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I haven't seen a picture of myself that I liked...

I haven't seen a picture of myself that I liked for several years. I was looking more & more like certain aging family members of the past & present & it was not a good look for me! In fact, the only decent pictures of me were taken by someone else, in a dimly-lit room & usually involving some consumption of alcohol - by me, not the photographer. Now, I'm not on tv , I don't go to a job every day, I'm not running for office & I certainly don't socialize with a snazzy country club set. Sooo . . . "What difference does it make? " Well, don't know. It just does! I want to look the best I can for a frumpy grandma!

Every time I go into the plastic surgeon's office for Botox/fillers, I ask what he thinks I need. I finally asked for a quote for several different procedure options in October. My husband had some medical issues that put my plans on the back burner but once resolved, by January he was ready to travel & I was ready to look better. We scheduled a trip to Jamaica for late February, but when I went in for the Valentine's Botox Special, I had an impromptu facelift consult. Just so happens there was a surgery slot open for March 5. I already had ekg results from last year's cataract surgeries so things could happen fast. Pre- op was February 19 & we left for Jamaica on the 23rd, returning March 1.

Sidebar here: I wasn't planning to tell anyone at home, but I told all my new friends on vacation I was getting a facelift the following week. Without exception, the response was "Why?". Think my husband thought I'd change my mind, but we all know it's not about how others see us, but how we see ourselves. So on March 5, the surgery: facelift ( Dr. has since identified it as SMAS), upper/lower bleph & fat transfer to the NLF. I passed on the brow lift & hope I won't regret it, but my hair is thinning & my forehead is already so high. I have previously had a shoulder replacement, breast lift/arm lift & tummy tuck, but I've gotta tell you this surgery took a lot out of me! Not really a question of pain, just the uncomfortableness reported by others, but I felt like a truck ran over me. 10 days out I'm finally feeling normal again, but don't dare go out in public because I'm purple all over, including the inside of my mouth. Even the surgeon called my bruising "IMPRESSIVE" & suggested I use the back door like on the day after surgery! Because of my confidence in my surgeon, I'm not worried about results, which is good since I still can't see past the purple, my former favorite color!!!!

All the stitches are out!

Day 11 since surgery & I returned to have the final stitches removed. I also got some clarification from my doctor about my procedure. I'm going to try to get this right. He said I had a MACS lift in which he worked on the smas! I'm guessing I didn't have as much neck work, since I don't have incisions running up behind my ears. At any rate I'm amazed at how good I suddenly feel. Just wish I looked ok to go out in public! One of the nurses asked if I've gone out yet. I told her I went to Dairy Queen last week & ate inside. She then asked what had they said, so I told her: "What do you want on those dogs?" Anyway, with a beautiful 82° day, no more stitches & no more dr. visits for a week, I threw caution (& pride) to the wind & went straight to Ulta. Those ladies were terrific helping me find some bruise cover make-up. Tomorrow I'm playing with my new stuff. If successful, I may just get a pedicure! I'm going to try to post some of my ugly recovery pictures. Even I can see some progress.

Recovery Pictures

Finally seeing it!

Ventured out with my new make-up today for a mani-pedi. Nobody freaked out. When I went to wash my hands & saw myself in the mirror, I finally saw a difference in my chin & jowl lines. Gave me so much confidence, I went to the grocery. People actually talked to me like I was a normal person. Getting out to do anything is an improvement . Of course, 82 ° again didn't hurt. 40s & rain tomorrow!

19 Days & Bruising Diminishing

Can't believe how good I feel. Got back in the pool to exercise yesterday so I don't feel so worthless! Went to the doctor this morning in full makeup (no mascara on lower lashes) & don't go back for 10 days. I was given some SkinMedica scar gel to begin using & was told to lightly massage. I still have some numbness in my cheeks, tightness near the eyes & considerable bruising, although this is lightening some. I'm not very good at Selfies, but got a pretty good picture. The bruising looks kind of like the old jowl lines, but I know it's not, lol!

Ego trip!

Went to my eye doctor today & hadn't seen him for a year. When he came in to the examining room, he told me I looked good & asked if I'd lost weight, lol! (I haven't.) Almost fell out of the chair! Couldn't help but laugh - isn't that what people are supposed to think?!? Then the tech asked to see a before picture & said I looked 15 years younger. She's my new best friend!

