Lagrasso doll!!

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I've been reading and following this site for...

I've been reading and following this site for quite some time now and the women on here def give a lot of support and insight on their journey. I'm hoping to get mine done July or August. Hopefully Dr. Lagrasso isn't too booked out. Has anyone had BBL done by him??? I originally wanted to go to Dr. Salama but his price went up and it's def too much for me!! Any feed back on Lagrasso or Pascual would be much appreciated!

Well, it's been about a week now and haven't...

Well, it's been about a week now and haven't gotten a quote back from Pascual MD yet even tho I've talked to Irivette last week and she said she was gonna send me a quote but have not done so and not one single response from Dr. Perry's office either!! So I've decided to check out a local surgeon in Minneapolis. Shu cosmetics is the only office in town that does bbl's. My sister got her bbl done by Dr. Shu and her recovery was only a week, which was amazing! And she had a tummy tuck just last week and she's already up and about! I'm just in awe about how fast she's recovering! I have my consultation next week so I'm super excited!! He's quite spendy but it beats going out of town. I'm hoping to get my bbl done July or August. I'm nervous even thinking about it but I know it's all worth it in the end. Has anyone gotten a bbl by Dr. Shu in Minneapolis MN??? I'd like to see more results.

Go Team Perry!!!

I've finally got my quote and phone consultation with Dr. P! Gotta say it went really well. He was very professional and pleasant to talk to. He answered all my questions thoroughly and understood what I wanted. He also was very detailed and kept it real. I can't wait to get my bbl...hopefully by August or September.

Hey BBL sisters!

It's been a while since my last update. So I've decided to go to Lagrasso instead of Perry. I got my date set for December 2nd! Super excited. Ladies I need ur help preparing for the big day. Can anyone tell me what and where I can get the foam board for post-op?? I'm tryna pick up little stuff here and there. Oh and what brand is the best compression garment? I've read a lot of reviews and a lot of women mentioned faja??? If anyone can please hit me up on what I need to prepare...I'd greatly appreciate it!!

Team Lagrasso

Any ladies that have gotten BBL done by Lagrasso..plz hit me up and let me know if ur satisfied with ur results. I'm tryna get the big nice bubble! I'm 5'2" at 169lbs after my third baby (last November). I was 120 prior to my pregnancy but now its super hard to lose weight!! Smh...
Anyway, how much cc's should I ask for?? I'm not even sure what my measurements! Afraid to even measure myself. Any insight will be so helpful!! Happy healing to all...

Pre-op pic

Hey BBL sistas!! Please give me ur honest opinion. After looking at looking at a lot of before and after pics of other women...I don't see any issues with loose skin on their abdomen but then again their stomach isn't as stretched out as mine is...sigh!! Anywho...please look at my pic and give me ur thoughts and opinions. And what I can use to help keep it smooth after surgery.

Feeling under the weather... Just venting

Hey I'm feeling a lil under the weather for the past couple of weeks. I've ran into a financial block and time is ticking!! I'm paying cash for the procedure and I'm hoping and praying that I can get it paid in full within the next month it two. I'm not gonna stress about it cuz I know it'll work out when it's suppose to. This website is a blessing in truly helped me feel better after reading how brave u vets r!! I know things can be worst but its not. Tryna stay positive thru this whole thing. Not only I'm having financial issues right now...I can't seem to lose any damn weight!! Tryna lose at least 10 lbs before surgery. On a good day I'm 165 and 168-170 during that time of the month...wth!! Any suggestions on how I can shed this weight quickly???

More pics

Good morning ladies! I found a couple more pics of myself. No shape what so ever!! That will all change in 3 more months...

Good news!!

Hey ladies! As I mentioned earlier I came to a financial road block but I'm back on again. Was able to pay another $2K towards my balance...yay!! I'm super excited...on my way to a new me!

Help ladies!!!

I'm trying to get all the things needed for after care. Where can I order the foam and board from? What is the best brand for the garments? I know Dr. Lagrasso provides the Marena brand and I've read mixed reviews. I wanna buy at least one just in case the Marena doesn't work out for me. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated! Plz let me know what all the items I will need. Thanks in advance!

Hi ladies! A little update....

Sorry I've been missing in action for a while. Anyway my original surgery date was 12/02/13 however I had to push it out further to 3/31/14. Now I am only 23 days away! Had my lab work done last week and I just heard from Melissa that I'm in the clear so now just waiting for the day! I'll be flying out of here on 3/27 & my surgery is first thing in the morning....eeekkk! Super excited. Anything I need to do to prepare myself?? I'm open to suggestions. I'm considering getting my chin lipoed too however I'm still on the fence with that. I was trying to lose another 10 lbs before my day but the doc told me not to lose anymore weight. I'm currently 164 lbs at 5' 2". I was trying to lose weight to get rid of the little double chin I have. Any tips??

Only days away.....

Good day ladies! I just picked up my prescriptions and got my foam boards yesterday. Now it's down to the nitty gritty trying to get everything together. Hoping I don't forget anything. Since the office is providing me with 2 marena garments, do I need to get an extra one??

Good morning BBL dolls!

Hey doll! I'm finally in Miami and just taking it easy and hanging out with the fam. I can't believe the day is almost here. Shit just got! Until next time dolls...have a great day!

The day has finally come...

Good evening dolls! I'm so excited yet nerve wrecking. Please pray for me :-)

i made it to the other side!!

Omg ladies!! The first few days are like hell!! I'm just now able to get up and move around. I got my first massage yesterday and it hurt like hell but it definitely helps and I highly recommend it. I will post pics as soon as I can. I LOVE my results. He put in 1200 cc's and not sure how much he added to my hips. I get my drains taken out Monday. Until next time ladies.

Dr. Lagrasso is the shit!!!

Sorry I've been missing in action. Just trying get back in the grove of things again. I'm now at 2 months post op and will add updated pics very soon. These pics was taken a month ago. My measurements:
38 - 36 - 42
1 month post op:
36 - 30 - 46

Another pic

one more pic

Still loving my results!!

Hey ladies… I'm 5 months in and I gotta say… I LOVE my booty.. Lol! Since my last measurement I'm now at 34 - 29 - 45 at 143 lbs.

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