Pre Tummy Tuck - Two Babies 40lb Weight Loss - Great Britain, GB

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So following on from my very successful breast...

So following on from my very successful breast lift im scheduled for my tt on 28th oct. Due to see my ps on Thursday for my first consultation. Im excited and nervous to see what he says, if i need lipo or not. Im really hoping to get my mons pubis fixed in some way at the same time. It really needs a lift and I've heard the tt can do this anyway but I'll have a chat and see what he thinks!
I'm 33 years old, mum to two girls and have lost about 40/50 lbs in recent years i now weigh about 138lb at 5ft 4. Leaving me with horrendous saggy baggy skin. Im pretty fit and wobblying around when i exercise really gets me down. I have such loose skin on my belly i can practically fold it in two - seriously gross. I don't feel attractive naked or in lingerie / swim wear as my belly flops around. I have to tuck it in my pants! Ewww! Posting some horrible pre photos and im intending to keep this review of my progress for other people and myself!
I don't have alot of support from my family as they think I'm wasting money and being vain, it's hard to make them understand what it means to me.

Pre op appointment

Met my ps today who examined me for the first time. He was very informative, listened to me and took time to answer all my questions. He says i don't need any lipo as i have very little fat under all that skin, (did a tiny high five to myself at this as I've been fat for so many years it was amazing for someone to say - what fat?!) Vain i guess but still felt good lol. He says i need a full tt with muscle repair as my upper abdo muscles are a little separated which is what bulges above my belly button. The stuff underneath it is just loose skin. He says he will lift the mons pubis which is good news. Apparently i have a good shape to work on and my stomach will be very flat at the end of it all. I can't imagine what this will be like! I cant remember ever not being fat or pregnant or having this podge of skin. He explained I'll stay in hospital for two nights, the drains will be removed before i go home and they supply compression bandage to wear for two weeks day and night and then i can wear spanx type underwear after that.
Im so excited now to get it done. I was really impressed with the ps, he is really lovely. He said the scar will be nice and low and i trust him totally on that.
Hurry up 28th Oct!
Thanks for all the well wishes, it's genuinely really nice to hear Other people are with me xx


So due to family issues I couldn't go through with my tummy tuck in 2014. I am finally ready for it! Hurray! Booked in for first consultation in two weeks. Aiming for May 2016 for the actual op. Im busy trying to get to my ideal weight before the op. Im still carrying about 14lbs more than I want to be. I will be posting regularly and would love to hear from others going through the same thing! Or any tips?! Very excited at this point. Im considering liposuction with the TT but will wait n see what the surgeon says xx
Dr Perier

This should say Mr John Pereria, spelling not my strong point lol

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