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Hello bootiful ladies, Like every newb in here,...

Hello bootiful ladies,
Like every newb in here, been stalking yall for a minute :) and for all you ladies who have taken the time to document your stories, a very big thank you to all of you. Was actually researching smartlipo and found Dr. Berbari closest to where i live and emailed them for a consult. When I went to see her she suggested doing a BBL. Ofcourse I came home and started googling away and i landed in RS (in early Oct). Will be doing more posts later but for now, jus wanted tp say hi to yall and again thank you for sharing.
God bless xo

5 more days!!!

Hi dolls,
This is going to be super long so please bear with me…k so a little bit about my journey…I’m in my early 30s no kids, 5’4 150 - 155lbs (fluctuates within this range). I’ve always been unhappy with my stomach…I swear I look 5 months pregnant when I stick it out or I look like I have 2 bellies. I hide it well under my clothes but never really been comfortable with my midsection. No amount of working out has helped and I eat balanced meals (home cooked) for the most part. I don’t want to be smaller but I want this fat gone from my stomach. I stumbled upon Smartlipo (laser-assisted) a while back and just never looked into it till recently when I started researching and found a doc in the area who does it. Dre. Berbari is the one that mentioned BBL to me (apparently a lot of ladies go to her for lipo and they later find out about BBL and always asked her why she never performed it for them so she just decided she would mention it upfront to all her clients for them to decide if they want it or not). In that 1st consult, she actually explained to me how she does the fat transfer in detail and answered all my questions in a professional manner but she was also personable. She has this calm vibe about her which I like. For BBLs, she does Vaserlipo (ultrasound-assisted) to harvest the fat into a device (I forget what it’s called…they gave me a brochure about it). The fat is collected and purified all in an enclosed n sterile unit/system and then reinjected into the butt. She prefers to do Vaserlipo coz it destroys fat cells the least as they are being vibrated out and not melted out or manually suctioned out…I feel like I’m a pro in this…lool…like I said, she was very thorough. She will lipo my abdomen, back (will include flanks) and thighs. When I asked about possibly ipoing my arms later…she suggested that it be a separate procedure but gave me a CAD 1000 discount and I dint even have to ask. She is a certified PS (listed on her site and her certificates are all over the office. She does work with one of the major hospitals here but has her surgical center with a medic spa. Sorry I feel like I’m doing a review on the doc ?. She’s been great so far though.

1st consult was in early Oct and I just never bothered to look elsewhere. 2nd consult was Nov 2 where I got to meet one of the nurses (my heart was in my throat but by the time they were taking my bp…I was calm so my stats were good) who explained everything to me with regard to the actual surgery (all the dos and donts). Michelle took measurements for the garment and was super sweet. I must say every one of Dre. Berbari’s staff is super nice. After the nurse, I met with the doc again (had to wait for about 20mins) just to see if I had any questions and again she explained the whole process. Sx date was set for Dec 2nd and the doc told me to bring a nursing pillow plus any wish pics on day of surgery to show her during pre-op. Having lurked in RS for almost a month at that point, I was ready with some pics (thanks ladies!!) which I showed her including one of her dolls (check out Platinumdiamondblonde). I found even more pics which I intend on showing her…maaaaan…..RS is addictive af!! Bloodwork was done a week later….doc gave me the form and I went to the hospital close to my work and paid nothing…For this surgery, total after taxes comes to just under CAD 11500 and includes surgery fee, anesthesiologist and the garment. Got a call yesterday (Nov 25th) for sx time and the lady that called went over everything again. Again…super nice. So Dr. B doesn’t generally use drains but if she does, she just puts one for the lower back and she only prescribes pain killers and stool softener. She gives an antibiotic shot right after sx so she doesn’t prescribe any. I’m not big on taking pix but will try n post some over the wknd. If not I’ll post pre-op ones by the doc.


