Happy with my new buns!! 1yr and 11 months post op- Dr . J

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I am 26 years old and I have wanted a bbl even...

I am 26 years old and I have wanted a bbl even before I learned about it. Every time I spoke with my friends/family I would always say how much I wish I could remove my fat from my waist and transfer it to my butt. Everyone will laugh and say how crazy I was. "Ohhh girl you look fine, just work with what you got. Its a little but be proud." Well nope not anymore, I am desperate for this solution to my noazzatall. I have always been super self-conscious about my butt. I even recall the early years of dating my husband 10 years ago, when I will be hiding my butt every time I had no clothes on. LOL He noticed it and jokes about those moments from time to time!!! Like many ladies' bf/husband, he loves me just the way I am. HOWEVER, he says that he knows I have dreaded my butt for so long and that going through this will definitely make me happy. In reality, I know that he is tired of my butt complaining and sees it as the ONLY relief. This is sad but I have always looked at my butt in the mirror hoping that it has miraculously grown. It is very upsetting to go shopping, find a perfect dress/outfit to later find out in the fitting room that my ass has killed the dress (not in the good way).

I am sort of familiar with garments (fajas). After I had my first baby boy 2 years ago, I began to wear fajas to bring the tummy size down a few notches and to lift my butt. A temporary solution, but I am seriously tired of wearing them to fake the funk. Like some ladies here I have also tried squats, lunges and whatnot, with no substantial result. I found this website a few weeks ago and I have been too addicted. The stories and the before and after pics have definitely inspired me to consider the procedure. What stalled me for a minute I must say is the probability of having more kids within the upcoming years. I have researched for ladies that have done the procedure and later became pregnant. I came up with one or two. I really wanted to know if it was worth doing it before or waiting until I was done having kids. Some doctors here have mentioned that it is ultimately the individual's choice. Well I can't wait, I want the butt now!!! However, if there are any girls out there that have gone through the BBL or just a lipo and later got preggos, please let me know how was the experience or how it turned out.

I will be posting pre-op pics soon. (Not in a hurry to post those horrendous pics) Along with my measurements.

I am heavily considering Dr. Jimerson. I have sent my pics to the office and I am in the middle of arranging the consultation date. As much as I want to leave the Flat Butt Club, I may be expecting. I have done two at home test and the results have been negative, but I am not totally convinced. My period is a bit late so I will wait a few more days to re-test. I am not looking forward to postponing my butt enhancement project, but I will be delighted to add another bundle of joy to the family. If I am not, I definitely know I would like to schedule the procedure for Feb-March 2013.

Sept. 23 So I finally got my period yesterday, so...

Sept. 23
So I finally got my period yesterday, so the uncertainty is over. Tomorrow I will be calling the office to finally set a consultation date with Dr. Jimerson.

I am 5'5 weight 130 lbs. Measurements 34-34-371/2...

I am 5'5 weight 130 lbs. Measurements 34-34-371/2.
I spoke briefly to Rudy from Dr. Jimerson's and I have finally scheduled my consultation for Friday, November 30th. I asked her how far out was he booked for and she told me they still have dates available for December. But if everything goes fine I am sticking to dates in Feb-March 2013.

I called Dr. Jimerson's office today and learned...

I called Dr. Jimerson's office today and learned that they have a waiting list to make up for any cancelled consultations. So I decided to add my name to the list, hoping to get my phone consultation earlier than scheduled. In the meantime I am exhausting all my financing options little by little. I am planning to use my 2012 income tax return to payoff some of the expense, untiI I get it, I need a loan now. I have applied to the few banks that offer personal loans and I have been approved for much less than the desired amount/denied. In the midst of this process, I found that my credit had a recent collection hit that has been affecting my score. Ughhhhhh This is frustrating. Damn it. Last I knew my credit was excellent, I thought this part of the process was going to be a walk in the park. I am waiting to hear back from one bank, but I am doubting ever getting that lovely back!!! Thanks for reading, any advice ladies?? I would truly appreciate it.
Wishing those getting ready for surgery the best of luck and for those recently bootified a smooth recovery!

Greeting ladies!!! Keeping those going into...

Greeting ladies!!! Keeping those going into surgery and those recovering in my prayers!!!
So I know some of you ladies have stated and I seen in the RS help page that you cannot upload pics with your phone. But this has not been the case for me. I am able to upload pics and add caption. So, I felt like I had to share what I had found through experimenting. It seems if you have a smartphone running android 4.0, it is as simple as going into your RS profile website, clicking on your phone menu options (where you see a list: forward, bookmarks, find on page and more), look and select for"Request Desktop Site." The page will reload and you will see the option to add a photo. For iphone users-the safari does not have this function. However, Chrome provides this feature for the iphone (and other phones). I have not been able to test this on an Iphone but I have searched it and found several articles and video that support what I am saying. Same steps, you have to open your RS profile with chrome, select the drop down menu next to the address bar, scroll down until you see "request desktop site." What happens is that when you visit the RS website on your phone, the website picks up that you are using a mobile device which disables the upload pic feature. I have posted pics of screenshots for both android and iphone. Hope this helps somebody!!! HAVE A HAPPY BOOTY PICTURE TIME!!!!!

"I am soo happy I could skip on one leg all the...

"I am soo happy I could skip on one leg all the way home!!!"  That is what I text my husband when I got the call from the bank that I had gotten approved for a personal loan.  After much searching and denials, a rep at TD Bank suggested that since there are no negative accounts on my report and it appeared I did not have enough credit that I should apply again with a cosigner.  So with the help of my hubby I was able to get approved for $10,300 with a decent APR.  I lucked out with this bank, because when they pulled my credit report they did not use the credit bureau that was reporting the negative collection account.  I signed all the closing paper work yesterday, now I am closer to my bbl, yayyyyyyyy!!!  Next: wait patiently for my consultation date Nove 30th. (I really hope Dr. Jimerson's office calls me soon to move up my date.)

