Portrait for Under Eye Circles and Crow's Feet - Ft Lauderdale, FL

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I had it done 3 hours ago. The purpose was to get...

I had it done 3 hours ago. The purpose was to get rid of the horrid brown smudges under my eyes (I'm a freckly, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, 49-year old blond). Also to take care of the slight crepiness under my eyes and my crow's feet.

I had numbing cream for an hour, but after the procedure started chose to have painkiller injected. She did two passes from under my eye to the top of my cheekbones and half way across my temples.

I look a mess. I look like someone has belted me in the eyes. Under my left eye is so swollen and greyish black, I can see it just by looking down. My right eye is slightly swollen. The pinkness has faded.

For the first couple hours it felt like a severe sunburn, but the pain is fading now. On my outer cheekbones the skin is blackish, something I didn't anticipate. My skin is also peeling a bit in places and weeping yellowish liquid.

It burned off a bit of my eyelashes too.

Day Two: The swelling in my left eye has gone down...

Day Two: The swelling in my left eye has gone down and in my right eye has increased, they are about the same now. It is very sore to touch, and when I blot off the cream and vaseline, skin peels with it. It's very tender. The color has evened out to brown, like racoon eyes. It's stiff and the gunk I have to keep on it is nasty, but...

I can tell the crows' feet are diminished, even when I smile. Maybe it's from the swelling filling out the lines, but I don't even see lines. Same with the under eye crepy-ness and pouching, it wasn't bad before, but if the coloring were not brown, my eyes would look prettier.

I'm optimistic. But I am so tired of the vaseline and cream and the vague ever present soreness. It's not bad, but like a sunburn it never really goes away.

It's been 10 days. On day 6 I was pretty much...

It's been 10 days. On day 6 I was pretty much back to normal, but pink, and the bruise was still there and fading.

Today I went back to work, people noticed the fading bruise and my eyes a bit pink, but it wasn't bad. They wouldn't have really noticed the pink if they hadn't been looking at the bruise they probably wouldn't have noticed.

I'm not so sure about the results. I did it for under eye circles and some crows feet. I think the under eye is less crepe-y and pouchy. The crows feet are a bit reduced. The dark circles might be a bit smaller and lighter.

I had a check up today. She said to give it some more time, there will be results. I'll update in a month.

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