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Hello ladies so let me give you all a little info...

Hello ladies so let me give you all a little info about myself. I am 23 years old ever since I could recall I haven't been comfortable with the shape and size of my butt. But you see, I was slim in my teen years so even though it was small it did match me. I was 5ft tall weighing 120lb.That was until 3 years ago when I became pregnant with my child and gained 40 pounds. Losing it after became such a challenge afterwards and still today I have only managed to lose 10 lbs which I am currently at 150 with most of my weight in my stomach, flanks and arms. It bothers me and I haven't felt beautiful ever since. The attention I use to receive when I was out totally decreased drastically. I know that's not what it should take for me to feel beautiful but when its no longer there you know in your head that something about you is not the same.

Even though, I've felt this way my husband continued to ensure me that I haven't changed and I am that same beautiful girl he met. He would always remind me of the day he first laid eyes on me and how gorgeous he thought was and still sees me that same way.I am very grateful for him. But never believed it.

In my reality, I was fat with a flat butt and lack of curves. Finding stylish clothing to camouflage my flaws was like finding a four leaf clover. Very hard to find! I mostly purchased dresses and long shirts to cover my behind in pants . I hated the way I look in them. Until I began to wear padded hip and butt garment which I have been purchasing now for about 2 years. They make me feel more secure.

Anyways in mid 2012, I somehow stumbled upon this site knew this is the only thing that would boost my confidence again. While stalking this site every day for about 6 7 month s now lol. I decided 2013 is my year. And I have so excited to get this procedure done with.

Thanks to you lovely ladies sharing your stories and experiences I have Dr Jimerson and Salaam as my top 2 surgeons. I keep going back and forth and can't make up my mind. I know salaam is great with butts but, im not so sure if he can give me the hips that I want. On the other hand Jimerson butts are amazing as well and he gives hips for sure . All of his before and after pics look like magic! But what I'm so confused about is because some of salamas patients come out more curvy than others where all of Dr j's come out curvy no matter what they started with. This is where I need help ladies can you guys let me know who you think is better in their butt and hips. Thanks so much!

Hey u guys! just a thought that popped in my head....

Hey u guys! just a thought that popped in my head. With many Salama ladies you always hear things from uneven hips, uneven cheek, MANY seromas fat necrosis, infections wit pus, or in need of round 2 or touch ups because of lack of projection, fat loss or crease having a funny shape. But on the other hand. You never really hear these things about Jimerson. why is that? Are all of Jimersons vets totally satisfied with out a complaint? Please let me know what you ladies think Dr. S or J's patients. All comments would be appreciated. I've been going back and forth with the two. Unable to make a decision because they are both such amazing doctors. I am ready to make up my mind and hopefully with you ladies help I should be able to do so!
Thanks you guys!
How everyone is having a wonderful day!

Okay getting through to Jimersons...

Okay getting through to Jimersons office about getting an earlier consultation date is like pulling teeth. I even had a bbl sister email them because she was canceling her Feb consultation and ask them to give me her date. But it really looks like its not happening. I called them regarding that matter and Michelle said they dont conduct their facility that way. When I had call to make my consultation date which they gave me may 30. I was willing to pay my deposit but she said they don't advise people to do so and difdnt want to accept my payment. I had asked her how long after u have your consultation can u have sx she said 3 weeks. I was excite because I was thinking having sx in June wasn't that bad but after following some of Dr j's girls on here I saw different. He'was booked until sept now..By the time I have my sx it won't be until Jan or feb. No way am I waiting that long. That's just crazy...yes I'm disappointed and was sad for a while but I've come to terms and moved on.
So! On another note I guess I'll be calling salams today. Since I feel he's the next best surgeon. I hope I'm making the right decision knowing all the risks.
BTW I'm loving cupcake1207`s results. Her main concern was not getting a big but but having bigger hips. Salama came thru for her. She looks amazing! I think her outcome is so helpful to so many ladies that are unsure of salamas hip job. It was def reassuring to me.

So I called Nancy yesterday and my date is set w...

So I called Nancy yesterday and my date is set w salama for 9/18. Will be trying to get an earlier date but may switch to ghurani. Just to get my sx done for the summer time! Super exited! Hoping everyone is having an awesome weekend!