Well Dr. Jimmerson's office called me alright, but...

Well Dr. Jimmerson's office called me alright, but it wasn't to up my consultation date. It was to reschedule my date for December 20th. REALLY, DAMN!?!! I was told that the Dr. has an emergency and he will not be in the office that day. I feel so bummed, because I got to wait almost 3 months for a consultation. She reassured me that I will remain in the cancellation list. Anybody else get a similar call?

I am so thrilled. I called the office to see if...

I am so thrilled. I called the office to see if there was anyway I could secure a sx date for January. With the help of Michelle and Monica, my consult date was moved up to ensure that the surgery can be done in January. I have sent my pics and I am now gathering my questions for this Thursday. My dilemma now is finding privacy at my job for when the Dr. calls. I really do not want someone at work or in public, overhearing my conversation. I am hoping that it ain't too cold on Thursday, so that I may take the call at the park. Can wait!!

I had my consultation with Dr. Jimerson October...

I had my consultation with Dr. Jimerson October 19th. It was soo busy in his office on October 18th by the time he called me I was in the train (i live in NYC) going home, so I called the office the next day. My list of questions were the following:
[ ] What happens if results are uneven, seroma or infection? He stated that he rarely has patients with uneven butts or infections, but when it does happen for an uneven butt he will have you come back in to the office to fix it. He prescribes antibiotics to prevent infections. For a seroma, he will have you come to the office to drain it.
[ ] Post op insurance - I believe the company is Medisure. You are covered for 30 days and it is included in the price.
[ ] Ccs are determined at consultation or day of sx? - He stated he won't know until he goes in.
[ ] Do you recommend lymphatic or deep tissue messages? Any near by that you recommend? He recommends lymphatic messages for 6 weeks and I could start them back at home. I would have to arrange that way in advance before I go for surgery.
[ ] I am aware of the complications. But still want to know what may grant a trip to the hospital. He said really really bad infections which he says is 1% and an embolism, which he confirmed that you may get it from not moving around after surgery.
[ ] How long will I stay with drains? He said 7-10 days, depending on how fast you are draining.
[ ] How soon can I book a flight and how long will the stay be? He did not answer how soon I can book flight but he did say I have to stay for 10 days.
[ ] I know every body is different. What are the chances of getting close to my wish pic (one of his previous patients) He suggested that to get closer to the wish pic I would have to add the hips, because I have a square ass lol. I wanted to laugh out loud when he said that. I was planning to do my hips anyways, but he confirmed it. When speaking to Monica she mentioned that the flabier the butt the better the results and that the more muscles the more the fat reabsorbs. Dr. Jimerson also asked if I wanted to do my bra roll. Those rolls really don't bother me, but Monica did mention that if I gain weigh those rolls will be more visible. I have been 125-130 for so many years that I thought I do not have to worry about gaining weigh, but now they have me looking at myself in the mirror and wondering should I just add that to my tab (9800=8800 for butt+ 1000 for hips). Which will be an extra $900 that I was not planning to spend. : / Any girls would like to enlighten me with their decision on doing or not doing their bra rolls? I would appreciate it.

He also mentioned that I should stop taking any herbal supplement (including my fish oil Pills) until after surgery. He said I should continue taking multi-vitamin that includes iron, especially if one suffer from anemia, and that it should not include Vitamin E. SO MY PRE-OP IS JANUARY 14 AND MY SURGERY IS SCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 16TH. Hooray. Even though this part of my journey is done with, I feel all over the place. I find myself in the reviews of others in search of items to add to my list, i think about having to book my flight, my hotel, get my medical clearance and other things that I may not recall at this moment. I usually get extremely anxious before traveling, because I like to search for the best deals. At the end I become super glued to the computer and with half my lower lip gone (I tend to bite the inside of my mouth when nervous). Anywayss, I forgot that I also was told to gain 10-15 lbs. I don't know if to pig out now or to wait.

Ugghh I am such a dummy I added my update in my...

Ugghh I am such a dummy I added my update in my comments section, so you wil see this twice on my page.
Sooo, I have gained 2 lbs so far. I have added the following to my diet: peanut butter and nutella sandwiches, Ensure plus, apples, banannas, croissants and eggos or whole grain bread w/cheese & turkey. As far as dinner I serve myself double the amount I would normally eat. I take so long to eat it, it aint funny. I take so long the food turns cold and I have to force myself to finish it off. My husband says I am slacking and I should be eating more, I think I am doing fine. I still have two whole months and some weeks to go. I am planning to take multi-vitamins and add a protein shake, but Sandy's aftermath has prevented me from purchasing these items. Yesterday, I went to the nearest shop and it was closed due to Sandy. I thought I could buy from the Vitaminshoppe near my job, but I have not been able to travel to the city. Hopefully, things start looking up for us at the East Coast real soon. I have donated to the RedCross for those that have suffered greater losses and my prayers go out for those families that are struggling. Going back to my weight gain efforts, someone mentioned making my own smoothies. I will make more of an effort to add that to my diet so that I can speed up the weight gain.

I have about 6 weeks left until my surgery and I...