Oh I forgot one thing…after sx, the bandage/tape you up before they put u in ur garment. You can recover at the center till u’re picked but they don’t have an official RH and massages are recommended a week post-op (4 – 6 sessions). She prescribes them so can be covered by insurance. They do have arrangements with a hospital should you need it and they have deals with a closeby hotel. Now…and this is the part I might struggle with…you have to stay with the bindings for 5 days without taking off ur garment and incase you leak through the bandages, just stuff some maxi pads in the garment…FIVE DAYS pple!! First post-op appt is on day 6 when they take out the bandages n stuff…..but no shower for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!...ok I’ma calm down….I remember when the nurse told me this I looked at her all kinds of sideways and my 1st question was about infections and being a bit of a germophobe, I’m sure my eyes may have done that nervous twitch thing…lol…anyways I was assured I’d be infection free. I’ve stocked up on wipes to say the least. Speaking of supplies, I’ve bought chux pads, a nursing pillow (specific as per doc’s request), bromelain, Neosporin, sterile pads/medical tape. For meds, px was for Demerol & colace. Paid $3.46 for the painkillers (insurance covered the rest) but for the colace, prescription would have been more xpensive than over the counter. I dint get it…but I got milk of magnesium instead….i’m pretty sensitive to medications in general so I tend to avoid them if I can. She does require you stop takin BC a month b4 sx if u r taking any and say away from snything blood thinners so as to minimize no advil, ibuprofen, aspirin and likes 10 days b4 sx…also no black tea (green tea maybe) no herbal tea r garlic or ginger also 10 days b4 sx.

later dolls and stay blessed x

Wish pics + me

some pics...sorry for the crappy quality...was in a bit of a rush taking them.

D-day tomorrow!!

hi dolls,
tomorrow is my big day...i gotta say, i've been calm about this whole process...only really freaked out the day my sx date was confirmed about a month ago but it's been good since then...whichever guardian angel is watching over me has been sending me calming vibes...also reading y'alls experiences has helped immensely so thanks to everyone that has posted. sx is for tomorrow morning so will try and post later in the day depending on how i'll be feeling. keep me in your prayers and to anyone else in sx tomorrow....i wish you an amazing sx and a wonderful start to being bootiful.
as always, y'all stay blessed x

Made it to the bootiful side!!!

Hello lovelies
Made it thru sx ok. Thank the good Lord for his mercies. Got to the surgical centre this morning a few mins b4 i was scheduled to be there. One of the ladies was already waiting for me.....signed my life changed right away for pre-op, took pee sample for pregnancy test...oh n did i fotget to mention the awesome aunt FLOW came knocking yesterday. ..after being late for a wgole fracking week!!!!aaarrrggghhhh!!!!dint make a mess but was still apologizing to everyone. was taken to one of the rooms to wait for nurse...they put a sheet on a recliner n covered me. Less than 5 mins nurse (Jennie i think was her name) came in, preg test was -ve(both nurse n anesthesiologist have to test n confirm that it's -ve)...asked questions just to confirm that i hadn't eaten or taken any meds or if I've been sick. Told me dr. B wouldn't be long.

Dr. B was doing another sx but they finished early. Waited maybe 20mins b4 she came in n by then i had started falling asleep. ..that recliner was comfie ah :). ...told her was on my p asked if it was start or end said 2nd day n i apologized n she's like "no...I'm sorry for you".. then we both laugh...she took some pix n marked me then more pix. ..completely forgot to show her more wish pix :( so hopefully she remembered from last time. She asked if i wanted hips but said just to even them out ..bigger projection but not so big n to look natural. After she left, i went for a last pee lol then Melissa came to get me after a few mins. Sx team was waiting outside the OR n my anesthesiologist was Jérome. BP was taken again (the leave the machine on for the sx) n IV line put in, O2 mask went on...whole time i was thinking well those r some week ass pain meds then he injected something n i was out b4 my next blink while him n his assistant were talking to me...hahahaha....

Woke up to Jennie telling me i was on my side n that they were goin to turn me on my stomach. Was like Ok...i remember shivering..teeth n all but next time i woke up i was nice n toasty...they covered me with a heated blanket. They asked if i was ok to get up n was like sure..they got me up...turns out i was already in my garment foams n me dressed put me on a recliner cushioned with the nursing pillow n waited for my ride. They had put a line for an electrolyte solution so Melissa was holding me steady while Jennie was dressing me...these ladies were amazing!!!

Once in the recliner (which was also covered) they covered me n gave me a popsicle...made me feel like a little kid again lol...made sure i was comfie...Jennie asked if i wanted to pee i was like no I'm good but said that i had to just coz the anestheasia numbs everything)...she left afterwards but told me Melissa was right out side by the window n to wave if i needed anything.

