I'm at 4 days Post op! :)

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Hey everyone! Just want to start of by saying...

Hey everyone! Just want to start of by saying thank you to all the wonderful woman who posted info,pics, etc about their surgery/experiences/thoughts! Because of this I am going through with a tummy tuck!YAY! ;) Never thought I would, as I find it so expensive, but I feel it will be so worth it! What a great site to be a part of.

I am soon to be 28, and a mother of 4 (1 son, and 3 step children) After my emergency C section my stomach just sorta hangs there...lol. No matter what. So I am super pumped to be getting this issue taken care of, so I will feel great about my stomach and my pants will feel great on! lol. Buh bye extra skin!

The only part I am not looking forward to is well I am not liking the not being able to do much after surgery for awhile.AHHHHH! I hate sitting for more than a minute. lol. But I am married to a wonderful man, and he is assuring me I will be ok. He has been super supportive, and for sure couldn't go through it without him.

I have already seen the doc and really it was very quick to book etc. Just have to go for a little test next week and then I think things are ready to go, other than picking a few things up at the store and cleaning as usual like a mad woman. (So then I won't go crazy looking at anything that I can't do after surgery.lol) I think having this group will be a good support to check in and see other info and pics etc. Will help keep my mind from going crazy. I will for sure get pics up as soon as I can. :) Look forward to chattin' with you ladies.

The surgery date is getting close....less than 2...

The surgery date is getting close....less than 2 weeks!OMG!EeeeeeeeK! I am getting so excited to finally say good-bye to this extra skin!God knows my son was so worth the stretched skin,lol, but YAY...when it is all gone! I am getting nervous though about all the little things I won't be able to do, but trying to stay super positive and go with the flow! ;)Just counting down the days and trying to get everything done before! Busy times!

Can't believe tomorrow is the big day! So many...

Can't believe tomorrow is the big day! So many things going through my head....lol. Been cleaning like a mad woman, cause I'm afraid I will see something that wasn't cleaned when I get back from my surgery!(A bit of a neat freak)lol But know this will be worth it! Staying positive :) Will get pics up soon, and for sure let people know how it goes!

Well it has been an up and down journey of this...

Well it has been an up and down journey of this tummy tuck! But doing well!I was having really low blood pressure and was dizzy to the point of fainting for the first day.Lost a lot of blood. But once i got home I was starting to get a lot better. Each day I look less and less like a ghost! lol. Glad to see a bit of colour back in my face! ;)I found in the am, and late at night were the times I felt not so great.But I just try to drink lots of water, and rest as much as possible (which I find that part being the hardest!blah!). I went to see my Dr this am and things are looking good :) She said "WOW" I was like "wow good?or bad? "lol. I am healing really well, just still have a lot of swelling which she says is normal, especially 4 days after surgery. So looking forward to the swelling to calm down a bit.But on a positive note.I got my drain out!SOOO happy about that.I don't think anyone enjoys that part! I was lucky to only have one.Shower time here I come!;)I go back next week (on my bday) for post op treatment.I just keep staying strong and postive, and I am sure I will be back to normal in no time! :D
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