I have about 6 weeks left until my surgery and I am now 137 lbs. I need to speed up the weight gain since my goal is 145. I have been super stressed at work lately and worry that the run around may cause weight loss. I try to at least eat one fruit/yogurt a day to help gain healthy weight (if it is even possible). I am going to increase how many Ensure Plus bottles I drink to two a day, I am not sure but I think it may be making me feel gassy. Any girls taking this feeling the same way? A few weeks back I bought some long cardigans to help with hiding my butt when going back. I am wearing them now so that it won't look so obvious when I return to work. I need to buy a few sweat pants for when I need to go out, but I am not sure if i would need to buy new slacks for work. After all the swelling goes down and I loose the extra pounds (which i know I will, I am trying so hard to eat so much), I am not sure if I will still fit my slacks. Aside from the weight gain, I have bought the Make Me Heal Pre-op and Post-op Vitamins. I bought them through Amazon for $66.90. I will start taking the pre-op vitamins once daily for the two weeks prior to surgery. I did call the office last week wondering if getting a medical clearance/physical now was too early, since in their instructions they stress getting it 3 weeks prior to surgery but has to be performed within 30 days of your date. To my understanding this leaves you only with 1 week to get seen by MD and receive your results. How can that be possible? Nobody answered at the office so I left a message, my call was returned 3 days later but I was unavailable to answer. I wish the call back would have been made a lot faster, at least in a day. Knowing my anxious little self I decided to just go ahead and schedule an appointment for this Thursday the 6th to see the MD, I was informed by the receptionist that blood work will have to get done at a separate appointment and it will take a week to get the results. The next available appointment to have everything done the same day would be the 18th, which i think will be too late. I stood with the appointment on the 6th to have a physical, and receptionist informed me that to get blood work done faster I could get a script from MD and take it to Bio Reference. I called Bio Reference and was told they take walk-ins only so I will be going in this Saturday nice and early. I cant believe this is really happening. Some days I have doubts about getting this done and then there are those days that I look in the mirror and say thank goodness I am getting a BBL. I will be posting pics from my phone of how i look with the 7 extra pounds. Until the next update ladies...

So I went my Doctor's appointment to get a medical...

So I went my Doctor's appointment to get a medical clearance/ physical today and I think I have a problem. I will be calling Dr. Jimerson's office first thing tomorrow morning. For now I wanted to know from the vets that dealt with Dr. J especially, when getting your medical clearance, did you get JUST the blood work and/ or the applicable other test or did you get that plus that medical clearance form that Dr. J's office provides filled out and signed. My doctor in plain words refuses to sign the form due to not holding a MD license from GA. She says she will give me a copy of my blood work and the results of the chest x-ray, but will not fill the form giving medical clearance due to legalities in the case, God forbid, something goes wrong she does not want to lay her license on the line. She states if the surgery was to be performed in NY it would not be a problem, but since it will be in GA she is not familiar with their medical regulations. You think everything will go fine and bammm you get slapped in the face with a "no no no not so fast." Thanks for the feedback!

Called the office on Friday and was told by Monica...

Called the office on Friday and was told by Monica that the form or a letter has to be signed stating you are medically cleared to have the surgery. She said it does not matter where you get a medical clearance, as long as you are getting it from a doctor. She suggested having the MD speak to Dr. Jimerson to clarify any concerns. If that does not work, I would have to contact another MD. HOWEVER, I do not really want to do this because my insurance is already getting billed for this doctor visit. So, I am not sure my insurance will pay for another physical. This ishh sucks. Anyways, Monica also mentioned I went in too early, since the clearance has to be done within a month. In the meantime Iam not sure if to even call back my MD on Monday or just try another one in a week. If i need to get a physical again in a week (billed again), i think I might as well go to another one.

I have been experiencing some inner battles as my...

I have been experiencing some inner battles as my sx date approaches. Especially since I am leaving my 2 yr old son behind. This is the first time since he was born, that I will be away from him. :-( So I went to a second Doctor, he did a physical, lab work and medical clearance without any of the insecurities in his part. I had to retake the urine test, since there was a trace of blood due to my period at the day of testing. My doctor cleared the second testing, but I am still waiting to hear the final OK from Kim. The call was made on Wed, Jan 2nd. I spoke to Michelle, she was really nice, and asked her if they have been busy since I had been calling non-stop and she said that they are very busy. I finally made a payment of the remaining balance which was $9300 (butt+hips). I was freaking out a bit since the forms that were sent out to me re-iterated all over that the medical clearance and a full payment needed to be submitted before the third week to avoid the surgery from being cancelled. IDK but I think that Dr. Jimerson did not need the publicity stunt he made in the TI & Tiny Show. He is a very talented surgeon and he seemed to have plenty of clientele from word of mouth, but after the show it has become ridiculously insane. Aside from the increase in calls (making the staff unreachable), I have read that the office is booked all the way to the end of the year. That is way to long, and If I had to wait that long for the sx I would have gone crazy and sick to my stomach. I am sure this is the same feeling for some ladies, and it is understandable since we really want this procedure done and soon. Two days ago I started to take the Make Me Heal Pre-op Vitamins once a day. I have been able to maintain my weight and I am still at 140 lbs, but I feel like I need to gain 5 lbs more. This last week I will try to, but if I cannot than oh well...Dr. Jimerson first response was to gain 10 lbs. It is just me trying to push myself to the maximum, just in case. I have not booked a hotel yet. SMH I know. I will call the office on Monday and as soon as Kim gives me the final OK I will book it. I was considering Hyatt-Johns Creek for $71 a night, leaving me with a total of $888 through Priceline. I am flying in on the 14th and staying for 11 nights. To me it is still expensive but I have not found a cheaper alternative that offers complimentary shuttle, breakfast and wifi. These are the three key points I am considering when shopping for hotels. I need a shuttle since have decided not to rent a car since it will just be sitting in the parking lot. I will be bringing along my dear sister and her 1 1/2 yr son and my dear cousin. I feel bad that they will probably be bored out of their minds in the hotel with me, but I will love them more for that. LOL. I need to take some time to re-read ladies' post and make note of what I may or may not need for this procedure. After creating my list, all this week I will try to go shopping for what I need and leave the rest for when I arrive in GA like food. Well ladies, good luck to those going into sx and wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery!!!

The worst thing to be watching before my sx. I...

The worst thing to be watching before my sx. I started watching and now I cannot stop. So I am there with my hubby and mom, and it begins to list a butt augmentation procedure that end the life of a model. So before they had the chance to pound me I explained to them that I am not getting silicone injected, like the model did. I am like damnnn!!!