24 Days

Well, I'm getting better at covering the few remaining bruises. I'm not getting better at taking selfies, so please excuse the strange eye positions! Went out tonight with the whole family to celebrate my grandson's 25th birthday & nobody looked at me funny, so I guess the make-up was ok. Of course, we went to the Japanese steak house which was pretty dark. I'm still a little swollen, but since I've been sleeping on my side for 2 weeks & not limiting salt intake, I'm not too surprised. I've been reading a lot of reviews & comments about the trials of back sleeping. I read a lot of doctor comments/responses on RS when I was struggling to sleep on my back on multiple pillows. I stopped when I got to the one who said that getting enough rest was more important than sleeping position & thought to myself, "Exactly!". I can usually position a travel pillow over my firm foam pillow in such a way that I don't touch the incisions over my ears. Also, I had a massage yesterday, including some lymphatic massage around my neck. My left eye does seem to be drooping a little- I can see it in pictures. I've read where others have had these same concerns, though, & they resolved, so I'm not going to worry yet.

4 Weeks Tomorrow & Couldn't Be Happier!

Well, where did that month go?!? My surgery was 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Saw my doctor this morning & got a little Botox in my 11s - I had Dysport injections 2 weeks before surgery, but it didn't give me the results I wanted between the eyes. In the past, regular Botox had kept away the deep wrinkles, but not this time. Unfortunate timing, since between the upper/lower bleph & fluid on my corneas, I've been squinting a lot & it's showing on my forehead. Anyway, the bruising is way better & I got a good report from PS. I even wore my regular Bare Minerals make-up. I'm to continue massaging the scars & swelling (it's moving down into my neck now) & go back in a month. One l little confession. Went back to water aerobics class yesterday, with my Dermablend covering the bruises. When I looked around at the other old ladies with their tired faces, I felt just a little bit guilty. I'm so bad! We are so lucky to be able to have these procedures.

5 Weeks Today

Cheeks are still numb & swollen, but most of the bruising is gone. My eyes still feel tight, but I had a laser procedure on my second eye this morning & hope the blurring will clear up. ( I had cataract surgery a year ago & some fluid had formed between the corneas & lenses.) I did see a friend yesterday I hadn't seen for a few months. She knew about my surgery, but said I looked like I had just gotten plenty of rest! I'm hoping that my scars will lighten up in the next 3 weeks, so they won't be obvious to my fellow alumnae at our 50 Year high school reunion beach weekend next month! I would like to get rid of the bruised neck, the persistent red bruises under & over my right eye & the swelling. I'm going to have my massage therapist do lymphatic massage tomorrow. Hope that will get things moving!

7 Weeks Today

Having a down day myself. Poured rain all day - that makes a whole week of rain. Overdid at the Y yesterday & my legs & hips ached all night. Turned off the alarm this morning & slept on & off all day.My face feels so tight, my eyes are pulling, the scar on one side is puffed up & red. But . . . Tomorrow is another day & I'll get back in the saddle again.

Oh, yes - the scars!

Promised to post pictures of scars at 7 Weeks. One side has healed much more slowly & is more difficult to cover.

8, Weeks Later

Must have miscounted at 7 weeks, lol, 'cause it's definitely 8 Weeks on Thursday. Still have numbness & visible scars, but almost all bruising is gone. Back to the doctor tomorrow, after 3 weeks. Spent last weekend in Charleston, SC & posted a picture of my husband & me on Facebook tonight. My young friend (30) , whom I haven't seen since Christmas, commented on the picture, then texted me: "Have I missed something? You look 20 years younger." Can't bring myself to tell her the truth - I'm just too happy! (Cut hubby out of the picture & posted here.)

3 Months & Still Happy!

So I'm coming up on 3 months, since my surgery was March 5. Other than itchiness on my face and neck, and still a hint of a bruise on my right cheek, I'm feeling recovered. Love the results & grateful to Dr. Eric! When I look at current pictures clearly showing my "11" wrinkles, I wonder if I should have gone ahead with the brow lift, but with a very high forehead & receding hairline, I was hesitant to do it. More Botox, maybe fillers will help. Went to my 50th high school reunion & don't tell anyone, but I felt sort of sorry for those other ladies who looked so old. Nobody said a thing! Even the lady I shared a hotel room with didn't notice my scars. I have gotten pretty good at noticing who has had work done & who hasn't! I'm going to play some unusual pictures: Found some pictures of myself at 25 & thought I'd compare than with my new 67!

6 Months After

So, September 5 will be 6 months since my facelift, eyelid & fat transfer. I can't see much difference from the 3 month point, but I'm very happy with the results. Plan to continue the fillers above my lip & regular Botox in the 11s; otherwise my doctor would miss me, lol!
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