41 Years Old, 15 Yr Old Saline Implants Subpectoral, One Pregnancy - Gainesville, GA

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I had the Mentor saline implants (320cc in right,...

I had the Mentor saline implants (320cc in right, 360 cc in left) put in February 2001 and have reached the point I am ready to have them removed. My story is so similar to many others on this site. I got them because I was VERY thin, VERY flat chested and VERY self conscious. Back then I was 5' 3" and probably 100 pounds. Fast forward to today and my weight has gone to about 130. I did enjoy them for quite a while but have reached the point where I'm now self conscious on the other end. They have gotten a little too big for my comfort. Plus, since pregnancy, they kind of just migrated to new places. I'm not sure if it's connected but I do have thyroid problems, palpitations daily, hair loss, brain fog, food allergies/intolerances, weight gain and many other symptoms. I'm not getting too optimistic about it clearing up the symptoms, but if it does, then that's just added gravy. :)

I went for my consultation the other day and they were fairly straight forward. He didn't make any promises on how they would look but I'm expecting to be flat as a board and that's ok. He did say many women opt for lifts or new implants and I said that's something I may visit down the road but in my heart I know I'm done with implants and worrying about my breast size. Funny how age and experiences change your views on things. I had originally thought about just implant removal with local anesthesia for cost savings and because I despise being put to sleep but he said they generally remove the scar tissue along with implant to prevent problems down the road so looks like I'm going under. He also said I'd have drains somewhere between 3 days and 2 weeks depending on drainage. I have read all about the en bloc and have weighed the pros and cons and for me, I am comfortable with not having the en bloc. It seems to be a rather controversial topic and I think it depends on your gut feeling and particular situation. I'm not having any problems such as leaking or contracture. I'm just wanting the darn things removed.

I go for pre-op tomorrow morning. They used my recent mammogram saying the date was close enough that I didn't have to have a new one (sigh of relief because I was wanting to wait until explant to have the mammogram). I also have EKG scheduled. I currently have heart palpitations which no one can seem to pinpoint the cause and I'm guessing that's a precaution on their end since I didn't have an EKG done when I had the implants. I am using the same practice I used back in 2001. The doctor who did my implants has retired so I'm seeing a new doctor. He seemed fine. No nonsense, very practical sounding and didn't try to talk me out of it, for which I am grateful.

We'll see what they say tomorrow morning. The countdown is on!
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