The show was called "The 25 Shocking Medical...

The show was called "The 25 Shocking Medical Mistakes" and it left me sooo scared. My started to pound so fast. Unbelievable.

I had to share with you girls, because it is...

I had to share with you girls, because it is becoming extremely funny. Everyone left and right at my job is asking if I am pregnant. I lost count. The best part is that people are convinced that I am trying to keep the pregnancy a secret. I tell them they need to stop talking, because people will hear that and start rumors. Talking about trying to stay inconspicuous. When I come back from my supposed 3 week vacation, MY ASS will not go unnoticed.

I know some ladies get worst situations, but I...

I know some ladies get worst situations, but I can't help but ask myself, why me and whyn now. Since Monday I have been taking all precautions to avoid catching a cold, but it seemed inevitable. I even tried sucking on coldeeze lozenges since Monday. I stopped taking vitamin c because my primary doctor said it was best to stop all supplements. So all week it seemed like I was good. Friday came and felt relieved Ino longer had to put up with sick ppl at work and in train, until I got home and started to sneeze. Now its Sunday, I still have a runny nose, a bit of a sore throat and I am disappointed and nervous that my sx. Will be rescheduled. My stomach starts to flip once I start thinking about that. Any advice ladies...I have read several ladies that have mentioned the staff at the office recommending Zicam. I have also been taking that. I am keeping my hopes upp, that it will all clear by tomorrow morning, God willing.

Hi ladies so i am going to do a quick recap this...

Hi ladies so i am going to do a quick recap this morning since I have been soo busy these last couple of days. I arrived at ATL Monday morning, took a while to get a ride to the HYATT/Johns Creek hotel. The prices for cabbies and shuttles were outrages. I had two people and a baby with me. Talking about 95 per person, I am like noope. Soo I decided on renting a car, for convenience and it will amount close to the same amount since I was paying for it. I was lucky and placed a bid for $10 a day through priceline and it took it, so the total came up to $225 for 10 days. Soo, our hotel room is great, they have very nice and accommodating staff here. I went and got my prescriptions with my insurance and it came up around $50. I went shopping for food and that was a nightmare. My pre-op went well, I asked to speak to Dr. J since I had a few questions for him. I finished my pre-op with Kim, nice lady, she went over post-op care as well. Now I am going to shower and head over to their office in a bit. I am so super nervous I woke up with diarrhea, tmi, but at least
i cleaned my system before going into sx. LOL. Please pray for me ladies.

Yayy so I'm here at the hotel healing. Walking...

Yayy so I'm here at the hotel healing. Walking every 2 hrs. I will do a more detailed post in two days. I just feel tired and typing in this phone is the worst. Praying for the ladies going in soon. Here are pics. I know I am very swollen but at least Yall could see how I look.

In the past I have read many mentioning writing a...

In the past I have read many mentioning writing a post to then have it get lost and give up. That is what happened to me yesterday. I wrote a nice paragraph but laptop shut down, so I just turned it off and hit the bed. The ladies are not exaggerating when they say it is exhausting to get up. Well starting from Wednesday, Jan 16th, I ended up getting to the office early to straighten out some pre-op paperwork. Ladies please read your paperwork before leaving the office, to make sure everything is accurate. So I first met with Kim for the pre-op paperwork at 8:45 am for about 15 min. I then waited for another 15 minutes and a very young nurse called me to tell me she will be assigned to me and directed me to a room and was told to undress, take a piss test sample and dress up for sx. They provide you with a gown, compression stockings and a head net. I stood with my thick socks and my crocs. When I was done I went to another room where I was asked questions and the nurse tried twice to get the ivy in two different areas. The second one was hurting bad and I saw a lump building up because the ivy was not in the vein. She heard I was in pain and called another nurse. Thank goodness the second nurse came in to put that sucker in nice and quick. So after that I chatted with the second nurse for a bit, asked her if she had gotten her butt done and she said yes about a year ago and showed me pictures of her in regular clothes. Her butt look nice. I saw Monica's but I think that booty was too big for me. After that I met with Dr. J and the anesthesiologist. I showed Dr. J my wish pic (ex patient of his) and asked him if getting my butt to look like that was doable and he said I will try my best. I asked the anesthesiologist how long will it take for the juice to kick in and he said 15 seconds. The last thing I remember is the anesthesiologist counting down and helping me up to my feet. Next thing I am laying on my butt feeling so sore. I was disoriented for a bit until the nurse assigned to me asked if I wanted her to help me turn over, and so she did. I was so worried the day of my pre-op because my nerves were causing me to tighten my butt making it feel very sore. SMH I addressed this concern to Dr. J and he smiled and said that should not affect your results. SOo anyway, my sister came to pick me up just as I was waking up. Luckily she had my bag, because when I stood up I was feeling so nauseous and dizzy, I just popped a cracker and drank some water and it made it feel better. My silly sister while waiting for me at the hotel, left the light on the rental on and drained the battery. She had no choice but to use the hotel's shuttle service to pick me up, which was better because I had more room to kneel. WHen I got to the hotel, the lady at the front desk, such a darling, was happy I had made it. Once in the room I laid in bed and began to take big sips of gatorade. Every time I had to get up and pee I felt very dizzy. The dizziness was gone once I ate a meal.

