Need to Dissolve Lumps in Lip from Fortelis - Toronto, ON

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They were not able to achieve the kind of lip look...

They were not able to achieve the kind of lip look that I wanted.... put too much in my cupid's bow and made me look manly and rough around my mouth, dissolved that with hyaluronidase but still have lumps in my inner, upper lip... it covers my teeth when I smile which looks odd...throws my face off balance, makes me look awkward.

Updated Dec 9, 2009

Can someone please answer my question - had FORTELIS EXTRA hyuloronic acid injected in my lips, its been 12 months but it still has not dissolved and I have a track under my lips covering my teeth....kind of lumpy but you cant see unless you lift my lips.... had hyuloronidase injected today... lady said it would take 3 weeks to dissolve all of it...doing it once a week... so would it dissolve even after 12 months and why hasnt it completely dissolved... I wish I never did it, I had nice lips to begin with!!!

wondering if I can dissolve all of it (had it injected 9 months ago) without any loose skin in my mouth left over. Also, would these lumps dissolve on their own?

There are slight indentations (the raised areas...

There are slight indentations (the raised areas around the indentations have flattened out slightly now) so how can I even out the area above my mouth so that it's all the same level? You can only see the indentation if there is a shade but not in daylight...I am still depressed over this so how can I flatten everything out to the same level? PLEASE HELP..and is there a doctor in the Toronto area that can fix this for me without just thinking about how much money he's going to make...but to genuinely help and do a good job...

I had an ultrasound done to the area above my lips...

I had an ultrasound done to the area above my lips and there is no scar tissue, there are no silicones (just wanted to check whether they injected something else) and they don’t see any signs of any foreign material such as dermal fillers yet the area is uneven….seems the filler made collagen increase in this area and the wydase caused atrophy. PLEASE someone tell me how I can even out this area? I have uploaded a picture: You see how there is a triangular shaped indentation in dim light? How will a doctor injected filler to fill out just that indented area in that exact shape? Is it possible?
Dr.Greg Pugen (Toronto)

they didnt have a good eye for esthetics...they just know how to inject but thats about it. Terrible.

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