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I got implants 2008 and hated them immediately. It...

I got implants 2008 and hated them immediately. It was super painful. I had a 32 a/b before implants and they looked fine. I was going through some hormonal issues and decided too quickly to get them pit in my body. It took awhile for me to actually get use to them. I figured I paid enough for them so I should keep them until they gave me problems. 7 years later they would ache and I would have pain underneath the implants. I have swollen lymph nodes. I had an MRI, mammogram and ultrasound on my lymph nodes and the dr still said they look healthy. I have been researching explant for several years and in this site constantly. I had it done with just a valium and nnumbing medicine. I am pretty sure they call that local because I was wide awake. It was nerve wracking but I didnt want to be put to sleep. I requested the dr leave my capsules in because they were thin anf I didn't want anymore cutting than necessary. He cut me under the breast and pop the implant and the water drained out and he pulled out the saline bag. It was so weird being awake. The pain did not start until the next morning when the numbing medicine wore off. That 2nd day was pretty bad at the incision site. I also had small flexible drains which I did not want. I ended up get an infection so on day three I started antibiotics. I ask the dr about antibiotics but he sais I wouldn't need them. I don't think that is a great idea. I have been in a compression type bandage since yesterday because my dr is put and a another dr said he wanted me in a compression bandage to
avoid fluid accumulation. I am happy to have these bags out of me. I haven't got upset or
anything but when I tried a bra in today, it
was a real moment if how small and flat they
still are. This site has been amazing and I
thank all the ladies and their stories. My
breast are not as perky as some on this site
but I think it is because I am lean and I dont
have much tissue. I was much firmer before
implants. I am hopeful for the fluff fairy. It seems like they are staying the same or getting smaller. Overall I am happy
I know people at work will notice but I dont care. My husband is adjusting an trying to be supportive. He is a little superfiscal but he met me with small boos and he ultimately loves me no matter what. This is an amazing site and I wrote review to pay it foward. Its comforting to know others understand you when doctors and others think you should never take the implants out. Society pushes perfection but perfection is healthy lovely breast.

With Implants

day 5 after explant

I am trying to adjust to the new me. I went to look for Bras again today. It was very frustrating. I actually found some bras at Kmart. I went to get a Genie Bra but I didnt fill it out. I purchased the Joe Boxer V-Nexk Padded Push Up Racerback Sports Bra. When Obama by myself I feel so good but when I am around my husband or anyone else I feel a little weird. I hope I can adjust and I fluff a little more. I dont mind being small at all. I just expect ro be quite so saggy. I am having one of those days I guess. Tomorrow will be better :-)

A week today

I had my explant a week ago today. I had a dr appt to and he said everything look good. He told me to keep compression on or any fitted sports bra so I didn't build up any fluid in the capsule pocket.
I know he is right but I am tired of the
guaze wrap. Ugh. It smashes my boobs
and they look sad. After I shower they
seems to have more life. They are about
the same as the last pic I posted. I will post another pic soon. I appreciate all the great compliments and tips that I have gotten on my review. It has helped
me so much! I still feel pretty good but I
will be glad when I can wear a regular
bra with a little padding ;-) I am going to go back to work Monday so I will probably be a little tired next week. Thanks again for all of the sweet and helpful comments. Much Love

Day 7 after explant

I did take a picture after my shower today. Duh! I completely forgot.

wrinkled nipple

I am thinking of wearing a compression bra or sports bra and maybe cutting out the nipple part. The dr didnt want me too but I have seen some people who have done that on this site. I would like to smooth out my nipple. I certainly hope it will pop back out eventually.

Day 8

Hello ladies, today is the 8th day since explant. Feeling much better physically.They are about the same. I noticed a slight difference but my right breast is still concave on top but overall they aren't too bad. I am still happy I explanted. I am trying to get use to looking different and much more flat in clothes.

Day 9

Hello beautiful ladies,
It has been 9 days since explant. I am getting to know my breast again. I feel happy today. It was pretty outside today and that was a great bonus. I love all the comments that you ladies have been posting. Thank you all, it has really helped me so much! I noticed maybe a slight bit of firming up but overall they
are about the same. I am of course hoping for the fluff but I am happy with my results. I am trying not to focus on how they look when I raise my arm or lay down. My left breast seems to be doing better than my right. The right was smaller and had 50 more cc of saltwater in the implant so it has to catch up. I had a little asymmetry before so I imagine it will be the same now. Goodnight all my new friends. Much love.