Now I am 4 days post op, still taking my medications and tolerating this tight ass garment. The highlight of my day yesterday was being able to do #2 and seeing my body without the garment. I only had to take the prescribed colace for one day and that was enough for me. Taking off the garment was so painful and difficult. All I kept saying was how they expect this damn garment to come off. My sister and cousin where just shaking their heads and laughing at how big my booty is. With their help I was able to take it off and put it back on. I thought the HYATT hotel had a laundry room, but it was disappointing to hear it didnt. So I hand washed my garment and compression sock, and later dried it with a blow dryer. THe garment was soo tight while putting it back on that, we accidently rubbed the incision site causing it to bleed a little. I just placed a new gauze over it, but I told myself I was never taking this garment off until I need too. I seriously think that I may have killed fat cells while taking and putting that damn garment. I don't know how you ladies did it, but you definitely need assistance with that. I am trying to eat as close as I can to the diet that was given to me, I am drinking water and pineapple juice all day. Taking bannanna and strawberry shakes and eating Greek yogurts. I started to take the post-op make me heal multivitamin the day following sx. I am not sure why, but as of last night I am having trouble swallowing liquid and food. It feels a bit uncomfortable as it passes down my chest. My guess is the constantly eating and drinking while laying down on my stomach. I wish the office had an on call cell phone, but I will call Monday to ask them what is up with that. I am now eating while standing up and waiting at least 15 minutes to lay back down. The multipurpose funnel has been of great use when having to take a piss, keeps everything centered. I am applying the arnica gel and waiting to see if that works. My vagina is very swollen and I keep placing a cool pad on it to bring it down but I do not see a difference. So ladies hope I did not miss anything. For now I will go back to bed because I am beginning to feel the pressure down there. TTYL!! I have posted some pics of how swollen I am.

Hi ladies!!! Hope everyone is recovering well and...

Hi ladies!!! Hope everyone is recovering well and for those waiting, wish you fun prepping. So I went to the office today to inquire about a few things. My first concern was the damn garment that I have not been able to take of since Friday, the second concern was a possible seroma and the third was having only 6 lovenox shots instead of 7. I spoke to Kim over the phone, expressed my concern for the garment and she had me come in. My nurse Blake and Kim ended up coming together to help me take off the garment. As they were doing it my cousin was taking notes for when I have to try it back in the hotel. At first my nurse was trying to underestimate the tightness of the garment, but she is fairly new so I knew she was not too sure. Luckily Kim was called in to witness first hand how hard it was. They both had broken a sweat trying to take it off. Once it was taken off, we were able to see how bad I was bruised on my left thigh. My right had some bruising but was not that bad as the left. The swelling and bruising on the upper part of the vagina had subsided since I was able to apply some arnica from the crotch hole for the past days. But boyyy that leg looked like I had a truck run over it a few times. I wish I could have taken a pic before I put the garment back on so you guys could have seen it. Maybe tomorrow. Kim said that i need to massage it every day, now that I know a better way to remove the garment. That the swelling from the upper part of the body is basically moving downward and I need to break up the knots by massaging it. The thigh is so swollen and bruised that my skin feels tight and the meat feels hard. It is scary ladies, but I will be massaging every chance I get to reduce the bruising and swelling. Kim also recommended I take Arnica tablets, even though I am applying the gel. Both will be beneficial. I will continue to drink pineapple juice. Kim also took a look at the right side of my stomach and felt a little bubble there which indicated I had seroma. I am not scared of needles, but when she pulled that thick syringe out I could not help but say "damn that is a big ass needle." So she pulled the fluid out and said I should apply compression there. Right now i have a maxi pad in that area. I think that I am going to get more fluid stuck there, so I will begin to look into any surgeons in NY that feel comfortable doing it. I hope i have no fluid buildup after I leave GA. I also told her about the lovenox shot. She asked me if i had any pain in my calves and checked my legs to see if I felt pain when bending my feet. She said that it should not be a problem, but to basically look for any signs of blood clot. Well that is my update for today. I will got eat now. Tomorrow is my post-op appointment. I get to finally remove the drain. Added new pics.

Went for my post-op appointment this afternoon and...

Went for my post-op appointment this afternoon and was able to get the drain removed that left a nice hole in my butt. Took pics for Dr.J's site and I was given the ok to go back to taking fish oil pills. I was strongly recommended to get lymphatic massages when I get back home. Kim said it would have been more beneficial if I would have gotten it right after the sx but when I had asked Dr. Jimerson at the phone consult he said he recommended it after the two weeks back at home so that is why it wasn't arranged. Kim said it would have helped in avoiding the seroma as well. In the meantime i am giving myself my own massages as hard as I can. No holding back even if it makes me wanna cry. Cuz that shit is painful as Hell. Ooooh. I was told I could fully shower in 48 hrs, To allow the incision to heal a bit. Which means I could leave GA on Friday nice and clean. The swelling has gone down a bit on my left left. I have posted pics of that awful sight. Other than that I am walking like a penguin, due to the swelling on the leg. My butt still feels like two big rocks back there. The look from behind looks so nice, but we will see how much fat I end up staying with. Oh I also went out to buy arnica pills, finally. Will start taking them today religiously, so we will see. Until the next post ladies.

Some of you have been asking how many ccs I had...

Some of you have been asking how many ccs I had put in. Before leaving the office I requested a copy of my paperwork and it state the following:
Each buttock=750
Each hip=200
Back bra roll=200
Inner thigh=400

