7 weeks PO . Updated pictures 52 yrs old.

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My c-section scars were so deep that my son in law...

My c-section scars were so deep that my son in law said I had a frass.( a front ass) I've always hated my boobs from the day I got them. They were never perky, just droopy and mushie. I'm officially through menopause so it's time to start my life over. This last phase of my life will be my best.

I had my TT and BR w lift Monday 11/05-12 this is day 6. So far I love my results. My boobs seem bigger than I wanted but my PC says they are swollen. I hope he is right. Before the surgery I was thinking how bad could the surgery be, after all I've had 2 c-sections, OMG no way can I compare that with this. Maybe it was the lipo or MR but it hurts like hell. I couldn't take the pain meds because they would cause me to stop breathing. My Dr finally found something that worked for me. (Tylenol 3) after day 2 I could sleep. Thank you Jesus! Oh yea then yesterday day 5 I had my first BM, that was worse than both c-sections,TT,BR , Lipo, and MR . I hope I never go through that again. I'm on the throne thinking to my self I've made it through this major surgery to die taking a dump. LOL! Over all I love the outcome and I would do it all over in a heartbeat. I would however had ate less before surgery and taken MOM from day ONE!

Hi girls, this is day seven PO. I am feeling so...

Hi girls, this is day seven PO. I am feeling so much better. I went walking about a mile, the fresh air was nice. I still can't stand completely straight, which pulls on my lower back but I could tolerate the walk just fine. My appetite is coming back and the funny thing is I'm craving good wholesome foods like veggies without salt and sweet potatoes. I have no desire for fried fatty foods. It's feeling good to heal. Does anyone know how tight I should wear my cg? I've read conflicting things. I've been able to go longer periods without my pain meds. That's a good thing. I'll post more pictures later, everyday my body is looking more like I wanted.
The day of surgery I weighed 148 this morning I was 141lbs. Happy healing everyone!

Hi everyone. It's day 10 PO I've added some new...

Hi everyone. It's day 10 PO I've added some new pictures now that I have my pain pump and drains out. They were taken out on the 13th. I woke up Monday with a terrible headache with n/v. Lasted 2 days, Thank God that is gone. PS doesn't think it was related to the surgery or meds,since it was so far out. Just a fluke I guess. My heart goes out to all those that had vomiting because of the anesthesia. I'm feeling better today. I can almost stand completely straight. I'm sleeping flat now But I still can't sleep on my sides, the drain sites are still very tender. ( I'm a side sleeper) So that's something to look forward to. I feel swollen and puffy today, probably from too much salt. I'm backing off that. My energy is getting better every day. I can't wait to start working out again. Happy healing everyone!

Hi RealSelf sisters, just came back from my two...

Hi RealSelf sisters, just came back from my two week PS visit. He says everything is looking good. He says I can start pulling the glue off the incisions.
Ouch,! That hurts but it sure looks good under there. I'm pulling it off a little at a time because it is so painful but when it all off I will post those pictures. I've posted today's pictures so you can see how the bruising and swelling is better. I'm standing a lot straighter as well. Just to recap
Day of surgery11-5-12 Had BR, with lift, TT With MR and Lipo. went in at 7am, surgery at 9am , woke up in recovery around 230, walk semi- hunched to my car was driven home. Whet to bed , got up only to pee and take meds.
Day1PO I walked on my TM for 6minutes, walk to my mailbox, out to the garden lite stuff like that.
Day2 PO I walked a little more each day on my TM , ate as close to raw foods as I could. ( I read from several sources it would promote healing. )
Day 3 to day 15 has been pretty much the same with the exception of adding more time to my cardio and adding the elliptical and leg curl and extension machine to my routine. I have been able to do more around the house as well, example, housework, laundry, cooking, taking care of the animals ( there are 5 dogs, 2 cats, 1 lion head rabbit, 1 guinea pig, 3parakeets, 1 cockatoo , 2 bob whites quail, duck, geese,chickens guinea hens and fish) . I was only able to take Tylenol 3 and diazepam for muscles cramps. Which I took mostly to sleep. Today is day 15 PO and I feel really good. My incisions are a little more painful today my PS says that's a good thing because it means that the nerves are repairing. He say that I can stop wearing my bra at night, that should cut down on some of the irritation. I am still very happy with Dr Mast he did a very good job. Happy healing!!!

Does anyone know why my pictures are posting sideways?

Does anyone know why my pictures are posting sideways?

Hello ladies, I want to post today to let you know...

Hello ladies, I want to post today to let you know how important it is to not over do it after a TT. This is day 18 PO.
I've been gradually adding to my cardio, i was eating vegetarian, my swelling was down, I was feeling fantastic. Wanted my house all pretty for thanksgiving so I could not resist shampooing my carpets. Which of course involved moving furniture. Well I woke up thanksgiving morning in swell hell and hurting all over. Ive been miserable every since. When I'm over this I will go back to my low impact cardio, lite housework, with plenty of rest. I have learned my lesson. I knew after about 30 minutes that I was way over doing things, but I just kept going. Learn from my stupidity sisters, listen to your bodies. Happy healing.

Hi everyone. I am feeling better. That cleaning...

Hi everyone. I am feeling better. That cleaning the carpet mistake set me back at least a week. My abdomen from my breast bone to my incision line has a raw feeling. It is hard to explain but it feels like a bad sun burn. It hurts for my clothes to touch the skin. Is anyone experiencing this. I ask my PS but he just looked at me with a stumped look on his face and said " maybe you are more sensitive than other women. It would help to know someone is going through this. Not that I wish this on anyone, but if someone is please let me know. I thought it was because I'm over 50. I've been searching this site and haven't found anyone with this symptoms. Help.

I want to update to my age group especially since ...

I want to update to my age group especially since we seem to be healing a little slower. I was able to go back to work at 5 weeks.
I spent my lunch breaks laying on my patients stretcher because I get fatigued about every 4 hours. Everyday I felt stronger and had more energy than the day before. On my days off I walked 2 miles. At first it was at a turtles pace , but I got faster as time passed. Today at 7 wks PO, I was able to run a mile then power walk a mile with my German Shepard, (she was so happy to have me back. ), Clean my entire house and clean the filters on my fish ponds. ( I took a 15 min power nap in between all that. ) My energy is back about 80%. I'm able to walk 95% straight now which makes my back happy.
Like everyone else here, I'm flat first thing in the morning, then as the day goes on I get more swollen. By 8:00 at night my breast and tummy is so swollen and hypersensitive that it is hard to tolerate my clothes touching my skin. If I have a high sodium day it's worse , so I try to stay away from salty foods. Every now and then I get a stabbing pain through my breast or abdomen, it normally will last about 5 seconds. Very painful. I've noticed if I over eat in the evening the swelling, tightness and hypersensitivity is worst. In spite of all I have gone though on this wild journey, I love the way I look and feel. I feel young and beautiful! I would not hesitate to do it again. I have no regrets:-) Merry Christmas everyone. I will be praying for our new sisters.

Merry Christmas to all my realself pre and post op sisters. I am praying for your quick recovery,
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