Day 11 post explant

Hey ladies, I am 12 days post explant! I have a dr appt for a check up today. I am trying to be patient on the fluff fairy. Lol. I feel better each day physically and mentally. I stopped mid update to see the doctor. Lol. Everything is looks healthy and good. Its weird, I will miss the ladies that have been taking care of me. A few nice ones. My dr said they should firm up more but it would be slower. I have to wait to wear a regular bra for a few more weeks. I am happy. I am getting to know my new/old Thank everyone for their uplifting stories and comments!!!! I can start being active now and I can stop wearing compression now. Yay!!!! I do worry a little about still being careful. I would like a little more fluff but I am pleased. They are small but all me :-)

VS Bra

Hey Ilverheart,
Here is my new bra I cant wear yet.lmbo.

13 day post op

Today is 13 days post op. I think they are firming up a bit. I love my new boobs now. It feels so good not to worry and hurt anymore. I wore my compression bra to sleep last night. It feels better and I still wsnt to compress a little. I hope all you ladies are doing well and in good spirits! Much love!

Right breast 14 days post op

Right breast is still looking saggyvany concave. It looks worse in person. I wanted to post this update.

17 days post op

Hello beautiful ladies,
I am much better emotionally today. Back to normal. Physically I feel good too but I feel a bit sore the last couple of days. I am not wearing tight compression so I may need to still do that. I have a comfortable sport bra with little compression on today. Thank everyone for all the great advice and sweet compliments. I really needed all the support! Thank you! !!!!!! I think they are still slowly firming up. My right one may stay a little different but that is ok. I am still pretty early in the process.

Day 18 post op

I have noticed changes little by little each day. Today they seem a little firmer than before. I think they are staying about the same size. The indented breast seems tobe progressing along. Not as fast as r he left breast but that is ok. My lymph nodes are not hurting but every now and then. They were hurting everyday and painful. I think the implants may have been laying on something to cause the pain. Im not sure. Thank you ladies. Much love

21 days post op/ 3 weeks already

Hello ladies,
I cant believe it has been 3 weeks already! I feel good. I want to workout so badly but I dont think I am not ready yet. My energy is still little low after work. I have been walking alot. I can see some fluff coming into my breast. My breast are small but feel a bit firmer. They still have a way to go but I am celebrating any milestone I I have been babying my breast so the heal properly. Thank all of you ladies. I really need this support after
too. I love reading all your stories. Much love

23 day post op

I am 23 days post op and happy as I can be. I am adjusting to the size difference little by little but I love my natural breast.

4 weeks post op tomorrow

4 weeks post op tomorrow! I cant believe it! The dr said the perking up would slow down and take longer after the first few weeks. I am doing pretty good. I know I have more tine to heal 100% Thank you ladies for all your support. I couldn't have done it without you.

4 weeks tomorrow

Also, my right nipple finally isnt wrinkled and turned down. Yeah!

32 days post op

Hey all you wonderful ladies! I am 32 days post op. I am very happy I explanted still. I did feel self conscious when my hubby and I were intimate about my breast not being so firm. It is ok just strange. I am still adjusting to the fact they are not firm as they were even before implants but I know it is ok. They are not bad at all. I am not sure when I can wear a underwire bra yet. I am paronoid about fluid build up still. I am going to try a small workout today. Not sure about my upper body. Thank all the ladies on here for being my cheerleader during this trying time. It means the world to me! Xoxo

Inspire a fellow follower

I wanted to inspire Vilenas abd hope she has peace and send her my support!

5 weeks today post explant

Hello ladies, I am feeling good and ready to get more active. I have been really taking it easy except for work since my explant. I wanted to heal properly. Much love and thanks to everyone. My breast are about the same to me but I am happy overall. :-)

Hey ladies!

It has been 6 weeks this Friday May the 5th. It has flown by. I am much happier and feel better I had my first Mini workout I am listening to my body. Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies. I couldn't have done this without your support. I really appreciate everyone's comments and stories. Its a journey and having people understand is amazing. I only wear my compression bra for sleeping now. No underwire yet. I wish everyone happy, healthy and wonderful day!

Hey ladies

Six weeks today and still progressing. I am feeling good and have adapted to my body. Thank you all for all of your support. I couldn't have went through this without all of you. I am still getting compliments and support I need as of today. It feel so good to hear other stories and to relate with so many women. I am getting to help others too. That is awesome! Much love!