I haven't reach 2 weeks yet and I am disappointed to report I have lost 1 1/2 inches of my butt. Before gaining all the weight I was 37 1/2, post-op I was 42 1/2 and now I am 41. I knew I was going to loose but not that fast. I blame it on the departure back to NY. I am not sure why but that morning I woke up feeling more pain than usual around my stomach. I could not quite point out what was hurting so much. I tried going to the bathroom, but it did little. I figured I would eat light so I had gatorade and a greek yogurt. I was starting to feel a bit nauseous but dismissed the feeling as nothing. As I am in the car on our way to the airport, feeling hot as hell but mind you it is really cold, I was on the phone talking to the airline. The nauseous feeling came back, and as soon as I got off the phone I pulled out a plastic bag and puked. I felt such a relief. It may have been the food I had the night before at Cici's. I know it was not what the Dr. ordered but it was a cheap dine. I was on the phone with the airline because I noticed I had not paid much attention when arranging the booking for car rental return time and departure time. So it ends up that I had to return the car at 12 pm and my flight was not until 8:50 pm. That meant that lil me and the crew were going to be stuck in the airport for 8 hrs. My 1 1/2 year old nephew would have been extremely irritable and my legs would have looked like tree trunks by the end of the day. Soo, I decided to list us to fly stand by. Because going through security was so lengthy and disastrous I missed the 1:15 pm flight, so I had to set us up for the following two next flights just in case. I was told the following flight was full, but to wait and see because you never know. Luckily they had room for us. We took the available separate seats. All I kept thinking was "ok this should not be that bad, the flight is only 2 hrs" but boy those 2 hours seemed like eternity to me as my little fat cells were dying within. I was a bit thankful I was able to get the first coach aisle seat, so I would not be so disruptive when getting up. I used the boppy pillow when sitting and still noticed that by the end of the flight I was feeling so much pressure at the top of my butt. I had informed the flight attendant that I had just undergone surgery and I could not sit for a long period and he suggested I could stand by my seat or stand in the bathroom, but I was not allowed to stand in the area right in front of the cockpit due to their strict regulations. Which I understood and since the plane was so small there was no space at the back of the plane. So, I sat most of the time and I went to the bathroom twice and stood in as much as I could. My sister who was sitting behind me noticed people looking at me weird, but I really did not care. I guess you get so preoccupied about the survival of your new butt that people's stares goes out the window.

The bruising on my legs have reduced a bit, specially on the top. However, it seems like some of the bruising is moving lower on my left leg. The swelling still seems to remain the same on my left leg. I just keep remembering what someone posted about their legs looking the same as mine and it all went away by the end of the second week. I had bought bromelain before I left but did not take it to GA. Now that I am back home I have started to take it daily along with the post-op make me heal pills. I have also notice that my hips do not look the same. I am not sure if some of the fat that was transferred to my right hip has been reabsorbed or is just the extreme swelling on my left leg that throws it off. I know it is really early to tell so we will see if it improves with time. That is all the update for now.

Hi Ladies is 2 weeks since my sx and my butt is...

Hi Ladies is 2 weeks since my sx and my butt is now measuring 40. I am not sure if is that my butt is dropping some or if loosing fat from my right hip is contributing to the reduction in #. I have taken pics with some dress I pulled out of my closet quickly. I looked at myself in the mirror, smiled and joked with my sister on how my booty looks like some girl we now who naturally has boddankidonk. It seems when you keep measuring yourself it throws you off the booty high. I am just praying for some patience through this process. I have been trying to get an extra garment and I just have to laugh of what I have done. The garment that Dr. Jimerson provided me with has been driving me crazy, especially since I am getting tired of washing it and manually drying it with my blow dryer. So before leaving to GA I had checked out a few Colombian stores around my way and I bought a Salome vest 0314 size M. At the time I wasn't planning to lipo my inner thighs. So, initially was planning to kick the garment aside as soon it started to feel big and wear the vest. Unfortunately, I did get my inner thighs. So then I thought ok, I will just buy a compression pants with the ass out and wear the vest. I have been advised by the lady at the store that she has seen many ladies come and go and from what she has seen, she does not recommend that. I feel like the vest is tight enough to kill any dents that may form from the pants, but she said that it won't work and that the pants will indeed make line dents on my lipoed stomach. Therefore, she strongly recommended full body garments. So needless to say I ended buying a full garment from Salome 0529 size L with the zipper. I got a M at first, but the brand runs really small. The butt cheek holes were sooo small for my booty that my sister assisted in making slits and more slits and more slits. I was also worried about my hips, I felt the fat cells were calling out for help. We did so many slits that I have little compression on my lower abdomen now. LOL SMH Reallly!! I have really fuc*** this damn garment up. I spent $90 for nothing!!! My sister is like "You see, you should have just ordered the same garment you have on from Lipoexpress." I just did not want to wait so long to have it shipped to me. Well now I will be paying double. In the mean time I will try and see what I do to fix that Salome garment. I have read from someone's page that I can find lipoexpress garments on Ebay for cheap, I will see if I find any. Also, how do you ladies keep the area around the crotch opening clean from you know your discharge, if any for some. I have tried placing a maxi pad there but I am running out. I am thinking about cutting the opening wider...but on second thought I may not. It may cause a disaster. Wanted to see what have you ladies done, if different from what I am doing already. Also, I could not wait to toss those TED hose/compression stockings, so I did today. I am not sure if I am supposed to keep wearing it, does anyone know?

I still have hardened swelling on the top of my thighs, more so on my left leg. The bruising seems to be diminishing. I am religiously applying arnica after every shower and massaging it with sesame oil before the shower. I also use the sesame oil to massage all the other areas I got lipoed. The bruising seems to have moved lower towards my knee and that has been a bit painful when on my knees or laying for two long. It has been like that for the past few days. Yesterday I had to take Tylenol before going to sleep, because of the intense pain. After much looking I found a License Massage Therapist that performs lymphatic drainage massage around my way. My first massage is tomorrow and I am sooo excited for it. I cannot wait to get this stomped up fluid out of my leg. He is charging me $70. I am aiming for 4 massages. I don't know we will see, because my pockets are hurting really bad.

I had also taken pics of the supplies I had gathered. I should have done it before but did not get a chance. I will try and post them. Ohh, I also have to give credit to the HYATT hotel. I have never been in such an accommodating hotel. We had several concerns and staff took care of them very quickly. At first I assumed that the room would automatically have a microwave but It was provided upon request. They even provided plates and utensils, since I forgot to buy some while shopping for food. The morning staff was really really nice always attentive to any needs we may have had. The only suckie part was that they only had an outside pool and of course it was closed, so my accompanying darlings could not go for a swim and enjoy themselves. Anyways, that is it for today. Continued good wishes on your butt journeys.

Went for my first lymphatic drainage massage on...

