Bulbous Tip and a Bump Soon to Be Removed! - Göteborg, Sweden

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Hi everyone! =) I'm so glad that I found this...

Hi everyone! =) I'm so glad that I found this website because it truly is sooo informative and helpful when you're considering to go under the knife. Therefore I also want to share my story so more people can get the information they need! Here we go.
I am a 18-year old living in Sweden I have a persian background, in other words i have the "big nose DNA" ;) Joking aside, since being 12, i have been dissatisfied with my nose. I have a bump, nose is kinda crooked, my tip is droopy and bulbous, the tip goes down more when i smile and makes it wider than it already is. I've been avoiding taking photos with friends and family because i know how horrible my nose will make me look, it's just not boosting my confidence.
For years have I thought about rhinoplasty and now, the time has come!
I booked an appointment and I was very pleased with the doctor, he had device take photos of me from different angles to make a 3D simulation and we discussed how I wanted my nose to look like. When considering rhinoplasty, I believe it is very important to not having too high expectations. For instance, we all have various types of skin and different facial features, so you can't bring a photo of, for example Kim Kardashians nose, and expect the surgeon to make it look exactly like that. Perhaps it won't fit with your chin or your cheekbones - but that's something you have to discuss with your surgeon about.

I wanted the surgery date to be close to my christmas break which usually starts at 18th of December, so I could be at home and rest in a calm atmosphere. It is a high request to get the surgery around that date, but fortunately (yassss) the doctor had an appointment around that date! Now my operation date is booked - the 10th of December!

Kinda nervous to post pictures of my nose of "ugly" angles but I do it for you - I haven't found a nose similar to mine online yet so hopefully someone can relate to mine ;)

3D simulation

Pictures from the 3D-simulation. I also booked another appointment to make it more clear how i want my nose and to comment my doctor's adjustment on the 3D pictures (there are some things I didn't like about them)


The clinic called me yesterday, and moved my surgery from thursday 10th dec to monday 7th dec!!
So my surgery is in 4 days and I'm soo excited!

Wiiii I did it!!

I am so happy!!! My surgeon and the nurse were AMAZING and wonderful at taking care of me! Hearts of gold.
I feel better than I look :D

No pain!!

My surgery was done yesterday, and the only time I felt some pain was right after I woke up from the anaesthesia. But no more after that (yet ;)) I got some pills with me from the clinic which I'm taking..
I slept really well but woke up soo alert and lively. Wasn't tired at aaall!! There is not much bruising, only under my eyes and a bit on my right eye. Not so much swelling either :))
I can't wait til the plaster is off :D


Wow. I woke up at 7 am and felt sooo nauseous! (and I had acid reflux) It was awful haha but oh well :) Here are some photos of today!!

some postop pics

I've forgotten to update for awhile, so here it comes :D
(sorry if the pictures didn't come in order)

Cast off!!!

Wooo finally got my cast off!!!
I went to the clinic and they took the cast off and cleaned my nose with benzone lol (to remove the tape easier)
My surgeon said he usually doesn't put tape on after cast removal but in my case he did because my nose is still very swollen.
And when he put on the tape... omg it hurt.
Touching the new nose is so weird! It hurts a bit aswell. The nose is still very swollen but I do like how it looks like now. So excited to see the final result!

Merry xmas everyone!

22 days post op

Some pictures of today :)
I am getting a bit concerned because of my swelling. It is soooo swollen and I'm scared because it looks so crooked and weird. Also it feels boney - is this normal?
The tip is really swollen, almost bigger than my original but it didn't come as a shock because my original tip was pretty big in the beginning.
What i do love is how the nose looks from the profile, both sides. The bridge is straight and there is no hump!!

I have been crying so much..

Today is the 17th of January, which means by tomorrow monday it has been 6 weeks since the surgery. I was so excited and so happy of the 2 weeks after surgery but since taking the cast off the nose has been shaped in such a weird way... The tip is sooo swollen and it has even "fallen down". The bridge is so wide, much wider than it was before the surgery and it is crooked. I know that it takes time for the swelling to go down but my nose is just getting worse day by day?? I sent an email to my surgeon expressing my concern and I am waiting for a response.. Right now I hate it.
Has anyone else been through this?

Almost 8 weeks post op

Hey guys! Before posting my last update, I was very upset and sad because of how my nose looked like. Fortunately, it has started to improve although I still get a bit upset of how big it actually is.. but here you have it. On monday, 1st of feb, it has been 8 weeks :)

Surgeon didn't do what we agreed on.

Yesterday, I went to my surgeon because I was really worried about how my nose looked like.
First of all, he was 25 minutes late and didn't even apologise. I told him I understand it takes a long time for the swelling to subdue but I still feel my nose looks big. And I said "I feel like the tip is falling"
He started to laugh and said "what do you mean falling? how can it be falling? I didn't even raise the tip" This made my body paralysed for a second. I was so shocked because this was what we agreed on. I just couldn't say anything because i was so shocked.
All he said in a harsh voice when I tried to tell my concerns was "We don't discuss results after such a short time" Like what???? What am I doing here then?
It really felt like he wanted to get rid of me. But in the end I pointed to the bridge of my nose and asked "Is this swelling or will it stay like this?" and then he took me to another room and touched it a bit and said it is moving a little bit and that we have to schedule another appointment so he can put local anesthetic and then push it to stabilise it.
If i didn't ask about the bridge of my nose, would he even have touched my nose and noticed this problem?
I am so upset right now that he didn't do what we agreed on. Raising my tip was something I told him to do SEVERAL times without him disagreeing. I don't know what I should do now. I am trying to hold my feelings back, trying not to talk back or give criticism because I am afraid he might do (or not do) something which could improve my results.
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