Hello to all you wonderful women, I haven't...

Hello to all you wonderful women, I haven't updated in 3 months. This site is so addictive and I wanted to stay away for a while. The ladies that knows about the waiting process knows that it can drive u nuts because your constantly thinking about bbl day in and day out lol. Anyways, since then so many exciting things has happened.I changed my surgeon to Dr. Rami Ghurani, who is Dr. Salamas partner. My sx date is April 10 that's 6 days away!
My packet came on March 10-since then I've starting taking 1000 mg of vitamin c & 65 ($30.00)mg Iron which is stated in there. That weekend I went to see my PCP who conducted my clearance testing. The test consisted of blood work, pressure, urine for infection & pregnancy, heart, lungs. My testes all came back fine. (Cost-$0.00)
I picked up my 3 prescription ($6.00)
Booked my flight from NY to Miami round trip ($237.00x2= $474.00)
My friend will be coming w me.
Rented a vacation house from April 9-17 ($550.00) not that fancy but will do. 8 min from office
Can accommodate 3 adults.
I also purchased arnica Montana gel ($16.00)
Chux 50 ($20.00) eBay
Benadryl ($6.00)
Band aid
Medical tape
Feminine wipes
Wet wipes
Wash Rags
6 maxi dresses
2 leggings
2 tank top
1 sports bra
Suction hooks
Compression socks ($10.00) found out later the office gives this free
Purchased biodermis foam 2 packs+ shipping= $74.00 I got those because a bbl sis compared the new contourmd foam to how an old biodermis foam feels. Herr point was...they are not all the same.
I got an abdominal binder ($25.00)
What I packed that I didn't need to purchase:
Big tee shirts
Sweat pants
Hair clip/hair tie
Chap stick
I think that's about everything...
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
So I'm excited and can't wait to see the other Dr G girls that's having their surgery around or on my day as well!!

Hey you, I've been waiting to have this...

Hey you, I've been waiting to have this surgery for so many months now. Since I was pregnant last year w my 2nd daughter I've planning... But now I'm getting sad I'm laying here tearing up cuz I don't want to leave my family. I'm gonna miss them sooo much! My flight is early Tuesday I will be taking my kids to my sisters house for them to spend the night there Monday evening. I've never gone so long w/out seeing them... Heck, 10 hours probably has been the most! I can't wait to get this over w and come back home...

So I arrived at fort Lauderdale airport at 9:30 am...

So I arrived at fort Lauderdale airport at 9:30 am. Yesterday Larry gave me a call letting me know that he was already there. When I spotted him he came out to take our luggage and place them in the trunk. He introduced himself and began talking As he drove. My o my can Larry talk! Lol. He is such a sweetheart tho. He started talking about the bbl about what to eat, drink, what to wear, when to walk, about Dr salama, Dr ghurani, how I'm gonna fall in love w Dr ghurani.. Lol. How handsome he is, about the staff...and so much more lol. But he def did ease my nerves and very knowledgeable of this procedure. I was suprisedSo he dropped me off at the office for my pre-op. There I signed in n met Cynthia, Nancy and Naomi. They are such beautiful women! And very warm and wwelcoming. I filled out the bunch of paperwork and was given my arnika forte. Nancy said they ran out of boppies but I will def be given one before I go. By this time it was only 10:15. Dr Ghurani was in Surgery and I was told I had to wait till 2:30 to meet him. Nancy said it was best I called Larry n go do my grocery shopping. So I called Larry n he dropped me n my friend off to Winn Dixie. He said he'd be back in a little over an hour. My friend and I decided to look around and spotted an Italian restaurant so we had lunch there and then headed across the street to buy our groceries. I stacked up on fruits, water and gatatorade is a must! Called larry and he was there in about 4 min. I've always read that Larry is always never on time! But he worked really well for us. Now on our way to prep. Got there 2:32 Dr Ghurani wasn't there yet. He got there a little after 3. I was a little disappointed at first cuz I was very exhausted from my 6:30 flight. When I was told to come in he apologized for keeping me waiting...asked me some general questions went over my labs. And then Cynthia was called in to chaperone the examining part. I was really embarrassed!!! Omg! He spoke as he pinched here, squeezed there, turned me there and pushed in here. He is very nice. And loves to smile. Didn't try to make me feel uncomfortable at all even tho I believe he sensed how much I was. He was very realistic w me. Told me I had more than 4000 cc of fat. And let me know that I may need time extra lipo in the future if that's an option for me. He asked what kind of butt I wanted and asked if I wanted a nikki minaj lol. and told me his favorite is an interverted heart. He likes bubble butts he said. Anyways I let him know I like the interverted heart as well and hips is really important to me. He told me its like a battle the more hips the less projection I will have and the more projection the less hips. I asked him to please just give me a balance because I didn't want a big booty w no hips.Anyways our meeting had ended shortly and called Larry to come get us he was there in 10 min. So when I got home. I took a shower rested a bit and my friend n I decided to go out for a bit since we might not be able to for the rest of my stay. My last meal was 10:30. You can't have anything to eat or drink after 11. I spoke to a few of the closest friends. And two ladies from rs who texted me. Im so greatful for your support! Thank you! And took a shower again w antibacterial soap. Spoke to my husband and headed off to bed. Anyways, ladies its 6:09 rite now I'm about to wash up again and get ready and wait for Larry to get me....omggg! I can't believe the time has finally come. After months of waiting n preparing. Thank you all! I love you guys this would never have been possible w out all of you! And your stories... So I'm about to get in the shower now. Larry will be here at 6:50 he said to get in there by 7:00. Wish n luck guys and that I will see u on the other side! NEWBOOTY13' here I come! Xoxo