Went for my first lymphatic drainage massage on Thursday, Feb 1 st. My.main concern going in and having to lay on my butt. I asked him if he could perform the massage standing up and he said no. I brought my boppy pillow just in case. I will say I could not fully relax when on my butt because I felt I would be loosing fat cells. I was tensed like a board trying to keep my butt off the table. Lol when I flipped over it was another story. Very relaxing. He informed me that this first visit was to do some drainage. Clear the stomped areas and activate others. Also, to evaluate my lipoed areas. He said that unfortunately I will have some swelling accumulating in the inner thighs until all the swelling from other areas have resolved. In the mean time the massages give the lymphatic system a push to speed up the process. He said that in the next visit he won't be so gentle and he would have to apply pressure to the lipoed areas. While laying my face in the face hole resting thingy, I kept telling myself how great it would be if I could take the thing along with the table home. I will have the best sleep. No achy necks. Thankfully I learned from a fellow RS sister that you can try a face down pillow. I will go and get that soon. Before leaving I asked him for any pointers when self-massaging the hard knots. He said to always go upwards when massaging. For the hard spots with pressure make circular motions and for the lined hardened spots to motion to the sides. Next appt is next Thursday and he has agreed to charge $60, hey $10 dollars less helps. On another note I just realized this morning I have not been taking the postop make me heal vitamin as instructed. I need to be taking it twice a day and I have been taking it once a day. Don't know if that has delayed my healing. Oh well, now I am on track.

I will be 3 weeks on Wednesday and I return to...

I will be 3 weeks on Wednesday and I return to work tomorrow. I am freaking out a bit because I sit in front of the computer all day, except to do little errands here and there. I am planning to take my boppy pillow but realllllly, I can already see how that is going to be so complicated. How have you ladies done it, when returning to work. When I attempt to sit with pillow, I feel the skin tightness causing pressure. I ride the train here in NYC so I know I have to voluntarily stand up, no biggy. But 8 hrs at work. I am curious to hear your going back to work stories.

Hi Ladies, I have already reached my one month...

Hi Ladies, I have already reached my one month mark. Wow, it doesn’t feel like it. Since I been MIA, but still trying to compose an update I separeted it into sections so I wouldn't forget anything. Everytime I would try to post, something would prevent me.
LYMPHATIC MASSAGES-So far I have gotten 3 massages, first one was a light lymphatic massage and the rest were with a little more pressure to tackle those hard spots and lines that have been building up on my sides. The therapist reassures me that I am healing well, and that I should not worry too much about the hardened tissues. This will go away with time and with the massages it will go away even faster. Besides the professional massages, I try to imitate somewhat of what the LMT does when I am back at home. I found this hand massage device I had laying around at home. I have used it and if feels soo good except when I reach those hard spots on the side. It burns a bit, but I keep going, applying more pressure little by little. The dents from the hard lines on the sides are a bit noticeable when I twist. I skipped massage today. I rescheduled for next week on Thursday.

GARMENT-I am not sure how you ladies do #2 with these damn garments but I have to take it off. I no longer feel comfortable taking a dump with a tight compression on my belly as well as the odd position I have to be in just to let it loose. I know this may sound crazy but I am still wearing the same garment Dr. J supplied me with. I mentioned I bought one but it did not work for me, so I stood with this one. I am sick of having to wash it by hand every other day but those garments are expensivee. At this point I am going to take it to the seamstress to get it smaller or tell my moms, since she does that kind of stuff. In a few days I will be 6 weeks and I will not need to wear the garment all day and I could officially rid of that triangle piece. I may opt out to just wearing the vest. I am soo looking forward to my 6 weeks. Wooohoo.

BACK AT WORK-I have been back at work almost for three weeks and the first day was torture. I was soo flustered and irritated with trying to sit down with boppy pillow, without either having my butt touch the chair or having the chair roll out right from under me. Many times I almost ended on the floor. Would not have been a pretty look. On the second day I had to beg my hubby to take me to Bed Bad & Behond to get a back support pad/something like it. I found what they call a Kiss My Back. It is a mesh back support. I was thinking about getting more of a firmer cushion for back support, but this was all I found at the local stores. It works for now. Staples had a WTF for a back support; I am like really you might as well have nothing. I really can’t kneel on the floor being that we have a very transit environment for clients, so it does not look presentable at all. Once I know the appointments die out at the end of the day I kneel, this is the most comfortable position for when I do data entry. All the other times I am either standing or sitting with my thighs on a long pillow. Oh yea, I had to replace the boppy pillow, because of all the complications mentioned earlier and it was too fastidious to keep folding it and it was just too damn big. So, I also bought a firm (not too too firm) long pillow that I could place right under my thighs from Bed Bad & Behond. I will take a pic so you guys could see what I am working with. With both types of pillow I experience that the circulation to my legs get cut short, so as soon they start to feel funny I get up. I did lipo to my inner thighs, leaving it sensitive. Therefore, when I stand up after sitting for some time I immediately feel a burning sensation in my inner thighs. If anyone ask why am I standing so much I tell them my back is hurting, because I injured it while picking something heavy. The one’s that are aware just laugh at me every time they look at me. As far as noticing my new butt, nobody has made any comments. I believe I have been doing a good job at concealing it. Presurgery I was a size M or 4/5, fairly small. So in order to hide the triangle, the lipo-express board that I wear at times, the dents that the garment makes right below my butt and the shape of my new butt I chose to wear a 10. When I went shopping I had tried an 8 and it did not want to go past my butt. I was a little happy to see that, I am not going to lie. However, these size 10 pants are leaving big gap in the back because of the small waist, I just wear a belt. At first, when sitting, I noticed that my garment would crease in my stomach big time. It would divide it into two bulges and felt more soreness in the area. I decided to start trying the board and it has help. It keeps my belly nice and flat, wrinkly free. Can I say I HAAAATTTEE peeing at my job. I do not have my funnel and because of that I always seem to make a mess. I commute to and from work via train. I just skip on all the seats and try to place my little booty out of harms way.

