Worst Pain I Have Ever Felt! - Fort Campbell, KY

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My dr had me pretreat with retinA for 3 wks prior...

my dr had me pretreat with retinA for 3 wks prior to the treatment.. went in today got the Levulan put on ...went home for 2 hrs and came back for the blue light... the tech got everything set up.. turned the light on and INSTANTLY above my lips felt like it was on fire within 30 seconds my whole face.. by the first minute I had my hands clenched and my legs were bouncing nonstop trying to manage the pain... there was a fan blowing on me, but it was pointless.. by 2 minutes I had tears rolling down my face, she asked if I would be able to continue I said I doubted it... she said lets try and turn the fan up and see if that helps at all.. she turned the fan on as high as it would go.. while the pain was still beyond intense it became bearable. I made it through the entire 16 min 40 seconds.... progressively through the day my face has gotten redder and more swollen... I showered and washed the vaseline off (they put that on when I was leaving the hospital) and a wet washcloth stored in the fridge has now become my best friend.. I have been putting a moisturizer on every hour or so.. it helps for a few minutes.. what it feels like now is. the worst sunburn I have ever had in my life..

Day 2 had brought about pain.. swelling and crusty...

day 2 had brought about pain.. swelling and crusty spots... now that I am sitting in my very dark room.. I am in a lil less pain... the crusting is def showing up more.... was just the corner of my chin this morning... right now its under my chin.. top of my chin 2 spot son 1 cheek.. 1 spot on my jaw.. 1 spot on my left temple... tmw should be interesting...
DAY3 ok so today my face has crusty spots randomly all over.. and feels like a dried mudd mask.. very tight and plastic-like .. pain is gone ( a weird sting once in a while) and that has now been replaced by ITCHING.. major itching.. can't scratch... so I am constantly poking at it.. the redness is STILL unreal!!
DAY 4 .. starting to peel... my chin is unbelievably red now
...and cracking despite how much moisturizer i put on
DAY5 this is for the birds!!.. my chin has blisters, major peeling going on.. around my nose and my temples are VERY tender... and very red.. my chin still looks like the worst sunburn you can imagine... and NOW my glands under my jaw are swollen and hurting very badly.. calling my dr in the morning... NEVER doing this again I had less pain and an easier time when I had surgery to remove a squamous cell on my cheek.. the scar goes from my ear to my chin....

May 26th

it is now may 26th.... my chin is still healing.. the rest of my face is pretty much normal.. all the ak's are gone except 1 ... my skin is soooo smooth.. I'm updating a few pics so you can see how my chin is now... will post an updated pic of my face as soon as my chin is finally done healing

new pictures

more pics

July 16th

time for an update I'm told ;) .... my skin looks amazing.... I still have 2 small discolored spots on my chin, from the blisters but my Dr says they should fade..... other than that, my skin is soft and even.. no blothciness no actinic spots (oops i do have 1 right on my forehead, right along my hairline that we missed) I had a few freckles on my cheeks from childhood... those are gone... the ones on my nose are gone.... I have been sunblocking my face for YEARS!!!! (over 10 yrs) so every spot on my face was from being a kid in Florida.... I just went away to Chicago for a girls weekend.. and was told over and over again that there was no way I was a Grandma.. :D so now after all the hell is over with.. it was worth it.... My Dr woould like to do 1 more treatment.. I still don't know if I'm willing to try again... we'll see in January how I feel... just got back from walking so after i cool off I'll post a new pic ;)
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