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When I first decided to undergo a breast...

When I first decided to undergo a breast augmentation, I decided that I had to do my homework to get the right doctor, the right implant (type, size, shape, texture, etc), and right placement for me. I did A LOT of research before I started to form an opinion on what I thought I wanted to go with. I found the perfect implant option in anatomical cohesive silicone gel ("gummy bear") implants- they're the safest, most naturally shaped, they look and feel amazing, their texture and shape allows for placement above the muscle so that the implant can move naturally with your body as you age versus leaving the possibility of a "double bubble" or "snoopy dog" look. (If you don't know what that is, look it up! It can end up looking like a firm implant "ball" stuck up under the muscle while the breast tissue naturally softens with age & literally forms almost like another set of breasts below the implant. BAD!)
After I decided on the specifics of what implant type I felt would be best for me, I researched the best plastic surgeons who use these types of implants. I watched presentations/lectures, read publications and reviews, looked at before and after photos, sought out what certifications and special training/education each doctor held, found out if they held memberships in -or served on the board of- specific cosmetic surgery peer review organizations, and researched each doctor's status with the board of medicine for their state (as well as any complaints against them). I was THOROUGHLY impressed with Dr. Sadove! He didn't have a lot of patient reviews or an extensive amount of "example" images on the internet, but all of my research showed that he is -BY FAR- the most experienced and knowledgable cosmetic surgeon *IN THE COUNTRY* when it comes to "gummy bear" implants; and what I did see impressed me and brought me a "comfort" that I just can't quite put my finger on. I knew that he was worth whatever travel would be necessary to get to him! (By the way, he has HUGE books of beautiful "before and after" images in his office, he just doesn't put a lot online. And from what I can tell, the doctor is extremely modest and has never asked his patients to write reviews -which many doctors do. Quite frankly, it seems as though his experience and reputation have kept him busy enough that he doesn't have to beg for patient reviews! ;) I personally wouldn't have even thought to write a review until I was gushing to his office staff about how amazing of a job he did and the ladies encouraged me to write a review as a special way to say "Thank You" in a public way! Hopefully the office staff will continue to encourage patients and let the doctor know that it's ok to accept compliments and reviews from patients- it's the least I could do to for the amazing job he's done for me!) :)

Now down to the details:

Yes, "gummy bear" implants are slightly more expensive. Why? Because they're WORTH IT!! If you want "cheap" breasts that you WILL have to replace, by all means, go for it. But I'm pretty sure Dr. Sadove probably isn't the right surgeon for a "cheap boob job". From what I've seen, he only does classy, natural looking breast augmentations. It's well worth the additional costs associated with this type of procedure done by such an experienced and knowledgeable professional! When I make a decision about my body, cost is NOT the primary concern! If you are choosing your surgeon and implant based on cost, then you should probably reevaluate your final expectations for the long term future.

Breast Look/Feel-
My breasts look and feel AMAZING. They look naturally perky and full. They don't have the "fake" look at all. They are a perfect fit for my body! When you touch my breasts, you can feel my breast tissue with the soft "squish" of the implant below (not a sloshy water bag or a firm muscle pushing back). I'm amazed at how much they feel the same as my natural breast, just a larger/fuller version of them!

