Coolsculpting on Abdomen and Flanks - Gainesville, FL

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Had cool sculpting of abdomen (two large...

Had cool sculpting of abdomen (two large applicators) on 4/3/14 and had right flank done today 4/8/14. Will have left flank done on 4/14/14. Would have loved to get them all in the same day but the office doesn’t have hours when I don't work so it's been hard to get in for each one hour treatment. So my back story... I'm 5'5'' 140 lbs 27 years old. I have a much large abdomen then every other parts of my body and it is the bain of my existence. I had smartlipo in 2010 and had ok results but still no decent waist after over 5,000 dollar surgery. I just don't have the time or downtime to do a more serious procedure. I'm continuing to lose weight and hope to be able to be about 130 with a decent stomach. The procedure itself was fine just a lot of tugging and coldness I feel like people have chronicled that well so I want do too many details. At this location I never saw a MD or PA/NP. The consultation and procedure was done by a CME. Not sure how I feel about that. I feel like this office did not treat this procedure like a plastic surgery procedure as much as it seems other do. Overall though she could answer questions and was very pleasant to work with. I had bruising on the upper abs and at day 5 now have the soreness and prickly nerve pain but nothing too bad. If this helps reduce the bulky stomach I will deal with ANYTHING. Most importantly I want to post pictures so you guys can judge on your own. I'm not sure how fair my assessment will be because I have been actively trying to lose weight for months. That being said I'll put my measurements and weight and will add them with my pictures. Even if I just lose weight that stomach better look better regardless but that's not a good measure of whether it worked well. Overall I’m doing everything to lose the belly. So sorry that it will not be a real fair assessment of Coolsculpting alone!


pictures- befores


Befores-in clothes

Coolsculpting days!!!


I've never got back down to the weight I was when I did the treatment (140). But that being said at 5 lbs heavier I don't notice any difference never had any inches lost and definitely needed to use that money for more aggressive surgery. About to start a bbl journey which def is what I needed for my body shape from the start. Just don't have time for it!!! Ugh back to the expensive drawing board.....

fat pics

About 145 no weight training and awful. Not great comparison because it's different outfit

July stats

Worse currently probably
Carrisa Miller, CME at Gainesville Dermatology Aesthetic Center

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