So Excited!!

So after a year of research and doubt, I finally...

So after a year of research and doubt, I finally decided it's time for me to get my real snap back. Everyone says you don't need one. But it's my body and I know how it looked before I had my handsome 10lb son. So I meet with Dr. Gordon Andan. So sweet, caring and great bedside manner. He went over everything with me and assured all my concerns. His office is clean and nice! I feel great about my decision and his assistants buscie and Lucja are the best! So patient and nice! Well im 7 weeks away and I'm so READY!!!

Getting a little nervous

So I've been doing a lot of research on local anesthesia for tummy tucks. I have to admit it makes a little nervous know that I will be laying there awake the whole time. Will I feel it? I remember my C- section... It wasn't fun the tugging and pulling. I hope it's not like that. He's done many TT this way but I'm a little scared. Time is coming so quick just 6 more weeks weeks!

So confused!!

So I'm seeing everyone's review and they all have so many products. I don't know where to start. After my c section all I had was mederma and extra strength Motrin. So this list of stuff is freaking me out. Can some please tell exactly what they needed to function, not what the masses are saying we need! Thanx!

Sleep anxiety!

So I must admit that I am grateful to this site for women to share their experiences and success. But it is also giving me sleep anxiety. All I'm thinking about and dreaming about are procedures . Things I'm not even doing like bbls. Some people have gone through so much that it's giving me second thoughts. I might have to stay off this feed for a while and just post updates. I can't sleep lol!!!

Drainless TT

So I reached out to my doctor about doing a drainless TT. It seems to be very popular right now. What do you guys think? I'm waiting to hear back if he knows how to do them.
New York General Surgeon

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