Going in now guy!!!!

Going in now guy!!!!

Getting ready for my 9;30 check up you guys....

Getting ready for my 9;30 check up you guys..Yesterday was soooo bad! Thanks for all the love and support! Believe it or not each n every comment is helping me get thru this. I appreciate you all. Will give a more detailed summary when I get back!

So Larry came at 6:45 to pick me up on the morning...

So Larry came at 6:45 to pick me up on the morning of SX. My friend decided last min that she was going to come with me. I was waiting for her in the car when she came and said she locked the door with the keys inside. Larry said not to worry that the vacation house owner should have a spare key. Larry got us there by 7 am. No one was there so we waited down stairs. Monica and another nurse came in. They saw my compression socks and asked my name. Then took me up with them. I was taken into a small room that I was given the robe, socks head cap and undies to change into. I was also asked to take a pregnancy test. After I changed I went into Dr ghurani's office where he went over risks and expectations again. He took my pictures and then marked me up. I signed some paper work and then the anesthesiologist came in for me to answer a few questions about allergies and anesthesia I had in the past I signed papers with him and headed into surgery room. Since I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 11 pm the night before he had a hard time finding a good vein. Monica was called in and she was successful. I was told I would be getting drowsy which I did... my eyes were open but my mouth, fingers and every other part of my body could not move. I began to pray that god gets me thru this for my two little ones. They told me I would be going to sleep now and they would see me when I wake. I don't recall anything after that but waking on on my tummy in the recovery room. Trying to get up but dropping right back down. I was in excruciating pain. The nurse brought me some water. I thanked god. And then asked for my phone to call my husband. I was telling him I just woke and I was okay. But he couldn't really understand. I was mumbling. As long as he knew tho that's what mattered. I was dressed and then wheel chaired down stairs where Claudette Larry's wife waited for us. My friend called the vacation house owner to ask if he could open the door for us but he said he wasn't able to get there until 5 pm. It was only 2:15. Claudette said she would take us to her house. She let me stay in her guest room. I would forever be grateful for this women. She took such good care of me. I could barely keep my eyes open. She helped me walk, helped me to the bathroom which I bleed all over her floor. SHe didn't get upset. She took me out of my bloody cloths. And gave me some of hers. She washed my dress and sweater. Gave me apple juice, bananas, yogart and pain killers. I would never forget her kindness. Larry got home at 4:30 and got us back to our place by 5:00. He helped me get settled in and stressed to me that I needed to eat around the clock, walk 10 min every hour and drink lots of Gatorade. That night Walking was difficult. The pain was 10. I layed as I ate blue berries, strawberries and chicken that my friend fed me. My butt was really stiff. And I bled a lot! I hardly got any sleep that night.
Day 2- Ate special k cereal for breakfast. Had a 9:30 appointment which I called and rescheduled for 11. I was extremely tired. I got picked up at 10:30 and got dropped off at the surgical facility. Monica met me there and took off my bloody pads. Dr Ghurani came in and said everything looked fine. I was then taken to the office to get my boards put in by Naomi. I set up massages for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Still didn't get my boppy yet. They ran out. Larry dropped me back home and I ate chicken soup, & pudding. Drank Gatorade. Took my painkillers and went to sleep. I actually slept for 5 hours! It felt good. 3 am last night I started throwing gas and had my first bowel movement. It was easy very mushy. But my swollen cheeks made it very messy. After I cleaned up I drank again and then didn't wake up until 12:00 pm when my husband called me on his break. So I probably would have slept longer.
Day 3-I had cereal again. My bleeding slowed down. No more dirty chux. I had soup took my pills , mangos, pudding and butt is less stiff. Could def walk much better and by myself now. My calfs are in pain. No nausea yet. My drains are less full now as well. Thanks for all the support ladies. Waiting for my dinner to get here and then will try to catch some zzzzz's baked chicken w yellow rice n peas. I hope msyolo and runabooty are doing well. Will update soon ladies!

