Just Got It Done Yesterday! Upper/Lower Abs and Flanks -Northern VA

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I'm in my thirties with 3 kids (just had my third...

I'm in my thirties with 3 kids (just had my third not too long ago!), athletic, with the same trouble areas my whole life that got even worse after my babies. Just went in yesterday. I got there at one (just given one small dose pill to help calm me), procedure started at 2 and it took about 3 hours. The nurse and doctor created a very relaxing and comfortable environment and the time went by pretty quickly. They seemed to have really take their time and review everything thoroughly. I only felt a few "pinches/pokes" a couple times, but otherwise everything was painless and went smoothly. I had to change my padding for the leaking a few times throughout the evening, things were a bit messy, but that just means everything is healing! The tight garment, though it made it a bit difficult to change the padding last night, hasn't been as uncomfortable as it has been for others that I have read. The pain/discomfort has definitely been manageable, I've only taken extra strength tylonol. I was happy when it reached 24 hours so I could shower and see how things looked so far. I can definitely tell a difference. The only area I'd be a little concerned about is right above my hips/lower part of my flanks-there seems to be a lump/bulge on both sides; almost like they didn't take anything out there. But I'm going to try not to worry about anything for a few weeks. I'm very thankful for reading all the reviews, I feel it helped me to really know what to expect; and everyone seems to say that in another week or 2 it will look like everything went back to how it was because of swelling,etc, I'll get frustrated with lack of results, and then things will start looking good. So the main thing I learned from reading reviews is patience! I am going to take it easy for a few days then slowly start exercising again. I think if I continue eating good and exercising as I was pre-surgery, I'll eventually get the results I really want. I'll keep posting updates as the weeks go by, as I found this site very helpful for me!

So far pretty good

I'm 3 days post op now and feel good. It's only painful if I get bumped or something, but am able to go about my normal activities. I am concerned about my flank area- I definitely think the doctor took out like a straight line of fat, but nothing below or above, it looks like a huge groove in the middle of my hip, like when you wear something tight that digs into your hips; and it's very deep and very noticeable. I don't know if they have a "touch up" policy. I'm happy with everything else so far though.

Must be patient...

I have read and read and was told repeatedly by my nurse and doctor that I have to be patient for results. 10 days post and it's kind of hard to look and see yourself looking basically the same, except for a large indent/groove in your left hip. I do see a slight difference still in the bottom of my abdomen, which is reassuring. I am sore, my whole midsection just feels like a huge bruise, but nothing that isn't bearable. I have been doing light to medium exercise; elliptical and stair machine and some light weights and it's been fine, no problems. I've been able to go about my normal activities otherwise right after also. I've continued to wear my garment 24/7 (minus shower in which time I hand wash/dry my garment during that time). The directions said 24/7 for at least a week and 12hr/day for at least another week -but it seems to help. I have my 2 week post op appointment this Friday.

It's been a roller coaster of results

I'm 4 weeks, 4 days post op. Right now I just try not to really look or focus on my stomach. I started to see improvement and now I'm just as big as before the procedure due to the hardness under my skin. I am constantly massaging it and I wear my garment or spanx on most days. I started my next phase of intense work outs (finished Insanity program right before the procedure). I've been working out and am the same weight before the procedure (haven't gained), so I was hoping to see a little more results by now. I will continue to remain optimistic since I know it can take weeks and months to know how things will turn out.

4 weeks post op pic

My stomach is still very lumpy and a bit sore to the touch. I continue to massage and wear my garment (or spanx) on most days.

Things are going pretty good

Well, I already am starting to feel a bit better than even a few days ago. Though my stomach is still lumpy, it's starting to go down again and get flatter. I've been exercising hard and eating good (lost 5 more pounds! :) I do think I will eventually need a touch up on my hips; the indentation/grooves in the middle of them look ridiculous. I hope that won't be an issue with my doctor. I've seen a lot of others who got touch ups at no cost (as long as you didn't go under, which I didn't do the first time and wouldn't the second).

2 months, 1 week post op. Good except for hips

Things are healing pretty good. Overall I am pretty happy. I haven't been happy with the results of my flanks the whole time though. The nurse said we will watch them and see at the 3 month mark, which is in September. I hope they are cooperative if I need touch ups and not make me pay for that, I'm not sure how that works. I understand having 'reasonable expectations" as to the results, but not wanting a very obvious groove in the middle of your flank/hip isn't being unreasonable, so we will see. My belly is definitely flatter, I do hope it goes down a bit more. How long does it take for your skin to feel normal again? My skin still feels 'raw' and irritable. It's very manageable, but just irritating, and my stomach still gets hard. Overall there is a definite improvement, I just hope I didn't pay $5000 for only a slight improvement, but rather great improvement. Oh well, still working out and eating good to get the max results!

2 month, 1 week post op photos

Left side

front view

I just feel like there should be more of a difference. I completed the Insanity workout program and am now on T25 and have lost 7-9 lbs from eating good and working out since getting the procedure.
Dr. Gutliph

So far my overall experience has been very good. The doctor and nurse are very friendly. They created a very relaxing and comfortable environment. They explained everything very thoroughly, and the doctor even gave me her personal number to contact her during the weekend if I needed her after the procedure.

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