19yo 360 cc Breast Augmentation Journey - Geneva, IL

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Hello! I have wanted a chest since the beginning...

Hello! I have wanted a chest since the beginning of time yet I never really developed anything that even closely gave me symmetry. I believe my breasts are tuberous (large nipples, no upper fullness, not even bottom fullness). I've kept a humerus attitude about my chest knowing that I would have the funds to make it possible one day. My initial consult is about a week from now. I am keeping my options open size wise, I just really want to even out my shape. I've had multiple family members go to this dr for various procedures. This will be a rolling post


Made my deposit and first consultation! Surg date set! I am 5'6, ~130lbs. Doctor and I thought 400cc smooth round saline under the muscle would be the best.

I haven't had the opportunity to try on a sizer. I told the Dr that bottom and upper fullness were my top priorities since I lack both. She agreed 400ccs will look great.

Does anyone have a good idea of what I can size with? Right now I have my mother's bras (she had a breast aug too- 380ccs which is a D cup in her bras) to see the symmetry to the rest of my body.


One week till surgery!

Getting nervous!
Things left to do: fill prescription, purchase gause, neosporin, large bras, sports drinks.

At the initial appointment consultation, my surgeon and I agreed on a 350cc fill to 400. When we took pictures on my pre surg appointment, my surgeon was concerned that 400ccs would be too large for my narrow waist and smaller frame. I do not agree with this but in the end, I trust her judgment.

Day of surg

9:am surgery, went great. In a lot of pain but that is expected. Went with 360ccs in the end so a lot smaller than the projected 325 she wanted and the 400s I wanted

1 day post op- loving results already!

Pain is less, ROM has improved. Still need assistance from family.

3 days pos op

Little pain felt (when not moving), pain when moving upper body muscles. Cannot lift arms over a certain height. Cannot push/pull objects. Finally can sit up by myself (utilizing ab muscles). Still on pain medicine, plan on stopping that. Will continue pain medicine of sleeping is difficult. I am winded easily, mostly because I've been laying low for the last few days (I am a very anal type A person, it's difficult for me to relax). I can now change dressings and bras by myself. I do need help in the shower though.

I have been LOVING my results, even the first day post op. They have been dropping so fast and filling out right where I wanted them to all along. All I can say is WOW. so beautiful and I am forever thankful for my surgeon. I know my breasts are still slightly swollen, I am unsure of the size. However, I have a 40 D granny bra on now and it comfortably fits my swollen chest at the moment. I will keep upstaging and answering questions as i progress.

Day 4

Swelling down. ROM increased ( I could shower and wash my hair solo). I get tired easily.

One breast is dropping faster, my non-dominant side breast. Still very happy about my results.

Day 5

Hi everyone! I hope you are all appreciating my dedication to posting. I found comfort in other peoples' journeys as well. Today is my last day of rest, I will be going back to college and my part time job this week. I have not taken any more pain pills since last night. (I only took it last night because I woke up in pain and could not sleep due to it). My incision is very itchy ( GREAT HEALING SIGN!). I get my stitches out tomorrow. When I went in for my consultation, my initial goal was NOT symmetry between breasts, it was upper and lower fullness because I had absolutely none before surgery. Before surgery, one breast was higher and slightly fuller and now that the implant is in, I can still tell the difference. HOWEVER, this does not upset me one bit. I will be healing for the next year and my chest will continue to settle in. PLEASE be realistic with your expectations, discuss what you want out of the surgery. Here is a picture of me this morning when I was changing my dressings. My guess is I am about a C cup (I was hoping for a D but honestly, my skin is very taught now and I could of risked stretch marks if I went any larger)

Week post op apt, stitches removed.

My incision healed faster than expected (coming from my surgeon). I'm very anal about health care and have a health care background. I must continue the neosporin ointment for the rest of the week. Continuously wear a tight bra (which is really awful compared to before, I was so tiny I never wore any lol). No breast submersion in water for three weeks, no under wire for six weeks. Immediately after getting my stitches out, I got sized at Victoria's Secret so I could purchase a wireless bra. I was sized as a 34DDD... It fit perfectly, supported my breasts and was comfortable. However I'm going to go get sized at my six week mark again, I'm thinking (and a little bit of hoping) by then my breasts will settle to a 34 DD. I can't believe I jumped from a 34 AA-A to a 34 DDD with 360ccs.

Two week mark

School/work has become easier due to my muscles relaxing more. I can now sit and stand straight which helps my back. My nipples are SO sensitive- anyone else find this? Also, below my nipple my breast is numb. I'm sure it will subside eventually. I can now tell that one is dropping faster than the other, nothing that concerns me. I must continue wearing a bra constantly for one more week as the dr ordered. That pressure feels great on my breasts.

The only trouble I have is sleeping. I always slept on my stomach before surgery and now I sleep elevated on six pillows plus a neck pillow. BEWARE TUMMY SLEEPERS!

Three week

2 month


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