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So I have always wanted straight teeth! you know...

So I have always wanted straight teeth! you know like the ones that the movie stars have (minus the veneers lol) and for the past few years i have been working towards that. i knew that i would need braces due to the fact that i sucked my finger until i was 21(lol) and my wisdom teeth had caused my bottom teeth to cross. I was referred to Dr. Availa by my general dentist and so far so good. I was told that i had a limited case that would take around 14 months to complete. My insurance paid some and I paid $1400 down payment and the rest is on a payment plan. It took about 3 weeks from the time i was scanned to until i got my invisalign.

**the first day**
I came in very excited to get my treatment started ( i called off work, i was not sure how this would be) also i had just came from Cancun the day before. The initial appointment was 1 hour and a half. I ate before i went because i knew that it would be awhile before i ate again. I was not aware that i had to get attachments put on my teeth, so I went in thinking i would get my invisalign , they would show me how to put them on and life would go on. Boy was i wrong.

step 1- The dental assistant did a mild cleaning on my teeth with something that was extremely sour
step 2- attachments glued onto my teeth(feels like permanent plaque, the worst feeling ever)
step 3 - invisalign placed on for the first time.

After they were placed I was thinking "hey this is easy" but I remembered other reviews that I had read about the pain and my orthodontist told me the pain would kick in later and to take some Tylenol.
I went home and once i was hungry again i decided to take them off and let me tell you.. This was the WORST pain i have ever felt in my life !!!!!!!!! it felt as if my teeth were being pulled out. I have a high pain tolerance and i cried REAL TEARS! It was so hard to get them off and the pain pulling was the worst. I knew at that point either i was going to starve or never put them back in again. I put them back in and that night i couldn't sleep, i stayed up all night crying... my jaw hurt so bad, my teeth hurt bad.. it was just pain.
the edges of the invisalign are so sharp. my gum on the bottom is cut up with a huge sore from the edges of the invisalign. I had to take them back in to the office to have them filed down. it is a little better now, But buy an emory board and file it down, the wax doesn't work.

will update at my 2nd tray.

Another picture from tray 1

Tray 2

Am I the only one that gets excited about a new tray?? Tray 2 was a lot easier than the first one but I could tell that It is working on my back teeth. I am getting better with pulling them in and out now. I also ordered some cleaner from dentakit.com .
DentaSoak 3 Month Starter DK-R3010 1 15.49
Kit- Persulfate-Free
Retainer Cleaner
It worked pretty well. But don't them in the solution for more than 15 minutes like I did because they will turn blue. I used my toothbrush and the majority came off. Lesson learned. It seems that no matter what I do i cannot stop the trays from staining.
If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I can definitely see movement on my bottom teeth and this is only my 2nd tray. ????????????.
Lipstick has become a thing of the past. I cant even try to wear it anymore. Oh yeah, a coworker at work finally noticed I had them. She said " ive never met anyone in person who has them " lol. Most people are really intrigued by them. But its quite embarrassing because they come up close and say " let me see your teeth, you don't really have much to move" now I'm forced to show my insecurities up close. ???? But at the end of this I'll be smiling from ear to ear.
My mouth is dry a lot! Saliva is non existant! Haven't figured out the cure for that yet. Well I'll update again tray 3?
Rockville Orthodontist

Very nice, called me to check on me. easy to talk to.

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