Got another up from the chair myself...might have freaked Melissa out a lil coz she came rushing in lol...i just walked around the room and she stayed the whole time. I was asked what my level of pain was i said 3 n my threshold for pain is usually low..i feel every little cut n bruise. ..n i also bruise super easy so its a good think i wont be able to see horror beneath the bandages for a few days (check 1st post). Pain is minimal and pressure aint too bad...I'm getting in n out of bed just fine...she dint lipo upper torso near boobs which i thought she would but we'll see how that turns out. Will post more tomorrow and yall stay blessed x

Day 1 post-op

Nothing much to update. Feeling ok n pain is still manageable. Melissa called to check up on me.

Yesterday spoke tp dr. B after n she said only took out 1800cc of fat n put back in 1000cc. Seems she dint go crazy with the lipo so I'm curious to see how things turn out. She showed me some pics she took during sx. Will post those after i get them when i see her next, which is next wk. Will do my next update then as there's nothing much as of now.
As always, stay blessed x

Post-op appnt #1 and Massage #1

Hi yall
First sorry about pix...silly me deleted most of the ones i took n I'm just plain lazy to retake them.

Had my first post-op appnt yesterday...drain was taken out...Melissa was such a sweetheart..she took out the drain n it was all kosher...but then she started poking at my still swollen lower back n i swear the lights dimmed...barely stammered that i wasn't doing too good coz my limbs got all tingly n heavy n my ears were ringing...she quickly got me to lie down. In all the fogginess forgot to ask for pix but will do on my next appnt next wk. Recovery's been good apart from day 2 when i threw up. I swear i pee every 3hrs..even in the middle of sleep, I'll get a burning feeling to let me knw i gotta ladies just pay attention/listen to ur bodies n u'll be fine. Barely have had to take my pain meds. ..only took 2 day of sx and day 1 post-op and both times it was.

Butt aint crazy big n swelling's gone down quite a bit but I only wanted it filled out a lil...n dr. B dint go nuts with lipo which is probably why my recovery has been a breeze compared to some of yall. Also she takes into account if u've had kids yet or not. Still swollen so cant really tell how things will end up.

Got px 5 massages. ..for back 2 this n 2 next wk then 1 for stomach the wk of xmas...had ny first massage today n right after felt like i could do back flips...lool...i dint ofcourse. I got zero bruising n u can barely see the incision sites.

More pics

in my garment plus waist trainer....still have some.foams on the side, under butt n on small of lower back.

Week 3 n counting

Hello my lovlies
Recovery's been great. Nothing much to update on really. Had my 2nd post-op appnt on tuesday n got to see dr. B. She said everything was looking great. Been doing lymphatic drainage massages 2x a week. Still have to keep my foams. Butt is staying consistent at 42inches n doc says i wont lose any more volume. Tummy n back where she lipod will take a bit to recover....swelling has gone down some but dr. B said it will see final results in 2-3 mnths so anyone going througj this yall be patient. Some measurements below:
Hips: 40 now 42
Waist: 30 (around navel)
Thigh: 25 (each)
Never measured the waist n thighs pre-op :(. Butt has dropped some n it's getting softer every day.

I've attached some photos for yall.
Stay blessed xo


Hello dolls,
It's going to a year since i had my bbl...n results are great..pals always comment on my perky bubble butt :). going back to see Dr. B for a revision on my tummy. some unevenness that's only visible when i suck in my stomach n a bit of the back fat is still there. sx date is nov 7 and she's only charging me the OR fees n i din't even have to haggle for a discount. She's truly been amazing. i will say i was carrying a lot of fat in my midsection and she din't get it all first round as she doesn't really do aggressive lipo...maybe i'll just make sure to tell her to lipo as much as possible...will keep y'all updated.

Revision - Day 1 post-op

Had lipo done yesterday...Dr.B used Vaser gain coz she said I'd have scar tissue from previous sx. Did local anesthesia so was awake the whole was a weird feeling but meds were bumped up whenever I felt the slightest of pain. I had dimples on the side of my butt chick's so Dr. B decided to correct them...said she got excited and added 100cc on each side....she's soo funny. Pain is minimal...only took pain pills last night and I'm moving around ok.
Ottawa Plastic Surgeon

Dr. B is amazing. She is super knowledgeable and puts you at ease right away and every single one of her staff is great :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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