MISCELLANEOUS-I bought a few items that I thought may help me through out this process like the the 6 x 6 foam pad to use to lay down and a camping chair that looks like the cane chair but much smaller, and finally gave in to buying the epi-foam pads. I wanted to buy the face down pillow, but my budget does not allow it. Those massages are $120 a check, leave me almost dry. Soo, the foam pad at this point I wish I could sell it, which I might. I hardly used it, well I attempted to use it but my whole bottom will sink in deeper and deeper. I may have created the whole two big. I bought two but I still sink in too deep. The chair works form when I am in the living room. I use it to rest my thighs on it, leave my butt in the air and lay my upper back on the sofa propped up on a pillow. I DO NOT KNOW why I did not buy an epi-foam sooner. Using these is way better than a maxi pad. I spent so much money on maxi pads, but they were too flimsy. I not only used it for the creasing on the sides but I HAD to use it everyday on my crotch to prevent a painful camel toe from the garments. Replacing the maxi pad with the epifoam really helped with the discomfort from the garment creasing at the sides. One day I was getting ready to shower. While I was trying to pull out the triangle, the long padding that comes with it came off the tape. So I am like whatever I'll just replace it with the epifoam, and it works soo much better.

INCISIONS- I know Dr. Js instructions stated to leave the steristrips until they fall off, but until this week I still had some on. It was irritating the shisss out of my skin, so I took them all off. Some are more itchy than others. I apply Mederma on them every day now. The ones that were still open are sealing up, as well as the drain hole. I also apply pure Vitamin E oil & Cocoa Butteer to my booty and my stomach, to help with the itchiness and just to keep it moisturized.

FEELINGS-My butt has been at 40 1/2 for the past 2 weeks. My original was 37, yea I know not that far off from 40. Honestly, so far I could say that I am a somewhat happy with my results at my 1 month mark. My stomach is flatter than before, even though I still have a little pouch left but that I know still needs some time for the swelling to come down. My butt though is bit sketchy. I could have sworn I asked Dr. J to give me an upside down heart shaped booty, since day one I have a shelf. I do find myself questioning what I stated to him before I went into sx. No joke. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully it drops as it softens up more. It does jiggle a little now when I walk. I am definitely more flexible now. I became fully independent at 4 1/2 weeks. I was able to put my socks on, put soap on my feet and wash my child without help. Just this past week I was able to take off and put on my garment all on my own. Yaayyy. First time I was a bit hesitant, but I did it. Ok ladies until next post. I will post pics. BTW how do I add my doctor. I wrote his name but I do not see his picture next to it.

I am 10 weeks or 2 1/2 months. Current...

I am 10 weeks or 2 1/2 months. Current measurements 30 waist 39 butt n hips. Yupp not that far off from 37 1/2, my initial size. I can't help but think I paid for butt and hips, however these are my measurements SMH. I think we should pay for what actually remains. LOL j/k So far I have been fitting into my size large work pants. I bought size large to fit when I had gained weight before sx. Medium is tight and I feel that it squeezes my butt too much to wear. I feel just a little tiny bit of burning on my sides and inner thighs. I still have a hard line on my right side. I massage it frequently. It does seem to have gotten thinner. I still use Mederma cream on my scars, I see some improvement specially on the drain site. I use the compression vest almost every day to go to sleep. I should be wearing it everyday but I can't help myself sometimes. My 6 th week passed and I did not receive a follow up call from Dr. jimerson as scheduled. Really disappointed there. I haven't bothered to give the office a call, but I will. I have some questions I would like to get answered and I did send my pictures as instructed by Shelly. That's all ladies. As always good luck for those going for sx and wishing those recovering a smooth one. Enjoy the pics!

Happy with my new buns!! 7 months post op- Dr . J

I'm now 7 months post op and I'm doing good. I'm happy with my new booty. I have overcome the booty greed but I do wish I could have gotten a better shaped booty. Certain angles you can see flat areas, not much of a difference in hips and my booty is not like the upside down shape I desired. However, I'm pleased that a got more booty, no more overall flatness. It does look nice in dresses and in jeans. It compliments my petite frame and looks natural. And i must say it gets peoples attention. I'm now battling the scars and dark spots left from the incisions. I'm applying mederma some days and a bleach cream with 3% hydroquinone twice daily. I want something stronger. It's summer time and I can't show of the booty at the beach. I still feel little soreness on my left thigh and left love handle. BTW I meant to post an update when I was at 5 months but never got the chance. I took pictures at the time, not much has changed so ill post them for this update. I will try to convince someone to take present pics so y'all can see them. Good luck for each one of you and your booties!!

Happy with my new buns!! 7 months post op- Dr . J

Happy with my new buns!! 7 months post op- Dr . J

One more pic I found.

A better pic of my new back!!

I do not miss my old booty at all. I have begun to use silicone sheets for my scars. Well see how that goes. In the meantime to fake the funk I'm using a concealer for when going to the beach or pool.

Still happy with my new buns!

It's been a very long time so wanted to update with a pic and show that my booty is still there. Even though it's not extravagantly big, it's bigger than what I had before.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Jimerson from looking at his work through reviews and looking that his credentials were up to date. Aside from the results he produces the location is only 2 hours away compared to the other doctors and he offered a few perks like the 30 day post-op insurance. The only thing as of yet that I disliked about the office is unable to get a hold of anyone. I know they all work hard and are always busy, but maybe Dr. Jimerson should hire more staff to assist with the increase in demand. I was assigned Monica but I mostly interacted with Michelle when I called and she was really helpful. At the office with Shelly and Kim, they were really nice. Aside from that is too soon to determine if it was worth it or not. I have to give it at least three months for the results to really unfold.

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