*Updated*36 Years old AA to Small D 435cc textured silicone - Frisco, TX

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I am a VERY "flat-chested" 34-AA. I am wanting a...

I am a VERY "flat-chested" 34-AA. I am wanting a full C-small D. I am 5'6' 1/2, 140lbs, 31 inch rib. My surgery is scheduled for 7/23/14. We have decided on 401cc right, 435cc left Round Textured Moderate Plus Silicone. I am wondering if this will be enough to get me what I am looking for.? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have attached the before pics my Doctor took at consultation.

More pics

I am posting more pics that will better display my body type.

Before Pictures

I am so obsessed with my surgery. I can't wait!! It cannot get here fast enough. I love reading everyone's stories and pictures. So I decided to log my journey as well. I get so much inspiration, and so I hoping my story will help, or inspire someone else too. So, here are my before pictures.

Here are some of my wish boobs!

117 Days!!!

117 Days till my surgery...Lol. I am not excited or anything. I am so confused now, after reading and looking at so many reviews on here. I DO NOT want to make the mistake of going too small, and having regret. At the same time I do not want to go too big either. My husband and I work out almost every day, and do crossfit. So we are both concerned of them getting in way if I go too big. Since I have pretty much no breast tissue, I am wondering if 435cc will get what I am wanting. Which is a FULL C-small D. What do y'all think? Also, my PS suggested silicone, round, textured. Has anyone had textured? And what are your thoughts, and opinions on textured? Any suggestions will be greatly appreicted. Thank you ALL for sharing your stories and pictures. They have helped and inspired me. I hope as my journey continues, my story helps someone else as well. BOOBIES!

Changing my mind on size....

Ok, so after being on here EVERYDAY, and reading everyone's stories. I am second guessing my size choice. I now what to go a little bit bigger. I would rather be like 'Oh my these are some big boobies", rather than "Ugh, why didn't I go bigger". So I am showing my PS these new wish pics, and telling her to do what she needs to do as far as cc's to get me there. I know I don't have any breast tissue, so I am hoping I can pull this look off with my height and weight.


Ok Ladies, I am soooo excited to say that today I changed my surgery date to June 25, 2014, instead of July 23. I am so excited that I can barely stand it. My pre op date is now June 10. I am posting some pics of me with 420cc rice sizers in. I like it, but I am afraid they will not be the size I am looking for once under the muscle. I am thinking I should go up to 450-460cc. What do you ladies think? Too small? Just right? And anyone with advise on how much projection you lose with going under the muscle?

Almost there.....

I have 4 weeks and 5 days left till boobieville! I cannot wait. I am sorry for not updating sooner. There just really has not been anything to update as of yet. My husband and I just got back from a 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel. It was amazing! So now, I am in waiting. I have my appointment for my blood work to be done on May 27, then a mammogram on June 3, and then my pre op on June 10. EEEEK! I am still torn on size, but I am sure I will be more confident after my pre op appointment. Thank you all for your comments, and help, and I hope my journey helps at least one person, like all yours have helped me. I will update more as things change. Until then, Congratulations to all that have had surgery, and good luck, and best wishes, to those waiting like me. :)

I have changed my mind on textured

I have changed my mind on textured. After reading the Q & A's on here from other Doctors, I have decided that I will tell my PS that I want smooth instead of textured. I know she knows what she is doing, but I dont want the risk of of rippling. So we shall see what she says about it. I just had my bloodwork done Tuesday. I am going to get my mammogram next Tuesday, June 3. Cant wait to get that out of the way. Then June 10 is my pre-op, then crunch time! I also have decided to just show her a few pictures of what I am wanting. I dont want to overwhelm her with pics. I decided to show her 2 different ones, just to let her know the shape I am wanting. I know, they are different sizes...lol, but I love both. I will attach pics here. Do Y'all think 401cc, and 435cc will get me this size?


