34 Yo, Heart Failure So No More Babies, Need This Hanging Skin Gone! - Gainesville FL

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In 2012 I had my last child and developed...

In 2012 I had my last child and developed Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (heart failure caused by pregnancy). My cardiologist suggested I not have any more kids (already have 3) as the risk of developing heart failure again is significant. My eldest son is going to be 16 this year and I have had an large hanging apron of skin since his birth. Since I am no longer allowed to have children, its time to get my pannus amputated! I went in for a consult and the surgeon was pretty sure insurance would cover it since it is so large, and guess what... they said yes!! I went in for my preop last week where I received the final approval for surgery. I go in on Jan 25th and it's so surreal that this flap that I've had my entire adult life (had my son when I just turned 19) will be gone. I am excited to see what my body can do once it's gone. It really inhibits exercise and fun things like horseback riding (makes it hard to post or go into 2 point as it just lays on the saddle). I had originally been referred to surgery when my primary was concerned that a lot of the drugs I had to take during heart failure was causing me ongoing issues now, since things like medicines store in the fat. I can't wait to see what the changes will be both physically and mentally once this excess skin and fat is removed! I will post before pics soon :)

5 days until surgery & pics

So I have 5 days until surgery. I am not nervous weirdly enough, in fact I am kind of apathetic.. So I'm thinking reality hasn't set in. My kids threw away my surgical soap so I need to get more from my PS. My biggest fear is coming out of this surgery still looking pregnant. My last child was 10lbs so I think muscle repair will be needed, but the dr will evaluate during surgery. I can't believe I am posting these pics :/

Hard questions

So a friend just asked me if I was excited about having my body back and I had to stop for a minute and really think of what it would be like.

Here's the thing, I got pregnant when I was 18 and have had the hanging skin since then. Asking me if I am excited about what it would be like to get rid of the hanging skin and get my abs back in order is like asking me about my time before I became a parent.. I really can't remember the time before I had this hanging skin. I've had it my entire adult life. Almost half of my life I've been "disfigured". I've hid it for 16 years. I can't remember the last time I've worn pants or shorts. I cant even envision how much or how little my life will change. Part of me is scared it won't change that much. Almost to the point where i am not allowing myself to get excited. What if I still hate my body? What if I still look horrible in pants?

This is all rhetorical anyways because I guess I won't know until after surgery. But it was just a question that caught me off guard and I thought I'd share.

Surgery and Massive hernia

Surgery went great! Apparently I had assistive hernia where my intestines had pushed through my abdominal wall and the doctor was shocked that there was no dead tissue. Bad news is, he wasn't able to save my belly button. I'm not sure I care though since I really don't intend on wearing bikinis and even if I do, eh, not a big deal. Fun fact: apparently when I woke up I insisted that my children can fend for themselves but my mom needed to go feed my horses lol. The pain when I woke up was overwhelming. They pumped me up full of drugs and then I felt ok. Later, when I moved up to my room, they put me on a different pain med which led to an hour long vomit fest. They had to give me 2 anti nausea drugs and it finally went away. Not fun after surgery. From that point on, I used just Tylenol and it was fine. The pain is no worse than my csection except it feels like ab day at the gym.... So I'm a little sore. Now I'm at home and getting up and down relatively well. Occasionally I get some pain where my drains are, but that's about it other than soreness. I'll post pics in a couple days.

Pointy skin on my hips

I just took a shower and it's the first time I've taken off the garment. I have a big pointy area of skin on one side where it folds. Has anyone else experienced this and please tell me it goes away!

Bored out of my mind!

So I have had very little pain with this surgery. I was off pain meds within 5hours of my surgery, which i am so thankful for. But I am bored out of my mind! My doctor couldn't take either drain out last week, and they may only be able to take one out on Tuesday. They want me to only do light walking and to rest. I have never watched so much tv in my life! My kids are equally bored and since my fiancé works out of state, there's no one to take my heathens some place to burn off energy. We are all on house arrest and it sucks! I've never wanted to go to the gym more in my life! However, silver lining, I am loving my body more every day. Each day the swelling is going down and looking even better. Just have to hang in there until I'm given the go ahead to get back to the gym and horse farm. Cannot wait!!

check up and pics

I have my 4 week post op checkup tomorrow. I really hope they take the left drain out but if not, I will take pics anyways. Was waiting to get the drains out but I don't want to wait any longer in case someone is looking to get something similar done. Stay tuned
University of Florida Plastic Srugery at Shands

So far, so good.

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