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I am 45 and had promised myself I would do this...

I am 45 and had promised myself I would do this for me before I was 50. I am 1 day po. I received a full TR, Lipo and removal if scar tissue. Can't say it is not hard and yes there is pain but nothing you can't handle for a few days. Just keep the pain meds handy!
I look in the mirror and can't believe that is me. Can't wait to see when all the swelling is better.
This forum have been awesome!!
Well need my sleep. I will post progress later.

Day 3 is Ugly!

On my day 3 and I will not lie IT'S BAD!! I am in so much pain today. Getting up to walk and go to the bathroom is excruciating!! I took my pain meds then got so nauseated I ended up throwing up. That felt like I was ripping myself apart! Changing to Tylenol instead of pain meds.
I wonder if anyone else has felt like this?
Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better day. Really needing some relief.

Day 4

So Day 3 was eventful. I became very sick and had to be transported to the ER. I was highly allergic to the pain meds and it caused lots of issues the worst was vomiting! Nothing like it with your stomach all stitched. I was dehydrated because I couldn't eat or drink. But they got me all straight and I am back home resting. I am actually off the pain meds. Just using nausea medication. If I need it.
I am really sore but am able to get myself up with less assistance and walk. Can anyone tell me how long it was before you could move around and it not hurt so much!!?
Really hoping I will turn a corner with recovery today.
Still very happy with my results. Can't wait to see me in clothes instead of sweatpants. Good luck to everyone that is having it or planning to have this done. Even with the bumps in the road it is So worth it!!

Turning the corner

Turned a corner in healing today. I have been able to get myself up and around with very little assistance. I am headed to take a shower and think that may even help more. I can see somewhat the results and I feel really good about what I see. Swelling is a little more noticeable today, but I expected it.
One thing that has really helped is the potty seat like you get from the hospital. My Inlaws loaned me one and it has been a lifesaver. I suggest anyone having this done try and borrow one if at all possible. It actually allowed me to go unassisted which was nice.
I thank everyone that has been posting. All of the suggestions and encouragements make this journey easier to maneuver.
I guess I can finally say I have crossed over to the flat side!! YAY!!!

Baby Steps

4 days PO. I was able to get a good shower today and felt much better. I took off the CG for a bit to get it washed but was right back in it as soon as it was dry. It helps so much to straighten a little and makes walking easier.
Taking baby steps with recovery after the round the other night. I can see a difference and I'm really excited to see the end result. I have more swelling today but its not unbearable. Hanging in there and hoping for a good nights sleep.
Happy healing everyone!!

Getting Frustrated!!!

I keep wondering am I just not healing or what my deal is.
I see lots of posts of people that are 3 and 4 days PO commenting how they are moving better, been out of the house, able to sleep in their bed and I wonder what I am doing wrong.
I am 5 days PO and struggling. I am so swollen and showering is excruciating! The CG is SO uncomfortable but I have to have it on all the time just to survive. Today was the first day I could even think to go out and by the time I was back I was hurting so bad I had to retreat to the recliner for the rest of the night.
My husband, Inlaws and especially my daughter are great helping me out so much but goodness when will it get better. I can't even stand up without help.
I have thought of myself as pretty tough but I am feeling pretty whimpy!! Just want to know how others are really feeling, etc or is there something I need to do to help with healing. Maybe it's just cabin fever setting in a little too.
Any feedback?? Am I on target?

Better Days Ahead

So it is necessary to have a small meltdown. Feeling much better today. Getting out and dr appt. this afternoon.
Swelling is better today and moving is easier. Still hurting a lot in the back but I've been using a cane which really helps.
I am so glad I did this even if it has been challenging. It is life changing for sure!
Hoping to be minus a drain or two today. Happy healing everyone!

Getting Better Every Day

Getting better every day. My stomach is still pretty swollen, especially at night but flat!. Hoping to get at least one drain out today. Walking improves every day. Worst part is still the back pain. Haven't really found any way to get relief from that.
The tank under the binder helps a lot. I'm glad someone here mentioned to do that. Now trying to find a good sleeping position. Can't wait until I can sleep in my bed again.
I haven't posted any pictures because I just was not brave enough but my courage is growing. Maybe will take a few and post before the next shower.
Happy healing everyone.


Drain Free as of today!! What a GREAT feeling!! PS said everything looked good. Just keep moving and healing.
I still am very sore down the middle and on my left side. Not sure why this is still so sore but hoping it gets better over the next few weeks. Regardless being drain free is the best!!!
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