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So after a year of research and doubt, I finally...

So after a year of research and doubt, I finally decided it's time for me to get my real snap back. Everyone says you don't need one. But it's my body and I know how it looked before I had my handsome 10lb son. So I meet with Dr. Gordon Andan. So sweet, caring and great bedside manner. He went over everything with me and assured all my concerns. His office is clean and nice! I feel great about my decision and his assistants buscie and Lucja are the best! So patient and nice! Well im 7 weeks away and I'm so READY!!!

Getting a little nervous

So I've been doing a lot of research on local anesthesia for tummy tucks. I have to admit it makes a little nervous know that I will be laying there awake the whole time. Will I feel it? I remember my C- section... It wasn't fun the tugging and pulling. I hope it's not like that. He's done many TT this way but I'm a little scared. Time is coming so quick just 6 more weeks weeks!

So confused!!

So I'm seeing everyone's review and they all have so many products. I don't know where to start. After my c section all I had was mederma and extra strength Motrin. So this list of stuff is freaking me out. Can some please tell exactly what they needed to function, not what the masses are saying we need! Thanx!

Sleep anxiety!

So I must admit that I am grateful to this site for women to share their experiences and success. But it is also giving me sleep anxiety. All I'm thinking about and dreaming about are procedures . Things I'm not even doing like bbls. Some people have gone through so much that it's giving me second thoughts. I might have to stay off this feed for a while and just post updates. I can't sleep lol!!!

Drainless TT

So I reached out to my doctor about doing a drainless TT. It seems to be very popular right now. What do you guys think? I'm waiting to hear back if he knows how to do them.

Weight gain!!!

It's funny most people have been losing weight before TT but me I've been eating because I want to make sure I have enough fat for my hip transfer plus he's gonna suck it out anyway lol But I will chill out now. Might as well eat now because I am eating clean for life after my surgery I'm back on my shit!!! Gym rat/ eat clean!!!!

Cleared for surgery!!

Yikes!!! Time is coming up so fast. My nerves are starting to take toll. I ordered all my supplies from amazon today. Do supplies are like another $150. Thanks to my fellow RS sistas I know what not to buy. I will have my follow up meeting with my PS Wednesday. Will keep you guys posted.

CLEARED for surgery!

So I meet with my ps yesterday and signing all my paperwork for my surgery made me get a little nervous. But I appreciate them covering everything that could possibly happen. He answered all my questions without a problem. I'm excited for my results. My husband is very supportive and my mom with be my nurse. I could ask for nothing else. Well time is coming up close I ordered all my supplies. I will post in my next review everything I ordered that my ps said I needed which isn't much.

4 day count down.

First let me start by saying this has been the most stress past few days ever. I am not in the mindset to have surgery. I'm trying to stay clam and positive but situations of life haven't made that easy. Saturday morning at 7:30am will be a new me. No actually the old me. I just want to feel sexy again when I look in the mirror. I'm just praying that Hod guides my ps hands do that he does an amazing job with no revision needed. I probably won't update till the night before. Talk with you soon.

2 more days !!!

I'm here waiting to hear from my ps if there is anything else I need to do. I mean they gave me my paper work a week ago but they said they would call. I'm not calling and if I get no confirmation before Saturday I'm not going. I'm already having anxiety and unwanted stress that I don't want to have to be doing things last minute like picking up medication and running around like crazy tomorrow. But the day is not done so I will give them sometime.

My healing box

ps said this is all I need!

Few hours away

So I must admit I have been very high strung over these past few days. I'm just so anxious and ready. I didn't sleep all night my stomach has been killing me. But I'm just praying and asking God for clarity and praying for my Ps that he will guide his hands that I may have a speedy and healthy recovery. Thanks ladies. I have to admit I hate the term dolls. I am a women not a toy to be played with. Granted we are being altered physically but the mental remains the same and the last time I checked folks didn't have brains. Ok sorry just venting! Lata!! See you on the smooth side. It's not about being flAt for me it's smooth no wrinkles.

The time is here!!!!

So I'm driving in the car to my surgery and I'm feeling so much better today! Took my shower , took my meds and I'm on my way. I will post when I can. All praise to God!


I must tell you it was not, at times I felt what he was doing because it was local anesthesia. I can't want I dream my results tomorrow I'll keep you posted. I'm so tirrrreeedd

I'm glad it's over!!

