33 Yo, Mama of 4, Breastfed a Total of 9 Years! - Gastonia, NC

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I have always known that I'd want my boobs done...

I have always known that I'd want my boobs done after I was finished having babies. The time has come! I'm a 33 years old, 5'4", 115lbs. Getting smooth saline implants, under the muscle. I am excited to see how my completely deflated breasts will fill out. I'm getting between 350-375 cc implant. I was very unsure of the "look" I wanted but then I realized, my boobs are uniquely mine and they will look like me, only better!

This community ROCKS!

I was freaking out a bit last night. I am a homeschooling mom and am on the leadership team of a very conservative organization. I got so worried about my new breast size after BA.... I don't want to be embarrassed of my breasts and look "sexy" at all times, kwim? I asked on here and was reassured that 375cc isn't too big and will still be able to look modest under clothes. I'm trying to upload pics but cannot get them from my Droid phone onto this site.

Some before pics...

Getting close and nervous!

I am at an emotional point in my cycle and last night I broke down about not wantingvto deal with the surgery and pain. I have a high pain tolerance and have been through lots of painful procedures but because this is voluntary, it just seems crazy!! I'm still very excited for the new curvy me, just ready to be on the other side.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Eeeeek, I've washed with antibacterial soap, filled my Rx....trying to relax...I may never sleep tonight!


I am home and resting comfortably, Doc put in 380cc Allergan saline high profile. I love them already..haha :)
I also had a umbilical hernia fixed at the same time and that sucker hurts!

First Pics! Day of surgery

3 days out

My new boobs are coming along nicely! Post -op went well. My umbilical hernia is painful but I guess that's to be expected. I've had minimal pain in the actual breasts, tightness mainly. My shoulder muscles and lower back have strained pretty badly though. Looking forward to getting back to normal :)
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