Surgery and Healing-
The surgical center is wonderful! I loved the nurses and anesthesiologist that Dr. Sadove uses! They all calmed my nerves before everything began; and the anesthesiologist is clearly very experienced in what he does! He literally said "I'm going to give you a little something to help you feel relaxed before we head back to the operating room" then pushed something in my IV. I felt a little sleepy, closed my eyes, and suddenly I was being woken up (from a dream) in post-op!! I *honest to God* woke up from surgery with a smile on my face!! The nurse and Dr. Sadove let me "take a peek" down my gown, and I could already tell (even in my sleepy state) that he had done stunning work!! :)
Also, I cannot stress this enough- Dr. Sadove has PERFECTED his gentle surgical technique!!! I researched this surgery at great lengths ahead of time and knew what to expect during the recovery and healing process. The doctor told me it wouldn't be as bad as I expected, and of course I didn't believe him! Trust me when I say this- it was SHOCKING how *little* pain I had!! There was not a lot of swelling- maybe 2 days of very mild swelling. I had one TINY area that had very faint bruising (literally smaller than the size of a pea at one of my incisions). I *never* had distorted or oddly-shaped breasts. I had looked up images of women at a few days post-op and knew that many women end up with hard, high, square, swollen "frankenboobs". I never had anything like that! My breasts were so natural and gorgeous that at 3 days post-op, I could have put on a bikini and gone to the beach and no one would have noticed that they were "new"- no exaggeration! Also, I was expecting to come home from surgery with tons of cotton, gauze, tape, foam strips, specialty support bands, and compression devices. I literally had NONE of that! There was a thin (somewhat transparent) surgical paper-type tape over my incisions- THAT'S IT! No blood or drainage, either! When the doctor saw me for my first post-op visit (2 days post-op), he asked how I felt and I showed him how I could lift my arms over my head and move unrestrained. I expected him to be shocked, but he said "I told you!" That's NORMAL for his patients! Seriously!! I was amazed and would not have believed it if I didn't personally experience it!
My "scars" (if you can call them that) were never discolored (red/purple), they've always been the color of the rest of my skin and were only slightly raised at the incision. I noticed that at 3 weeks post-op, I already had portions of the scars "flattening" out and becoming unnoticeable. Some areas were so well-healed that when I went to place my scar strips over them, I had to get right up close to my mirror and feel around for where the incision was because I wasn't sure where it started or ended! I am utterly amazed at how quickly my new "enhancements" just became a part of my body so seamlessly! Nothing feels or looks "fake" or enhanced- it's just ME! :) By 4 weeks post-op, I realized that I was completely forgetting that I even had the surgery! I was even sleeping normally (on my sides) after about 3 weeks post-op! I never expected to look in the mirror one month after surgery and see my new breasts- soft, full, settled, and STUNNING... But that's EXACTLY what happened!

Office Staff/Environment-
His office is clean and very nice- it's a very welcoming environment. Most importantly, his staff are very friendly and oriented toward customer service. They take the time with their patients and make sure to answer all of your questions and concerns. I also noticed that they give enough time between patients so that the doctor never makes you wait, plus the waiting area doesn't get "backed up" with a bunch of patients awkwardly staring at each other. I came *way* early to one appointment one day, and I noticed that each patient that came in was immediately taken to the back. I don't know why that was such a big deal to me, but it was nice to not feel like anyone was "looking me up and down" to figure out what "work" I had done. The day that I showed up really early was the only time I had ever even seen another patient (even though I always saw lots of cars in their parking lot). They do a great job of moving people into private spaces and making them feel special. I know that's not normally something you would "judge" a surgeon on, but it just made me feel like his office cares about patient privacy and comfort; and I really appreciated that.

In my research, I read so many misconceptions about anatomical cohesive gel implants- even from other cosmetic surgeons (who *surprise surprise* don't use/have not been trained to use "gummy bear" implants). I've read where surgeons tell patients that they are too "firm" and look fake when you lay flat on your back (because they don't "fall" into your armpits). Let me just say, first of all- I would be MORTIFIED if my implants slid into my armpits when I laid down! But yes, my breasts are perky and they stay in their "pockets" where Dr. Sadove placed them, no matter what position I'm in! They don't completely "flatten" out when I lay down, but my natural breast never did either (and neither do other implants)! My implants move/jiggle/shift with my body- but they also remain where they should! And as a final point about that- I lay flat in public maybe once per year (at the beach), and even then, I'm propped up in a chair, not completely flat! I'm NOT choosing my implants based on my implants looking slightly "too perfect" when I lay flat!! That's just absurd! And as far as laying down while being "intimate", my husband can't stop telling me how amazingly natural they look! He keeps telling me that my breasts look "exactly the same as when I was breastfeeding" (full yet supple). Also, when I lean forward, my natural breast tissue still falls forward with the implant and the cleavage comes together very naturally. So I can personally say that the argument about them looking "too perfect" while laying flat (or leaning over) just isn't true!
From the patient's perspective, I've heard and read where women have said that they don't want "saggy-looking" breasts, and they believe that gummy bears are shaped like a saggy breast. First of all, a round ball hanging on your chest is more likely to end up with a sagging appearance than a anatomically-shaped implant. I think some women get confused between the standard silicone teardrop-shaped implant and the cohesive gel ("gummy bear") anatomical device. I actually agree that I dislike the standard silicone teardrop implants. From what I can tell, anyone who has actually done their research -and understands the difference- agrees that gummy bear implants are far superior to the standard silicone and saline counterparts. I would highly encourage every woman considering a breast augmentation to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Understand the difference! If you are looking for natural, soft, beautifully-shaped breasts, then anatomical cohesive gel implants are the way to go. If you truly are looking for a full "beach ball"/"stripper boob" appearance, then I agree- you probably don't want gummy bears, and Dr. Sadove probably isn't the doctor for you.

