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31 years old, 5'4, 140lbs, 34C/B, no kids, no real...

31 years old, 5'4, 140lbs, 34C/B, no kids, no real sagging but naturally lower nipples to begin with.

I've always wanted to have breast implants, even though I really liked my breasts and felt comfortable with them. As i got older I became less satisfied with the size and the changes. I thought I would need a breast lift as well, but the augmentation without a lift was suggested by my PS.

I think in the future after I am finished having children I will get a lift and perhaps go even bigger. I did get a BA sooner because I always thought I wanted to have children first, but that hasnt happened yet and I didnt want to wait any longer! Plus these days getting breast implants are so routine and many women have children after implants.

Before I got implants I was at a stable weight within 3 pounds, healthy, active and in a good place about how I felt about my body. This helped me make the decision.
I decided to go to Wellness Kliniek in Belgium because of the good reviews, low price and location. BA in the USA can be very VERY expensive and not necessarily render good results.

I looked up the clinic and got in touch, emailing photographs of my breasts. Within a few days I heard back and the secretary had shown my photographs to the surgeon who gave some initial thoughts about surgery (no lift needed) but if I would really like to raise the position of the nipple on the breast I could see another surgeon who does lifts.

I was seriously on the fence almost until the day before surgery. I opted for "Next day surgery" which means you go for a consultation and then have the surgery the next day. This is a service especially for international clients. I paid my deposit 500euro about a month before and since it was refundable I thought about it.

3 days post-op

3 days post-op!

So I am really sore, it's very painful to be outside or be cold. it causes the muscles to contract. Also, Taking down my clothes to go to the bathroom can be really painful and difficult . it's a humbling experience having to ask someone else to pull my pants up, put my hood on, zip my coat, tie my shoes.. Etc.

My belly is flooded with fluid and very swollen! this happened in the first 24 hours following my surgery. I'm trying not to worry about it because it's normal for some women to experience it after a breast augmentation. But Naturally, I really don't like it.

Sleeping is a challenge because I do it on an incline. sitting up and laying down sends electric pain through my breasts especially the left (?) still trying to find my comfortable spot and get used to sleeping on my back as I normally sleep on my tummy. First night I slept only 2 hours, second night 5, last night about 5.. I wake up wanting to stretch and this hurts!

the bandage is still on and I am wearing the strap 24/7. I think I was wearing it a little too tight for a while and the swelling made the pressure unbearable. I called my PS and he advised that I can cut into the bandage if need be and to also not
To wear the belt too tight. Had some troubles with the clinic and pain but I will write more about that experience later.

I can't wait to see the result, but I am also nervous because they are a little high; maybe it's better not to see them at this early stage.

I go back to work in a few days and I'm very nervous what that will be like. I hope I don't have to call in sick.

One week Post-Op update

Today is the 7th day.
In general I have less pain each day and more range of motion with my arms.

On day 5 I felt great and did a lot even Had (careful) sex... But afterward my breasts were very painful, and stayed that way the next day.. So probably won't be doing that again for a while. woke up with back pain and shooting pains in my left breast. Boobs were pretty swollen all day and I swear they appeared to be "rising", I tried to wear my strap in the right position but it was still u comfortable and I often had to take it off to breathe a minute or two. Dr said they will swell if I do too much so I assume that's what's going on. Felt a little grumpy from the discomfort and inability to clean or do much around the house. On the evening of day 6 I took some pain medication and it helped me relax a little.

Today day 7, I am functioning pretty well. I am back to work. Carried a small bag of groceries and my backpack to work. still walking VERY slow cause I am out of breath easily and takes me long to sit up and lay down. there is a big pressure on my chest and I can feel the weight of the implants. Wearing a sports bra and the strap the last few days. some moments are more comfortable than others.

Grateful to be able to wash my hair (bent over the tub) and sit in a Shallow bath. sleeping inclined seems to help with the swelling. my skin around the breasts is very itchy due to the skin stretching. have numbness in random places around the bottom of the breasts, but luckily I still have feeling in my nipples, it's the least of my worries. The first 5 days I had the rustling bubble sound in my upper chest and now it has disappeared as well as much do the abdominal swelling. Gently stretch my arms up over my head and try to do small stretches.

