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Everybody loves their new flat, firm stomach. I...

Everybody loves their new flat, firm stomach. I needed a full tummy tuck w/out tightening of the muscles since I had worked out for 2 years prior. I had my child and I was 115 before the pregnancy and then weighed in at 200 pounds in the final stage of my birth. My body was stretched beyond all repair. I tried eating well and working out she is 3 now and I had no results, other than weight loss. I got down weight wise to 125 and I am 5'6. I had the excess skin baggage. Also a stretch mark that went up my belly button 2 1/2 inches plus a few large ones on my sides.

I finally took the plunge to go with a board certified plastic surgeon. I chose to go to Palm Desert as they wanted like 12,000 in LA and thats ridiculous. I consulted with my doc about a mini, but apparently that wouldnt be enough given how much damage I had.

I am 10 days post op and am experiencing some depression regarding the scar. I mean I was expecting a straight line but right in the center where he pulled down the stretch mark that was sitting above my belly button is now on my lower waist scar line. The scar is straight except in the center it curves up like a V shape very strange I am wondering why this is. So far the scar is healing nicely I think. Got my last drain tube pulled a few days ago and I am up friday to get my stitches pulled.

Also my last concern is the scar placement is high about 1 inch higher than pubic line cannot pull 3 quarters of my underwear over it only my granny panties "hanes". Its also placed 3 inches below the new belly button. Which by the way looks odd to me I must have looked at a thousand tummy tuck pics and none of them resemble my new belly button. It doesnt go in like u cannot see the hole and the skin looks folded and tucked into the hole and the hole looks tiny.

Maybe I am just having insecurities but I know that I should have had better results and I dont feel like I should just deal and be glad it all went well. What about the huge sum of money I spent to achieve what I wanted and got what seemed like the doctors exception. I will be posting my full story and experience and pics soon but I just want a few answers to those small issues I feel are upsetting me.

Is my line placed wrong "to high"? if it is 3 inches below new belly button and 1 inch higher than top of pubic line? Are most tummy tuck scar suppose to be straight or is it more common to have some sort of curve in the line? "mine is shaped and goes up and down like a small upside down V in the center" New belly buttons are they suppose to be a hole? or do they differ with amount of skin placed in the center of them?

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I am not sure if I want to post his info quite yet. I want to make sure I am not abnormal in my results because of my surgeon.

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