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So I put my deposit down today and booked my...

So I put my deposit down today and booked my surgery with Dr Johnny Franco on 12/21/2016. We had a Skype consultation and he suggested 548cc round implants with liposuction to my flanks and outer thighs. With fat transfer too. I'm so excited! I've done research and originally wanted my implants placed intramuscular. But apparently since I already have fat back there, that won't be necessary. I live about 4 hours from Dr Franco so traveling so be that big of a deal. I'm super excited and absolutely LOVE reading everyone's reviews. And i love to positive support everyone offers.

only 55 more days...

I'm posting a pre op pic. I absolutely cannot wait until my surgery date. I have a professional job and am seen alot by many people in my company, but I still want the 712 cc dr franko suggested the 548cc as to not be a "distraction" at work. I appreciate his opinion but I've read so many reviews where girls wish they went bigger. I would love some advice please!!
Also I consider my butt to be on the wide side :-/ so I'm concerned about the implants covering my entire cheeks.
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