Scheduled for Full Vertical Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift - Gainesville, FL

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I have lost 130 lbs from my highest weight from...

I have lost 130 lbs from my highest weight from gastric sleeve surgery and now I am left with quite a bit of excess skin on my breast and stomach. I have been at my goal weight since March and have surgery scheduled for 11/21/16 with Dr. Bruce Mast. He specializes in extreme weight loss patients and will be performing a fleur de lis abdominoplasty along with breast lift.

Surgery is tomorrow!

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm supposed to be there at 6:45 am. I've stocked up on some Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and protein drinks for easily accessible protein. I also have lunch for the week in the freezer.

Surgery is outpatient so once I'm good to travel I'll be heading to my parent's house for recovery away from my dogs. My grandmother and husband will be helping me for two weeks until my incisions are closed and I can come back home.

Here are before pics I took today. This bra is a 36DD, what I estimate I'll end up in once all the loose skin is removed from my breasts. I really hope the surgeon is able to take care of that bit that spills over the side of my bra.

Day of Surgery

Surgery is done. It isn't a cakewalk but it isn't too bad. It mostly feels like I've been punched in the gut and every four hours I wake up from the pain of my incisions burning. Then I take more pills and fall asleep.

My boobs were so perky when I woke up I had to drink Gatorade from the side with a straw! Yay! I won't be able to see anything until tomorrow at my post op appointment.

The anesthesiologist did a fantastic job. I've always gotten nauseous and thrown up from surgery and I had zero nausea this time. So so happy with that.

First Post Op Visit

Finished my post op visit and got to see my body under all the gauze and binders. My boobies are SO cute!!!! They're very high and perky. They told me they are swollen and will begin to drop in a few months to give a more natural look. But right now I'm enjoying looking like a Barbie doll. I still have nipple sensation so that is great. I have such a flat tummy but lots of swelling in my lady parts. She said that is very normal and will all go down in a few weeks to months. Next appointment is on Monday when I'll get my drains out. ????????

Post op Day 4

I've gotten a little more independent. I can now go to the bathroom by myself. My husband bought a suppository and it scared my intestines so bad I pooped on my own ???????? Woo hoo!!

Incisions are looking good but I am experiencing the dreaded "swell hell", especially on my right side. My drains have decreased quite a bit. I'm so ready to get them out on Monday. I didn't sleep well last night because my compression garment was pressing a safety pin into my skin so at 4:00 am I took my garment off to inspect it and found the culprit. I ended up moving the safety pins to my underwear and covering my entire body in sanitary pads then putting the garment back on. Problem solved! ????

2nd post op appointment

I got 3 of my 4 drains removed. Hurt like hell for 5 seconds each time. I'll get the last one out when it is draining less than 20cc. She also told me to start taking breaks from my compression gear to help the fluid disperse. She said I could walk up to 1/4 mile each day. Yay!

9 Days Post Op

I've been off all pain medicine since 7 days post op. I'm not sleeping as well BUT I'm finally going poop so I'll take the trade off.

I noticed a weird indentation on my vertical incision today. Posted a question here about it since I won't see my surgeon for over two weeks. I also have a little dog ear on the right hip but I know that may go away with swelling or can be easily corrected.

Swelling comes and goes. I'm still pretty swollen, especially on the left where the one remaining drain is. It measured 25cc again this morning so I don't know when it will ever go down.

Boobs are looking great but very bruised. I still have sensation in both nipples. The incisions look good and are healing well.

Last freaking drain

Last drain is OUT! ???????? Geez, it was REALLY starting to irritate me.

Little incision bleeding

I got my last drain out yesterday. SO happy about that. It was starting to make me miserable since I went off pain meds Monday. I also noticed when I got home later I had bled through my shirt a little. My tape is beginning to wear off in some areas and on my vertical incision just below my belly button is a small area that bled. So I took a shower with soap and water, dried off, put on some antibiotic ointment and gauze. This morning I removed the gauze. It had bled through about half of the gauze but not to the outside. I replaced it with a new piece of gauze but no more ointment since they said it is best to keep the incisions dry until they heal completely. I really really hope I don't have any others open. I know this is on the area with the most tension so I'm being extra careful not to put any extra tension there as it heals.


I'm getting flatter every day! So exciting.

This bruise...

This bruise will not heal! I called the PS's office and they said it is fine since it isn't red and I don't have a fever. Just a deep bruise that refuses to change color.

2 1/2 weeks

Feeling ok. Just tired.

Glue finally coming off

The stupid glue is FINALLY starting to come off so I can see my incisions underneath. It looks good!

Tape finally came off!

3 1/2 weeks and the tape finally came off! My boobs are super itchy and sensitive right now from the exposed new skin.

Follow Up Appointment

Follow up appointment went well. I had no lipo, just muscle repair and skin removal. He said I could stop wearing my compression garment but must continue wearing some form of bra with no underwire. Time to do a little shopping!

First issue

I woke up with pain (not horrible, just knew something was up) with my left breast so I went to inspect and noticed a tiny pin-sized opening at my t-junction. I put some Neosporin on it until I can call the doctor. ????

Slow healing incision

This area below my belly button has not changed at all over two weeks. I hope I'm doing all I can to help it along. No leaking or warmness, it's just yellow.

9 weeks today

Mostly all issues are resolved at nine weeks with the exception of my tummy T-junction which still has a lot of hard scar tissue. I continue to massage and hopefully it will soften in the next few months.

Now that everything else is mostly healed I wish I could have a little more taken from the vertical area. I may consider a revision.

I would also really like to have my arms done in conjunction with removing my excess side back skin. Surgery #2? I'll have to discuss with the surgeon and see what he says.


Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

I loved my consult with Dr. Mast. He made me extremely comfortable in his abilities and suggestions.

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