Painful things: extending the arm with pressure like when wiping the floor, pulling open a heavy door, pushing in from a weird angle like when plugging in a heavy charger, walking too fast or being in the cold, sharp shooting pain when I do things too fast like make the bed, and carrying a heavy purse.

I'm already obsessing about when they will drop and soften more. it's barely a week and I constantly check!! Really hard to be patient and calm my anxiety about developing capsular contracture..

Looking forward to getting stitches out and hopefully showering!!

I am happy with the result so far. I like that it simply looks like an enhanced version of what I already had. this is enough for me. I am glad I didn't go for the lift to raise the position of my nipples too a) it's a major surgery b) my boobs were good enough to begin with c) I'm happy with what I have!

Three weeks!

Three weeks exactly

So much has happened! I got my stitches out last week, which was brutal because the doctor just ripped off the bandage and started pulling at the stitches. Needless to say, there is hardly ANY scarring.. the incision is very small. about one inch or less on each side. It was very itchy before the bandage came off and continues to itch a lot. unfortunately I scratch in my sleep and it seems to irritate the scar and under my left great my scar is slightly raising. I will go to the pharmacy to buy special temporary silicone patches to ease the scar.

Pain wise I am pretty much completely back to normal! I am able to get up and down and in and out of bed without that awful pain I had the first 10 days. I think really until about day 10 I had a lot of pain if it was cold, using certain arm motions, and having sex. still very sensitive nipples and they hurt a lot more after sex.

I had my period for the first time since getting breast implants and my breasts were soooo tender especially the nipples! so that's something I will definitely prepare for next month. I used ice packs on my period to help with breast pain and swelling. and a lot of IBprof.

I have been allowing my breasts to just be without a bra, and without the strap with light massage each day. they are dropping very nicely and it's helping with the shape. They are softening each day and massage helps a lot I think. I try to stretch my arms and squeeze my breasts together. At night I go to sleep wearing the strap and then end up unhooking it and resting without it.

I do notice that if I do a lot of activity, they swell and I have some discomfort. When this happens I wear the strap, and rest and they feel better very quickly.

Yesterday I had my first real shower and it felt amazing but also scary. afterward my incision sites seemed a little delicate and I think that's to be expected after a shower. I have some bruising from wear the bigger bandage was, and hopefully that goes away.

I am very very happy with the results, although I wish I had gone bigger ;) 450-500cc :) maybe in the future. It's not noticeable at all in my clothes and nearly everything still fits. which is nice, but also disappointing. the most important thing is that they look and feel GREAT. I would rather have amazing smaller breasts than big mangled ones.

But most of all I can't wait to start exercising again!!! I will probably start lower body soon... And take it really easy. I am supposed to wait until week six.. But I will see!

Still need to review the clinic and my experience there. But I do want to say, Dr Verdonck is very available by phone and on point :) he is a fantastic surgeon!!!

***** I don't know why my pictures upload upside down

Pictures @ 3wx

Pictures for the previous post :)

Four weeks Post-Op

Almost back to normal! biking, fast walking, no strap the last few days, able to move and do everything really well. boobies seem to be settling and I am taking care of them. got a new little sports bra but I wonder if it's not enough support.

Scars are healing well, silicone gel on it and it helps and feels better. lotioning the skin a lot too. something I have some strange pains in my breasts but it seems to be related to over activity.

A couple nights ago I started sleeping on my side, oops! trying to stay on my back but is so hard. and in my sleep I forget; then the pain wakes me up. nipples still a little sensitive but nothing terrible anymore. the skin around my breasts where the bandage was is very itchy and I hope that passes.

I'm not sure if this is related but since my surgery I have had a lot of acne, more than normal and I wonder if it's something with my body chemistry changing, it's rather odd.

Going through this feeling of "not big enough" and not liking the results in terms of size!! it's a terrible feeling but I comfort myself with I would rather have great looking breasts than giant ones with bad results. I have great results, and I am happy! it will be nice to exercise again and get a real bra ;)
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