P ez has been a life saver during this recovery!...

P ez has been a life saver during this recovery! It is definitely my #1 must have. Not messy at all. Just hold it on to yourself with index and middle finger and it goes straight into toilet. Please ladies if not anything...take this one advice from me! You will be glad you did.

April 14th Day 4 post op- took my first shower,...

April 14th
Day 4 post op- took my first shower, got ready by myself, and headed out to take my first walk out(20 min). Alone. Friend refused to help me after day 1 when I needed her for everything. I know it has a lot to do w jealously. What triggered her was when she asked if all my belly fat and love handles are gone. And I said yes. She started ranting about how she need to lose her stomach and love handle s and she doesn't have her pills on her.(diet pills) I cried a lot yesterday because I thought she was really my friend and she would take good care of me. I was better off hiring a nurse. I felt helpless because I was still in pain. And couldn't do anything. She refused to touch my garment. So I was stuck in a bloody garment since Wednesday. W a lot of flies hovering around me. I felt like was just gonna lay there and die. But today I have to work thru all of that and try to be strong and get better. FOR ME. Called Dr. Ghurani last night at 12 am. My front drain was hurting and started bleeding around the drain again. My suction also didn't keep suctioned to pull the fluid. It kept popping up after about 5 sec. Dr also explained how I take off my garment. That's how I was able to shower this morning. Anyways to make long story short she ended up buying colon cleanser pill to help her lose weight which she started yesterday. Drank Gatorade this morning no breakfast yet guys so I'm gonna get up and try to make something for myself. Oh i currently am not wearing garment. Too dirty and no one to wash it for me.She's getting ready to go back to the beach again. Not too much pain today.. Maybe a 3 if even but stiffness is 8. Will have to walk more so it can go away. I can't wait to get home to my family. I miss them so much. She was suppose to stay over for a few days after I got back on Wednesday to help me. But my husband is so upset about the whole thing. He said she's not welcomed and is not needed there and he will take days off to take care of me. Anyways ladies I'm sorry about having to share all of this with you but I feel like you guys are such a great support system. I love you all. I can go on n on about what she's doing including going in my wallet n taking money but I won't. Will update later today.

For breakfast had grapes and pudding, ordered...

For breakfast had grapes and pudding, ordered Chinese food for lunch and dinner. And just had some bananas. Still have not had any nausea. And not much pain today 2-0 all day. Had only 2 pain killers. The two times I felt it coming on I popped one in to nip it in the butt before its full blown.. Stiffness is at an 8. Gone all day with out garment. Tried to wash it with one hand holding my drains n the other hand on the garment. But its still very dirty. Walking more often and much better. Getting out of bed is much easier But been having head aches. What was different today was I wasn't drinking as much fluid as I was before ...was trying to save the little I had till I went back out on Monday. So that might be the cause. Had two bowel movements today. So 3 since my surgery. Very mushy texture. My first massage is tomorrow at 11. I hear how painful it is all the time. Lol. I will only have to find out! Have a good nite everyone! And thanks for the support, it truly means a lot!

Ahhhh.. I just wanna scream n run far from here....

