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My surgery is tomorrow! I'm so nervous!! I'm not...

My surgery is tomorrow! I'm so nervous!! I'm not one to write reviews normally but this page has helped me so much I felt like I should share my experience to help others.

I've had horrible boobs since I can remember, I had children young and so never really got to enjoy a 'youthful' look. I'm hoping to get my breasts back to where they should be albeit not as full looking

Can't wait to feel normal again!

I'm now 5days post op. The recovery hasn't been to bad so far. It's not helped that I've not been well (nothing to do with surgery) but starting to feel a little better now. The post op bra I was fitted with wasn't very comfortable so I've swapped it today to a front zip fastening sports bra. I thought I'd update with some pics so you can see the progress.

First pic is day before op, second day of op then post op day 3,4,5


Not much to update. My boobs are very yellow today, I think that's a normal part of the healing process. I currently have sensation in each nipple. I'm off to get my tape changed tomorrow so will see the scars for the first time! I'm very nervous!

Off to see my incisions

Really nervous now but thought I'd remind myself why I have gone through surgery (it will help once I see the stitches)
I thought this picture summed it up in one! I'm now ready to see what lay beneath the tape. Hopefully I'll be able to get pictures before they redress

Nearly 2 weeks

Starting to feel like I can be a little more active now. Still very pleased with the results. Sultures out on Monday, can't wait

Incision update

I went to get my tape changed Monday (7 days post op) and got a quick snap of one side. Incisions are looking very tidy, hope they continue to heal well

No sensation

13 days post today and I thought I'd test to see if I had sensation in my nipples. I only had sensation in my right nipple :-(
I've looked through lots of posts and not seen anyone post with the same issue. I'm really hoping that it will come back in time! Other than that, happy with the how everything is going so far

Deep green bruising

I think I'm 17/18 days post op now and I've noticed. Bruise that seems to be getting worse. I only have the bruising on one side. Did anyone else experience this? I think it may be because I had a reduction on this side. I hope it all clears up over the next few days. This is also the side I don't have any nipple sensitivity

Tape changing

So when I went to see the nurse on Monday she said I could start changing my own tape every 3/4 days. I changed it today for the first time. It was ok, I was a little worried I'd pull the tape and it'd rip open my incision but all was fine. I did feel faint but that was surprisingly when I was putting the tape back on!! I'm generally pleased with my nipple size, a little disappointed of the shape of one of them. But as you can see from my original incision photo this nipple was nicely rounded at 7 days post so must just be down to my body and that way it heals. I'm not overly bothered about the appearance as I think in time it may be less obvious anyway.

3 weeks post op

Can't believe it's been 3 weeks already!!
One of my main issues pre op was not being able to wear certain things. So I thought I'd buy a triangle bikini (something I wouldn't have even considered wearing before) It was a great feeling to be able to wear a new style bikini without it looking terrible! I'm really happy with how it's all going. I'm still a little bruised but it's seems to be clearing now.

Surgeon review

I went to see my surgeon yesterday. He was brilliant as usual. He was very happy with the result achieved as was I. We discussed the sensitivity issue in my left nipple and he was quite confident that it was only temporary where the nerve had been shocked. I have to have a couple of days untaped so I can put moisturiser on my scars then the rest of the week taped for the next few months. The bruising has really reduced now too

6 weeks on Monday

Wow! It's nearly 6 weeks since my op. Time has flown by. I'm really pleased with the way my scars are healing and the symmetry of my nipples as I was a little worried a few weeks back as mentioned in my posts. Sorry about the quality of the photo...

6 week anniversary

I have gone back to all usual activities now. I'm SO glad I went through with the procedure. I strongly recommend to anyone that is thinking of doing it. I was contemplating this procedure for over 10 years! I wish I had done it sooner. Still haven't got for sensitivity back but I'm confident it will come back in time

8 weeks Monday

I'm still applying tape during the week and removing at the weekend, where I use bio oil on the scars. I feel like they have 'settled' a lot more now. I hope they don't change too much more. I still have a dull sensation in one nipple and full sensation in the other. Going to measured at the weekend so will update if I've changed sizes


I was measured at the weekend, I'm still a 32dd even thought I had a reduction in one breast. They looked fab in all the bras I tried on. I've decided not to wear the tape anymore and just put bio oil on twice a day everyday

9 Weeks post op

Nothing to much to update. Still applying bio oil regularly. I'm now sleeping braless at night (thank goodness, feels amazing not to be trapped in a bra) the surgeon recommended I wear a sports bra at night for at least 6 weeks post op.

3 months post

Doing really well, still using bio oil daily. One breast is a little swollen at the minute due to the usual women cycle but apart from that very happy. Still a dull sensation in one nipple but starting to feel a little more like normal - I think it's going to be a while yet before it's back completely.

5 months post surgery

Well, after being told by doctors I wasn't able to have anymore children I thought it was the perfect time to 'fix' my boobs. We had gone years (8 years) without conceiving and thought nothing more of it, doctors must be right. This didn't bother us to much as we already had children. I'm absolutely shocked to say I am now 4 months pregnant! all that time I spent hating my boobs I finally get a lovely lift and then a month later I'm pregnant!!! We are very happy with the news, our little miracle baby. I hope my boobs are able to come out the other side looking half decent but I thought I'd update this blog in case anyone finds themselves in the same situation as I've struggled to find anyone that's had an uplift and then fallen pregnant (I appreciate it's not the done thing, that you would normally wait until your family is finished before surgery) I will update with some photos throughout the process.


Just a quick update of the scarring around the nipple as requested by one of the real self members. I'm completely comfortable with how the scars look, but I'm not to bothered by scars.

The anchor scar

A pic update of how the anchor scars have healed
Dr Tyler

Met my surgeon at pre op, I have so far found him to be very informative and helpful. I had seen someone else beforehand but he come across as a back street butcher and so I continued my search. When I met Dr Tyler I knew he was the Dr for me as I felt happy and comfortable.

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