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Hi everyone! After being dragged to a...

Hi everyone!

After being dragged to a consultation with my boyfriend, I found out that I'd be a great candidate for Lasik, while he was not. Since I was little I've always wanted the surgery, especially after my father underwent it when I was around 16 (I'm 22 now), but I was hesitant because my eyes are still changing and my dad can't drive at night due to halos. The consultant told me that my eyes did not change enough over the last year for me to worry about it, that I could pay for insurance to get guaranteed revision surgery if I ever needed it, and convinced me to add on a $500 package which would provide perfect night vision. I went ahead with scheduling the surgery for a few weeks later.

The first thing that upset me was that the doctor prescribed drops to me that were mandatory after surgery, without telling me they were so expensive. After committing to $3,500 for surgery, the extra $200 on two sets of drops was a shock. The day of my scheduled surgery, a HALF HOUR before leaving my house, I get a call from the center. They said that there was a "peice missing" from their machine and that they thought it would be delivered by then, but it wasn't. I was told to try and make it into their NYC office (I was supposed to go to their Long Island office, 10 minutes from my house. NYC is 45 minutes by train). I called back after speaking to a few people who may have been able to come with me, but they weren't able to due to work. I told the woman that I would need to reschedule, and that I already took the day off from work and that I was now going to be in trouble with work because I'd need to take another day. She apologized and faxed me a doctor's note explaining the situation. I rescheduled for about a month later. During this month I contemplated saving my money, or at least finding a different location to do the surgery, but decided to go ahead with it for convenience sake.

So October 10th, 3 days ago, I went in for my surgery. I was scheduled for 4:15, got there a half hour early as they asked me to do, but wasn't taken in until 5pm. After a test on my eyes I was told to sit outside the surgery room. There was a girl that just got out of surgery sitting next to me who was saying she couldn't open her eyes, and the doctor's assistant was brushing her complaints off with jokes, but gave her numbing drops to help her. A little unsettling, but I was ready to go in. So I lay down on the table and proceded to go through one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. The doctor that I had my pre-operation appointment with told me that it would be "uncomfortable," but nothing crazy. I think what freaked me out the most was the doctors discussing (without making it too obvious) how my right eye was coming out better than previous patients, and that there was some difficulty with my left. Immediately after I felt extreme discomfort in my left eye. They told me to sit up, escorted me out of door to where my bag was, and said, "bye, good luck," and all of the doctors left me standing there. I guess I was the last of the night. By the way, one of the doctors in the room introduced himself to me 2 minutes before the surgery, and I have no idea who the other men in the room were.

So, I walked outside and met my boyfriend at the car since he was my ride home. About a minute into the ride home my eyes were burning and I had the most intense headache. My boyfriend walked me up to my room (I could not even open my eyes), and left to get me pain medication. The 10 minutes he was at the store were the longest of my life. I was afraid crying would ruin my eyes but the pain was so intense it took everything I had to hold back the tears. Finally, he got back and I wound up taking some extra strength medication for the pain, and he had gotten me some pretzels because I hadn't eaten all day. I don't know if it was the food or the medication but my headache started to subside but my eyes hurt so bad. I laid in the dark and just tried to relax for the next 3-4 hours, while he checked on me every 15 minutes or so. By 10pm I was able to eat some dinner and felt a little better, but was unable to open my eyes until an hour or so later. I went to sleep and woke up the next day still sore (as if I had "pulled a muscle" in my eyes, especially the left one). I went to my followup appointment and the doctor informed me that my eyes were inflamed and that I needed to up the steroid dose to 4 times a day, and come back the next day (yesterday). I went back yesterday and my eyes were still inflamed, so she wanted me to go to the city office early next week but I am unable to due to work so we moved my one week appointment up.

My vision? Well, it goes in and out, depending on if I'm focusing on something for a long time. But I supposedly have 20/20 now. And remember those halos I was worried about, and told I could pay extra to avoid? I drove to Red Mango last night and couldn't see a thing due to the halos around all of the lights in the dark. Wonderful.

After the surgery, the pain caused me to regret it immediately. And I have a super high tolerance for pain. I'm convinced something didn't go quite right. (My left eye also has severe broken blood vessels around it compared to the right eye). The halos at night are severely disappointing. I am told they'll go away with the inflamation, but who really knows.

I would recommend not settling for a deal just because you don't think you can get it anywhere else. If I could go back, I'd go to my eye doctor to get the procedure done instead of this facility. I'm happy to be able to see without glasses, but I'm anticipating other issues in the future that could have been easily avoided. LESSON LEARNED!!

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