Gm ladies so I am Lilly less than 24hrs post op. All went well thank God. They give you meds to calm you down then after a while my ps came in marked me up and started taking pictures . I felt so drunk. I woke about 3 times and started crying. I remember asking for my coordinator. But other than that they took really good care of me. Yooooo lipo is no joke that's where I feel most of my pain. I did not need muscle repair. So right now it feels like how my c section felt. Just slit more tenderness. And this is me writing haven on take regular Tylenol . They provided my garment and put it on for me. Hubby picked me and I threw up maybe three times all one shot and nothing after. I had to wash my garment last night because I was just draining everywhere. I made sure I put a plastic mattress cover as to not damage my mattress. I will post pics in a few. Thanks ladies.

Ok my first post-op pic

I can't believe it's me. I look better than before the baby!

Shower day!

My first shower was amazing... I would have thought that I would be bruised more but I'm not just very tender and swollen. So far so good!! Fingers crossed. I'm trying to stay hydrated but I don't have much of an appetite.

Shower day!

My first shower was amazing... I would have thought that I would be bruised more but I'm not just very tender and swollen. So far so good!! Fingers crossed. I'm trying to stay hydrated but I don't have much of an appetite.

Drains be gone after 4 days!!!

So happy drains removed today! I was only draining like 25 cc per day since day one and yesterday like 20 the whole day. My surgeon is the bomb! Drains and stitches all came out easy. I'm loving my results just want to continue healing well!

Follow up

So tomorrow I see my ps to remove some stitches from my incision. They are very tight I can't wait to them to be out! It's actually causing a dent and pain in my side. I will post update tomorrow! Other than that I feel good. Just tight and swollen. Night night!

Feeling good but still sore

So I am healing really well. Some tightness after I get up from sitting but I pretty much can stand up straight. I love the way I look in my clothes ... I can't stop shopping. All my clothes look amazing on me. Straight hour glass! In love with me again.

Possible seroma??

So I started panicking because the other night I noticed fluid in my lower belly. I called my ps and he saw me that evening. Turns out it is fluid but nothing crazy that will not resolve itself. I love that my ps is always available to me. I can text him any time I have a concern and he's always so supportive. That's means slot when you are healing.

He gave me what I asked for!

More pics

One month already

Feeling good. Not as tight anymore. Swelling is less and scar is healing great. Started wearing scar strips it's helping to get scar very flat. Very happy with results!

Losing inches!

So I do bi weekly measurements and as the swelling is decreasing the inches are shrinking. Yassss!! I am happy about that because these holidays have been killer. This is my last week of eating crazy!! I am now 36/ 31 / 47. I want my waist to be a 29. I've started waist training again. So next month I will post again.

Party time!

Hey guys so it was birthday weekend and I had a great time. I felt sexier than ever. It's a great feeling as you get older. Still have some pain and sensitive from lipo. But nothing I can't handle. I have a follow-up next week with ps. I can see that my incision has dropped. Kinda strange but I'm not mad. Happy healing and decision making ladies!!!

Checking in

So I have a follow up with my Ps Wednesday. Few things I want to discuss... my old belly piercing is there and I want it removed it freaks me out, I have a dog ear forming on my right side and I feel like I have a love handle now that my right side . I'm sure he will address all my concerns. Also I slept on my stomach last night flat for the first time. It was grrrrrreat!! Lol

Recovery wasn't that bad

I've been feeling good and still loving my results. The emotional stages are crazy though. I still have slight pain here and there but like a 3.One day I'm not happy with what I see then others I'm loving. I get sooo much attention from women more now. It's funny how a shapely girl can make women open up about their bodies and wanting a change. They always asked about my butt but now it's just " your body is super poppin"! Lol love it!

Hey hey

So next week I am having my two dog ears removed. It funny how they just appeared as I was healing nothing crazy. But I can clearly see them and want them gone. Other than than scar still pretty dark... I'm just letting it do its own thing. No more tape just some vantex lightening cream from time to time. Sorenesss is like 2 at times but all is well. I'll post pics after procedure .

Dog ears removed

So I just had my dog ears removed and light lipo to waist and back. I feel ok wasn't too bad. Just sore all over again and antibiotics ugh. But very happy with this outcome. My doctor and staff are so supportive and amazing . No more surgery for me I'm done! Lol!
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