Hey ladies

Hey ladies, I have been feeling really good and happy. Yesterday I wore less padding and a cute outfit. But this morning my hubby and I talked and he is not adjusting to the change. In the bedroom its like the elephant in the room. He's handsome to me but not GQ for sure so I'm confused. He said the implants were perfect and he was more attracted to them. He said he still loves me and still finds me attractive. I believe HE does care about me. We have had some tension lately and I was suspicious it was because I choose to explant. I finally ask. The truth hurt me but I am glad he was honest. I am in a different place then he is. I am happy and in the acceptance mode and he is dwelling on the superfiscal. I cried for about 2 hours because it hurt my heart. He is being nice and always affectionate. I think we are just different. I kind of knew he felt this way because he didnt want me to remove them. I told him that I was happy and there are people who would love them but I would perfer it ws d him. I dont want anyone else. He said he wants to be with me forever and prayed for me. I really dont know how to feel today. I know I did the right thing but when someone you love finds you less attractive....... I believe its ridiculous and I am not pieces and parts, I am so much more than breast. I just wanted to vent to you ladies. I have been getting my support from all of you. I did look online at fat transfer this morning. I definitely will never have implants again. I know I will probably not do anything else to my poor breast. I feel emotionally tired after our conversation. I like honesty so now I have to process it. I realize he has s process too but I also feel I have more to deal with. Love is not vain to me. Much love to all of you and thank you for all of your support. Tomorrow will be better :-)I wanted to pist this bbecause I am sure other ladies have experience this during this process. Being objectified is not fun. Ugh

Thank you and I appreciate all of your support today!

To all of the ladies today, THANK YOU! I felt supported and care for. It mans the world to me. I am normally a private person about relationship stuff but I really needed to talk with you ladies
today. I can't express how strong and courageous i felt today listening to all
you comments. I send all the love and hugs and kindness right back to all of
you. I feel myself changing and I think it is just somethin that just happens in your 40's and beyond. I had the conversation so we will see the results. Much love to all of you ladies.

Feeling better

I made a conscious decision not to let all of this effect my progress. It isnt my issue, anyway. I love my new boobs and to heck with any negativity. It actually motivated me to definitely to just focus on my healing. Thank all of you wonderful ladies! I was so upset yesterday and still hurt a bit now but I will get through this. :-) much love to you all.

Hey ladies, you all are so awesome!

Hello my lady friends, I am still healing well. I want to thank everyone one again for being their for emotional support. I think i let all of this get into head with my hubby. I actually ask him this morning if
he really loved me and is he sure he
wants to be with me. I think it just a
thought I could not hold in any longer. I
am still happy about my explant. I am working on not letting these thoughts enter my mind and being happy and healthy be my thought process. I do believe I will be able to move past it because I am content with my choice to explant. I will admit I am feeling a little off and weird but its just accepting things and moving foward. I dont want to be a downer because I have had an awesome experience and love this site and all of you ladies! My heart fills with admiration and pride when I think about all of you. You have made my journey so much better. Also, I think my boobs fluffed a bit in the last few days. Or so I


One more thing, my husband did apologize for hurting my feelings but it will take a few days for me. I am a true believer in life situation making you stronger. I am blessed in life so I definitely dont want to sulk or feel bad at all. The peace in my heart overrides all this other crap that doesn't matter. That is so cool to me. Thank again ladies. Much love.

Hey ladies

I had a great day today. Took some ne time and checked my new boob out and smiled. I love them. Still little but I love them. Thank you to all my fellow friends for all your support and stories of inspiration. Big hugs

7 weeks since explant

Hey ladies , I want to thank all of you for you support! You are all awesome! I am 7 weeks post op. I think they are about the same . Maybe a bit smaller but ok. I am feeling better emotionally today so so thay good. I never felt bad about explantIng. I guess getting over my hubby initial reaction took a few days but he will come around and is being sweet at this point. I really let him know how I felt and I think it helped. I love being natural and dont regret explanting at all. Big hugs to everyone :-)


This is for a fellow lady friend who needs some support. The first few weeks I was so frustrated and couldn't find any bra to fit. I I finally was able to. Theyare not my favorite to wear bit give me confidence. You have fantastic results already and I know you will be rocking a good bra in time. Much love.

This was 4 days post op. I couldn't fit in any of these bras I posted

Big hugs.

ps. look at my 4 day post op. I was pretty flat ad could not fill out a bra.

Big hugs.

Hey wonderful ladies

Tomorrow will be exactly 2 months since my explant. I am feeling good today and happy with my results and just in general. I have had an emotional few weeks but I have put things in perspective and feel better. I had to dig deep down and find my inner peace :-) I want to thank all of you ladies for your support and kindness. I can't express how much I appreciate it and couldn't have made it without all of your help. THANK YOU! I am feeling grateful today. Big hugs!

Hey beautiful ladies!

It has been 10 weeks and 2 days since explant. I am still very happy! I am able to wear most bras comfortably now. My nipples are much more sensitive without implants. I am happy because I believe my sensitivity has completely come back. Yeah! I hope all you ladies are doing great and had a good 4 th of July :-) Much Love to everyone! !!!


Here is a pic of me in a kohls bra 34 b. I added some water filled bra inserts and got some nice cleavage for going out or under a cute shirt. I actually just put them under the bottom of my breast and that is comfy for me. I dont always wear them but sometimes it makes me feel sexy ;-) Walmart and Kmart have these pads. They are soft and super cheap.

