Happy 40th Birthday to ME!!!

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Hi all... I currently am a 38H. Always have had a...

Hi all... I currently am a 38H. Always have had a large chest. Ready to get these puppies tamed down. I've always had pain, but it recently became more apparent to me. Drove a 1984 Chevy K-10 pick up from Georgia to Wisconsin. After dealing with the bumps and suspension of that vehicle, I realized just how much pain my back was in from the size of my boobies...
So, I spoke with my PCP and asked for a referral to see a specialist. I ended up having 2 consultations. I saw the first Dr on April 29th and still to this day have had ZERO response from him. I saw the second Dr on May 27th and knew from that meeting that he was the one I would go with. It took a few weeks for the Dr to submit his dictation but my insurance received the necessary paperwork on June 24th. I was in contact with the Pre Certification Office while waiting for the paperwork to be submitted. Because of that the ladies in the office felt that they had a relationship with me (bc of me calling them with questions, etc...) they were kind enough to let me know that they did receive the paperwork on June 24th and that everything looked very good - however - they were waiting on the photos (which were sent in the mail) to be able to put the bow on the package. Wednesday June 29th - I received a call from the Pre Cert office letting me know that my insurance WILL cover the BR. I am SOOOOO excited.
Oh - I forgot - on May 27th the day of my second consult, I received a call about 2hrs after my appointment from the Drs scheduler who scheduled my Pre Op Appts and Surgery date. Pre Ops were set for the June 29th and my surgery is scheduled for 9am July 21st. So the day of my Pre Op appts is when I found out that my surgery was approved with insurance. Couldn't get any better. I was surprised how unexciting the Pre Op was. I thought I would have to give blood, get xray, ct scan, etc, etc, etc.... It mostly consisted of questions. History. Listened to my lungs and heart. That was it. Good to go - ready for surgery.
The best part of this for me is that I will be turning the BIG 4-0 on July 20th (surgery is the 21st). What a way to ring in my 40th year. I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks to let everyone know how my BR experience turns out.

So irritated!

Woke up this morning with one week to go, ending it with 2 weeks.
Received a call from the PS office alerting me that they needed to cancel my surgery due to an emergency surgery that came up. So I will no longer be on the 21st. They were able to reschedule me for the following Thursday the 28th. Thankfully, my employer is awesome and we can deal with the new date. Also, my hubby who took off work will be able to get a full week in. I hate when things get canceled/rescheduled. I'm trying to stay positive - saying all things happen for a reason - but I really wanted to start my 40th year with a bang (I mean boob). Guess, it will just start a week late :(

Less than 12 hours to go...

Super xcited - cannot wait for it to be tomorrow already. Here r a few pics of my 38H ladies. Hopefully going to a 38C.

Extremely happy....

All went well. Surgery lasted 5 1/2 hrs and the Dr. said they removed 1000g from each breast. Holy crap! Staying overnight - will give a fuller update in a day or so.

4 days post op

Had my post op appt this morning. Dr says everything looks absolutely fabulous and that they took almost 1200g from each breast. About 5lbs total. I can hardly believe it. I've been able to shower but I am mostly just laying low. I am Very sleepy from my meds but it's best to rest. I am taking 2 - 500mg Tylenols at noon & 6 and a 5mg Oxy at 3 & 9. Not in much pain (per se) just want to stay ahead of the game. The Oxy helps me sleep as it makes me very drowsy. Will post some pics, once I get off my bum. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Cutest cleavage - EVA!!!!

Surgery was one week ago today. Still taking it easy - getting in lots of tv time. I haven't had any pain - mostly soreness/swelling in the underarm area. I still have drains in and am draining 30+cc of fluid. Was hoping to get them out b4 the wknd but will deal with them until my drain removal appt on Monday. I love the surgical bras that I ordered. My favorite is the Cream Marena (rec'd from hospital) (size 2xl) it is soft with a longer bodice so it doesn't lay on the incisions, black carefix "Alice" (size XL) is my 2nd favorite it is super super soft & #3 is a black Macom (GG-XL) not a fan of the fabric but really holds me together. I also put a cotton pad or soft gauze under the bodice, this helps with rubbing of the incision which can cause irritation/itchiness. It's nice to have a few to change out after u shower and give your body different type of compression. I am feeling very blessed with my experience so far and can only hope it continues on this way.
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