38 Years Old, 1 Child with a C-section. - Gainesville, FL

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I just had lipo done to my upper and lower abs,...

I just had lipo done to my upper and lower abs, upper and lower back, both sides, a c-section revision and a breast lift done 17 days ago. At this very moment I have a love and hate relationship with the results. I love my stomach and my c-section revision so far, but my sides and some area's on my back our giving me a fit. I still have pain and a lot of tightness under my boobs down the whole front of my stomach. I keep getting depressed because I just want to feel normal inside but I know my body is still healing but, it is really bad sometimes when my meds are up that I just start to get scared and then I start thinking is this ever going to feel normal again and that's when the depression starts.

On another note my left side from day 1 had this really strange bruise that wraps around from my side to a part of my lower back and I also have a the same kinda mark on my right back shoulder blade. The first couple of days they just looked a lot different from the other bruise's that I had but then they started to look kinda like a burn to me and really really itched bad. So of coarse I itched them and then they looked like the skin was trying to peel off and just started changing all together in the look. I did go to the doctors the day after surgery and they just looked like everything else which was the 1st time I had seen what everything looked like (VERY SCARY) but very happy with my stomach. My surgery was on a Monday so that was on Tuesday afternoon. They told me I could take a shower but just getting to the doctors was all I could do that day. So on wednesday I decided that I was capable to try and take my first shower which was almost 24 hrs from the day at the doctors appt. and thats when they looked completely different and had from that point on. I did go back again to the doctors the following Wednesday and asked him why they looked so different and he said they were ok but I was also getting my stitches out and the nurse was there so I don't think he really got a good look. Then this past week on Monday which would have made me 2 weeks exact I had my husband take pics of me and thats when I noticed the skin looking like it was trying to peel off. I asked my husband but I don't think he understood what I really meant and he said they looked the same but I knew they were different and tried to trick my self as well. So I went into work on Tuesday and realized I was going to be out of Pain meds and my muscle relaxers so I called to see if I could get a refill again which is my 3rd on the pain meds and I felt like I was the only person that needs this much and they said everybody is different and they do not want me taking advil so I don't have a choice. I can't take a lot of different meds and makes my heart race so it's either Advil or Pain meds. I also wanted more of the foam they had sent me home with bc I had cut my piece they sent me home in and I had put them back on the night before and my swelling had went down a lot. So I wanted more of it bc I'm super super swollen. My doctor did not leave my incisions open he preferred to so me up so I have a lot and I mean a lot of swollen going on. So anyways I also don't like being out of my garment so they had said I could buy another one but I'm still so big I asked could I try them on when I came to pick up the other stuff and they said sure. So needless the say the nurse said since were trying these on lets just have the doctor come and in and take a peek at you while your undressed so I said sure. My side and back were not on my mind at that time bc I had trick myself into thinking everything was ok. But I was going to ask him about the tightness bc I don't feel like that is easing up at all. Anyway the nurse was taking a peek at me and managed to get to the bad side and said what is that and I replied not sure he looked at it but it now looks different then when he saw it and she said oh no she needs to see this bc she thought it looks like a burn. So the doctor came in and he mention it did look like a burn in a way but also said maybe it was some sort of blood clot he really didn't know. He then started pulling off the loose skin while I was talking with the nurse and I asked him because something starting burning was he pulling off my skin and he knows I'm like a baby when it comes to that kinda of stuff so he just kept on and the nurse kept my attention while he did what he needed to do. So they ended up writing me another scrip to treat burns and even though it still looks bad I think it looks better but I will just have to wait and see. Me and my husband take a pic every night to make sure nothing is going on but it just kinda stopped burning maybe last night or this morning I just haven't noticed that bothering me anymore. But instead of them giving me a piece of foam they also cut a piece out to wrap all the way around me because it seems to be the only thing that gives me some feeling normal again even thought it is tight as hell it feels good to until my swelling start back up which is usually sometime in the late afternoon.

I am still on my meds plus muscle relaxers as well. I start the day off with the pain meds then I start the muscle relaxers not sure if those are working though or not. I take 3 pain meds and 2 muscle relaxers everyday since surgery except the first week I didn't have the muscle relaxers until I started to get muscle cramps and then I thought those might help. I was on pain meds every 4 hrs for the first 7/8 days not really sure, then I went down to 4 a day for a couple of days, and now I take 3 a day plus 2 muscle relaxers. I'm hoping next Monday will be the start of week 4 and I'm hoping to not be taking anything but I don't think that is going to be the case. I don't do well with pain but I will say everything kinda feels better but it's not me that notices really it's my friends that have just seen me about once a week. They say I doing and moving differently (better) but to me I can't tell. I mean I guess I can but I think my side, back and tightness keep me from thinking so. At night when there's no one to talk to is when I start getting upset about the pain and stuff that my mom usually talks with me on the phone but tonight she said she needed sleep so I thought I would put my story on here for anyone interested, bc I read this every night looking for a story like mine and it helps a lot .

Oh by the way boobs look great I couldn't even tell the pain there because the lipo took over everything and I didn't feel any pain with my c-section scar revision either.

I will post pics but it might take me a while it took me a while to just figure out how to write on here. LOL

Anyway thanks for listening.

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