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Hi everyone i have many questions about this...

hi everyone i have many questions about this procedure.
My consultation is booked for the 20th of august, but it feels so far away.
I have a petite frame but used to have the full package, unfortunately with 2 kids and 1 year of chemotherapy my boobs became itty bitty little mosquito bites with stretch marks and now with weirdly big nipples for someone with small boobs!!
Do you have any suggestions to how big, what type of implants and whether i should go over the muscle or under??
i would like to achieve my previous chest size that was a big "C" or a small "D"!!!
as natural looking and feeling as possible!!

Please desperate need of help!!!
Thanks in advance

Good or bad? And tired of this itty bitty titty comity look!

Sick and tired of feeling un womanly in every way. Would it be a good idea to bring "goal" bras along for my consultation!?????

Things might be working out like I want them too

I've got a consultation booked for tomorrow at 1:45 and I can't wait. I know what I want I have most of my questions answered. Waiting to know more about her technic and her way of working!! I know I want silicon under the muscle and have my wish bra ready to go and I know for a fact I'm not going any smaller than 350 cc's so yup can't wait full of nerves! Am I the only one who feels like this can't wait to have my old/new boobs!!!

Got my op date!!!

I have my op date booked its on the 29th of September 2014 I'm going for 375cc HP high profile gummy bear's under the muscle !!! Can't wait to look and feel like a woman again!! I feel like a kid in a candy store waiting in line for THE candy!!! I have decided to change surgeons her name is Tracy Thompson!!! Amassing consultation!! She made me feel normal and not a "freak on legs" we both had the same idea on placement of the implant and the size that looked good and proportionate address me with specific and concrete information and didn't try and scare me away!! I went into this appointment already knowing about what I wanted and had a whole lot of research under my belt !! I've seen her work and love her natural way of guiding and not dictating a choice !! I will after a 3 year wait be proportional and comfortable wearing any type of clothing!!!

Op date change!!!

My op date has changed to the 6 October because of vacation time!!! So ya still far away

Loan signed... deposit paid... time going by WAY TO SLOWLY!!!!

Here are some wish pics!!!!

Me now before and after my stuffing!

Hi I know this might be weird but just wanted to put out there the REAL me and the me every day of my life and my helpers!!!

17 days PRE-OP !!!!

well i'm now at 17 days PRE-OP had my last visit with my surgeon before the operation and we decided to go up in sizes and finalize things!!

we have decided on 450cc silicone Gummy bear implants under the muscle and with a crease incision...

well time before seemed so long and like this day would never come but now it's just over 2 weeks away and i still wish it could be tomorrow morning!!!!

well i guess its not that much time left before the big day,!!!

Now the waiting game gets harder and harder by the day!!!



I can't believe it!!! I am close yet i feel so far!!

i've been reading a lot of other peoples posts and reviews and i hear most of you have a "BOOBY DREAM" i haven't had one yet !!!! Am i normal?? i don't really feel nervous at all i'm probably more of the over excited type!!!! So many things have been going through my mind lately!! I want to look normal!! but yet sometimes i want that BAM YOU GOT BOOBIES look!!! I wish they could show you exactly what you will look like after!! it would be so much more.........MORE !!! Oh my i'm ranting ..... anyways just to say i can't wait till the big day !!!! when everything is done and over with!!!!

happy and smooth recovery to some and a patient time flying wait to others!!!

Omg 1h15 min till op time!!!

I can't wait to wake up and "BAM" I'll have boobs again!!!! Can't wait!!!omg today is the day wish me good luck and I say good luck and happy recovery to my booby friends on realself

I hate the prolonging waiting game!!

Almost 12 min left omg caint wait feels so long for such a short wait!!

Omg went so well!!

Got into the block at 9:00 precisely but got into the operating room at 11:15!! The last time I looked at the clock before I fell asleep it was 11:21!!! Woke up was getting wheeled into the recovery room!! I got 400cc HP mentor silicone cohesive gel with crease insigen!! Sorry if there is a lot of mistakes kind of tired and the stupid autocorrect on my phone sucks!!! Will post pictures later!!

Day of treatment

Tracy Thompson

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