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Im a 46 yr old male who has slowly lost 86 lbs...

Im a 46 yr old male who has slowly lost 86 lbs thru a 10 yr span....i had joined WW and the gym but could not see the results that i was hoping for so i saved enough money to go thru w the surgery ....thru a client of mine i was given a name of a surgeon who performed tt close to my area ...all of my friends and clients supported my decision and i was amped up for the procedure...the day of the surgery i was feeling awesome and ready ....the last thing i remember is the beautiful smile of the anesthesiologist and then nothing else until i woke up....when i left i had a friend stay with me till my sister took over that night (thank the lord for her)...during the nite i got up and passed out 5 times....its no joke that u need someone w u at least for the first 3 days...although there was no major pain my scrotum swelled to the size of small avocados far the scariest thing but they gradually went back to normal within 3 days...also my drain (only had one) became clogged w clots...i looked up on youtube and they explained how to milk them.....i am now on my 6th day and feel pretty awesome....i hope that the rest if the recovery will go smoothly....but so far i am glad to have done it...good luck to all of you who are considering this procedure....much love

Still WOW!!

Well im at two weeks post scar is healing well and the bruising is starting to fade...i think i might have either a soroma or hematoma... Will be going yo my ps tomorrow to find out...from what ive read its normal but im still concerned so will be proactive..otherwise i feel blessed...thumbs up!!!

Oh poop! Listen to ur body

Listen to your friday i noticed that my scar was leaking fluids and that i seemed a little too swollen so i called my ps' office and made an appointment...i wasnt supposed to go back till july 1st...well thank the good lord i did...there was about a liter and a half of fluid that my body wasn't accepting....the doctor suck me with a needle and fluid just started oozing much so that he decided to put another drain in for a week...i am so relieved and i do t look at all swollen anymore...he also put me on another round of anti-biotics

3weeks later

Ok so i just had my second drain removed and am so happy w the results so belly button was worth all of it i can finally c awesome...i got the go ahead to work out at the gym just no ab work just yet but cant is good!!!!

1 month PO

Just went back to my ps...its been a month...although i stil a bit swollen ive been told that thats normal and that it could take up to three month or longer for the edema to scar looks great and isnt even scabbing up...ill b using my compression garment for at least another three months just to make sure that my skin adheres properly...stil think it was worth it!

5 weeks in

Well so far so on my 5th week and am feeling great...started my gym classes yesterday and did pretty good...have also been walking quite a bit....only wishing that the swelling will go down soon...stil waiting for the flat stomach look but ive been told itll take a few months....p.s. belly button looks great

9 weeks in

My swelling is almost gone but not all the way...i have gained a bot of weight which i needed still cant feel anything between my belly button and my pubic area but its not a big deal am still wearing my compression garment just because i feel safer with it on...all in all im doing great

Revision surgery

Well just went in to my PS for my three months check up and found out i have to have revision surgery....although im not thrilled at the prospect of another surgery and recovery im glad that the doctor said that hes not happy w the results...apparently the ab muscles are stil a bit loose and i stil have a bit of skin that need removed...arg!!! Anyways i will gladly go thru it again since i want it to look perfect and at least this time i know what im in for...wish me luck :0)


am a bit down....i will have to redo my tt agin 6 months after my origional surgery....i dont know what really happened but when i went o see my PS he even told me that it needed to be redone although im glad that he was the one who said it i am a bit off put about the whole bloated and ill have to go thru the whole thing again....arrrg...anyways hope that i can get answers from someone on her that has also been thru revision surgery....thx

Revision surgery

Its been six months since my first TT....since then i encountered a large seroma...i believe that when the doctor and his assisstant drained it the whole that thet

Revision surgery

Well i believe that when the doc and his asst drained the seroma the hole they punctured wasnt large enough for all the fluid that i had in thers ( about 11/2 liters of liquid) the skin did not adhere so scar tissue started to therefore my second hoping this one will take

2nd round

I had my 2nd tt on Jan 6th....wasnt as rough as the first muscle repair so not much pain...its been over 5 weeks now....had about 500cc's if flyis removed and that was a relief...orherwise feeling pretty good....still sleeping in a reclining position as i dont want any other starting to walk but no crazy excersizing yet....lits of water and lots of rest....happy so far but not going to push the envelope....wishing everyone a speedy recovery ????
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