Ahhhh.. I just wanna scream n run far from here. Apparently I want to treat her like a slave. N I'm strong but want to act like a baby and cry whenever she's around. I also act like im dying. Yesterday, when I ordered chinese she was in n out all day so she had left but came back in to show them the door. Last night I was told I had no courtesy for asking if she didn't want anything. When I'm the one that can't walk to the restaurants or grocery store just a block from where I am. N I wasn't asked all dayyy long if I needed anything. She did text me around 6 yesterday and asked r u okay. I replied I'm fine. I'm the typy of person I will not beg you if I see you don't wanna help me. I leave it at that n try to push no matter how hard it is. I already had a head ache yesterday but to be arguing after 12 am last night I'm so done w this. No more coming back from here. I refuse to ask for her to even pass my cell phone from off the charger now even cuz that's what she said she did for me yesterday.she asked me if we can go grocery shopping today. I told her that my good friends will be doing that for me today. She was shocked. But upset cuz she said she has no more money. And she was helping me "all these days" Runabooty and her mom will be picking somethings from the grocery store today and dropping it off today after her massage. They are really some amazing people in this world and that I've def met thru having this procedure and I could actually call them "friends" And I am grateful for them. Sorry for early story you guys. I feel you're all I have and just needed to vent.

April 15 - 4 Days Post Op I had my first massage...

April 15 - 4 Days Post Op
I had my first massage with Cecilia today. It was painful beyond words! I couldn't wait till it was eyes were shut closed, my arms gripped the chair and all you can do is breath thru it to try n not feel the pain
I took a painkiller before I went in. But even with that you still feel it. Cecilia said I had a lot of fluid. She is really sweet. Kept apologizing for hurting me. Lol. After the massage you feel very tired and worn out. I didnt want to stand up. Putting on the new garment was such a task because I was already tired. It probably took about 15 min just to get it up and closed! But on the other hand I can honestly say I feel great right now. Pain 0 Stiffness 0 walking w more speed. I feel so comfortable laying here I'm going to take a nap right after this update lol. But am not looking forward to tomorrow massage... Oh, one more thing. Today I wore a fitted maxi dress and the attention I got was amazing. I love my waist! Its so so so tiny! Today is def a better day! Later girlys! *Hug*

Runabooty and her mom came yesterday to visite me....

Runabooty and her mom came yesterday to visite me. Omgggg they are amazingggg. Such beautiful women. Runabooty was looking so good in her maxi dress and her mom was just so kind, so gorgeous! And I'm really glad I met them. They brought me over some Gatorade, water, cookies fruits, a rotisserie chick. Which they accepted no payment. Her mom said I'm like her daughter and she would take care of me if I was closer to her. That really touched me. Some strangers treat you better than supposely close "friends". Bring her was a mistake. No help at all. Anyways I know what to do when we go home...This morning I feel very tired and achy. I'm so tired of laying on stomach! I just wanna get up and walk but when I do I get so tired so fast again! Lol. This recovery has been so difficult... Harder than I expected! But so glad the hardest part is over! Today I get my 2nd massage. Kinda but kinda not looking forward to it. Lol. Kinda not cuz it hurts like hell. But kinda cuz you def feel better afterwards. Hopefully todays will be much easier for me because now I know what to expect.Leaving tomorrow can't wait to be back home!

April 16 6 Day po- Had my second massage. Popped...

April 16
6 Day po- Had my second massage. Popped 2 pain killers in before and I was good to go. Def much easier than my first. Other than for the massage. I have not taken any painkillers today. Stiffness now 1 Pain 0. But I must say after you get the second garment which is more compressed you wake up feeling soooo stiff and like a zombie. I got very little sleep last night! My garment went from 3XL to L. So it was a drastic change and it does not feel good. Other than that everything is well I have my appt w Dr ghurani tomorrow at 10 am. These dreadful drains will be gone for good. I will get my 3rd massage with Cecilia at 12, Larry will take me to a gift shop to pick up a few things and back to NY I go! Flights at 5. Oh, Eps had ran out of happy pillows but I finally got mine. Will be using that on the plane. I sent my hubby pics that I will be posting soon. He loves it lol. He's like its huuugggeee haha. Anyways ladies.. Will check back in w u guys soon! *Xoxo*
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