Hey beautiful ladies!

11 weeks and 3 days post op. I am feeling great. I feel like they have firmed up a bit. I rhink I have adjusted to the size difference finally. I am super happy with my decision. I bought 2 new VS Swim suits. It has just enough padding but not too much. Thank you all for all for all your support. Big hugs.

Hey ladies

I hope everyone is having a good day. I am doing great physically and able to wear my bras I bought months I will be 12 weeks out Friday. I cant believe it. I feel like my breast are still firming a bit but at a slower pace. I love my new/ old boobs. Big hugs to everyone. Thank all of you for your support. Ot was instrumental in my journey. X

Hello ladies

I am 13 weeks post op. I feel like I am finally settling into my new shape and size both psychologically and physically. I am changing other parts of my life too. I really needed to quit being so much of a yes person. I am sure you ladies can understand that :-) I was giving everyone all the choices for my life. Making everyone else happy. I dont mind being nice and being good to people just not taking their junk. I am getting better at it. I am focusing on me more now when I can . Much live to all you ladies and I am still feeling good.

Hey ladies! Sending well wishes

I am about 3 months and two weeks post op. I feel great. Have made some positive changes in my life to match how I feel. It was hard but change needed to happen. I am realizing my self worth again and it is a good feeling. My breast ate doing good. I haven't had any problems with explant so far. I want to thank all you ladies for the support.
This is a heck of a journey and having compassionate support mad all yhe difference. My life is changing in many ways beside my physical appearance. I had some psychological changing to catch up with. Good stuff. Much love!

Hello ladies

I wanted to thank all of you ladies for all your support and kind words. T bhai is site and all the wonderful people on here has inspired mw and helped me so much. Big hugs


I forgot to add my Happy healing ladies

hey ladies

I am having a lymph node removed on the back of my neck Thursday. I have great blood work and am healthy. I am just concerned. I had thise nodes under my arm but dr said they were normal size and i had an ultrasound and mamogram before explant. I may be paronoid but I am curious what you ladies think. Has anyone had a node removed and it been fine. I am a worrier so I want to be sure. Of course taking out a good lymph node is not good either but I wad assured it will be fine. I just want a peace of mind. I know it only been close to 4 most post explant but I want to take care of it so I can stop thinking about it. I:-) Can anyone relate or have any suggestions. I ahve an MRI of my lymph nodes under my arm and came back fine. Thanks ladies. Much love

hey beautiful ladies

I Am almost 4 months out. On the 24th I will be. I have never posted my scars from explant. I had one of these beautiful ladies ask me where my incisions were and I realized I dont have one pic of my incision site. I am still enjoying reading all the wonderful stories and meeting the amazing womenon this site. Much love

hey ladies

My neck lymph node removal went off with a hitch. Doing good. Going vack to work tomorrow and get results friday. I dont anticipate any bad news. Just as a precaution. I have list about 3 lbs but I think that made difference in my breast.lmbo. I can tell the size difference more. I will gain my 2 to 3 lbs back soon. I think surgery and stress is the reason. I dont fluxuate in weight is the only reason I mentioned it. I feel good kust a bit tired from twilight sleep for the neck biospy. Hopefully no more surgery. I definitely am done with that. Lol.


PS. The first pic is my lymph node removal. it went great. My breast are 4 months post op. Tha k all of you for your support. I couldn't have done all this without you. Big hugs

hey ladies

I got some bad news today. I have non hodgkin's lymphoma. Grade 1. I am devastated and want to kick cancer ass. I still have to see the oncologist. I appreciate all if you ladies. Pray for my 100!% healing and to be cancer free. Much love!

hey ladies

I have been dealing with mu new diagnosis and I have had a bone marrow biospy this w eekn I have seen 2 oncologist so my plate has been full. I am having my upset and downs which are normal. It was hard to accept at first. I still sometimes think, how in the world did this happen. The doctors said I didn't do anything to cause it. Its random but I have been researching until I feel like mybead will fall off :-/ I am try to be positive and in time I am sure I will. Thank everyone for their support and prayers. Love

Hey beautiful ladies

Hey, I cant remember if I told everyone but I am stage IV non hodgkins lymphoma. It was in my bone marrow. I have had good and bad days. I am waiting for treatment. Thank all of you for your support and kind words of inspiration. I wanted to post a pic of my breast. It is about 5 months now. I have lost weight so it may have effected their appearance. I am definitely not worried about that right now. I want everyone to know how grateful I am to all of you. Love

Hey ladies

I wanted thank all of you wonderful ladies! Just an update. I am 5 months post op. I am still grateful that I explanted. Obviously, I have other things I am thinking about now but i will forever remember everyones kindness. I will update everyone when i can. Much love to all of you wonderful inspiring kind woman on this site. Big hugs! Xoxo
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