh well... some girls say that their butts got bigger again after two months post. And then others say there is no such thing as "fluffing". I'm confused and wondering which is true...

Before After so far

Pics in panties

They droppin

Went to Austin and....

I had a follow up with the great Dr Franco so a friend and I decided to make a trip of it. We stayed the night in Austin and did some shopping and sight seeing. Dr says I'm healing great but to still take it easy because I'm now in the "honeymoon phase" of my recovery. I feel fine but my body is still recovering. My next follow up is the weekend if SXSW so I'll probably make a trip of that too!

DIY Booty Pillow

So I made my own pillows to use while driving. It works great!
I scoot my seat all the way back when I get in. This allows me to have plenty of room to get all situated then I scoot back up so I can reach the pedals once I'm nice and comfortable.
It's cheap and works great. I hope you all enjoy :)


Hey RS fam!

I've had a few people ask if you can see the outlines of my implants. I had mine placed subfacial. I can't see or feel the edges of the implants but the center of my butt cheeks is still tender and firm. They no longer feel like rocks under my skin and I can sit much better. I don't have to stand up at the bar when I go out to eat anymore. Recovery is still going well.

Update pics

I was sitting at work a lot this past week and I did something to my left butt side. It was hurting bad for 2 days but not hurting anyone just a little swollen. This recovery is serious!

The best plastic surgeon I've ever had.... and I've had several. Recovery is awful but I have no regrets and would do it all over again. I love you Dr Franco!! Also want to compliment the staff. All of his girls have been so sweet and supportive. Especially Liz :)

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