To sum it all up, Dr. Sadove's office may not be located in Hollywood, but if you're looking for the exclusive "surgeon to the stars", stop searching- he's the man! If you're getting your breasts enhanced, he's worth the travel from anywhere in the country! He is the best breast augmentation surgeon (artist) that you'll find anywhere in the US or abroad! I'm just thankful that he's no longer practicing in Europe so us American patients don't have to travel overseas for his services!

Some photos!

Video of gummy bears!

Gummy Bears 5 Weeks Post-Op

Explicit - Click to view

Gummy Bears 5 Weeks Post-Op

Explicit - Click to view

Pictures just don't do the ladies justice! ;) These videos were taken around 5 weeks post-op. Hoping to show how soft and squishy they already are! This should help clear up misconceptions from those who think that gummy bears are "too firm"! ;)
Also, after I wrote my last review, I realized that I never mentioned how I actually would catch myself sleeping on my stomach after only 4 weeks (I guess I'd roll over at some point in the middle of the night), and I had no pain! I was comfortable and actually felt way more "normal" than I ever expected- especially SO SOON after surgery! I'm still amazed!

6.5 Week Post-Op Follow Up and Doing GREAT!

Just wanted to check in and post an update. I had my follow up appointment yesterday (6.5 weeks post-op). Everything looks and feels AMAZING! I had my "after" photos taken- how exciting to finally BE the "after" picture!! :) When I look at pictures of others who are between 6 & 7 weeks post-op, I feel like my breasts look much more "healed" and natural already. But again, Dr. SaDove said that's very typical for his patients. SO HAPPY I chose him as my surgeon!!! :)

I also wanted to add a few more notes about the doctor and his office staff. I really do feel like they make their patients feel like they're a part of their family. I LOVE that they greet me with big hugs and such welcoming smiles. I also noticed that if Dr. SaDove walks past me while I'm sitting in the lobby, he will go out of his way to walk over and give me a pat on the shoulder and say hi. He's done it on multiple occasions, and I think it's so thoughtful for him to take the time to make me feel special even though he is obviously in the middle of running to grab a chart or paperwork. I don't think anyone would think twice about him not saying anything while running by- which I think makes it mean that much more. It's the small gestures that Dr. SaDove and his staff do that really make me feel special and important. I've been to so many doctors that make you feel like if the chart wasn't sitting in front of them, they wouldn't even know your name or if they had met you before. Not Dr. SaDove and his team! I feel like they would hug me and (discreetly) tell me how great I look if they saw me in the grocery store! Again, I realize that these aren't typically things you would "rate" a doctor on, but the care and kindness they show really makes me feel LOVED, and that cannot be ignored! These people have changed my life and have given me my confidence back, yet they're thanking ME for coming in! They're such wonderful people, and I could never thank them enough for all they've done for me!
Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sadove is most experienced breast augmentation surgeon with cohesive silicone gel anatomical implants in the United States- yet he's so modest and doesn't even mention this to his patients (I've done my research and learned this on my own)! He's the kind of surgeon who allows his work to speak for itself; and his work is screaming "beautiful"!

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