I am getting more and more excited! My mammogram and bloodwork came back normal, and my Dr said I am ready for surgery!! My pre op is this Tuesday. I have attached two more before pictures. These will be the last pics I post until after surgery. EEEEK. I simply cannot wait to feel and look like a big girl...LOL

PRE-OP Done! 2 weeks to go

I went to my pre-op appointment yesterday. My husband came with me. Got all my prescriptions, and paid my balance in full!! We LOVE Dr. Stiles, and her staff. So....we decided that Dr Stiles will determine the actual CC's while I am in surgery. She is going to use sizers to get me the look I am wanting, then chose the CC's then. I am just a tad nervous about not knowing, but I trust her completely. I am so excited I cant stand it. Oh yeah, and since I am so active, I am getting the textured implants. I am ok with it :)


Ok, I have 3 sleeps till BOBBIEVILLE! I thought I would post my last before pics. I am so excited that I am actually numb. If that makes sense. I really don't have much else to say, just ready for Wednesday morning to be here already. I love this site, and am so grateful that all the women on here are so sharing, thoughtful, and caring towards one another. :)


I will update a more detailed review later, but I DID IT! Shw ended up doing 401cc rt, 435cc, left. Just like we originally planned. :) I had amy surgery at 7:30am. It so far has not been bear as bad as I thought it was going to be. They are only sore when I move around. I am love with them already! Here are some pics I just took. I am still sleepy though, and am going back to sleep...llol


Ok I am 1 day post off, and feel great. I only have a little tightness in my chest, and sore when I move around too much. Just got back from my first post op visit. Doc said everthing looked fantastic. I cant wait to see how they settle all the way. I am only taking 1 tramadol for pain every 4 hours, and 1 valium every eight hours, and my antibiotic, and Arnia pills for brusing and swelling. I will post more pictues again tomorrow, as not much has changed from yesterday.

3 days post op UPDATE

Hello Ladies. I was wanted to share with you my experience so far. I am off my pain meds completely. I am only taking 1 valium every 8 hours. I must say that so far my recovery has been so smooth and pain free. I have tightness, yes, but that is all. "knock on wood"! This is not near as bad as I thought it would be. I am super happy with my results so far. I am really swollen, and wondering how much swelling normally goes away, and will I appear bigger once they "drop" into place? I will post some more pics shortly. Any input from you all would be great! :)

Day 3 Update photos

I hope when they drop that get a tad bit fuller. Will that happen? Anyone know? LOL
Also TMI, but I already had my first BM. YAY! All of my Family has been so great at helping me out the first few days. They are a blessing. :) Here are some 3 day post op pics. Let me know what you all think, and will the "fluff" out a tad fuller/bigger?

4 day post op pics

Not much change, but thought I would post anyway. Feeling great, no more meds at all. System is regular. I am seriously grateful I have not had any pain other than soreness. I give that credit to my surgeon. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

1 week post op

I cannot believe it has already been a week. I went to my pre op and she said everything is perfect! She finally took the bandage off that she had in place cause she had to lower one of my breast fold due to asymmetry. They are evening out nicely. She said she put the abosolute max cc's she could fit with out having to go to high profile, which I did not want. When they settle, she said I should be a full C- small D. What I wanted all along. No Pain at all, just twinges now and then, and tightness when moving. I have to say I have loved this experence, and would do it again in a heart beat. Here are my 1 week photos.

Here are some clothed pics...lol

12 day post op update!!!

Hi Ladies, I have not been posting, because there really has not been that much of a change. No pain at all, just tightness every now and then. I still take half a valium for that if my muscles get too tight. Other than that, it is just a waiting game for them to drop a lil more, and soften a lil more...lol They are getting more soft by the day, which is nice. I am so in love them, I love the size!!! So does my Hubby! I am including my 12 day post op pics I just t ook this morning. Next time I'll have hubby take them to get better angles. Happy boobie land everyone!

Have to post this pic!

My Daughter just turned 20 yesterday! I wanted to post this pic of her and I on 4th of July. I am so proud of her. New girls look good in tank too! What is funny is that I still have to wear the surgical bra, but you could not tell with layered tanks...lol

17 Post Op UPDATE!!!

I feel as though not much has changed. I am feeling great, and still no pain. There is some numbness on the bottom half of my breast, but OMG mi nipples are hyper-sensitive! I like it...lol I think they dropped a tiny bit, but not a lot at all. Since I have textured, I don't they will "drop" much more anyway. Since I got Allergan brand, they are gifting me free botox. I am getting it done when I go back for my 1 month check up on th 22nd. I am a lil scared, but heck, it is free. I can not turn that down...LOL Here are my update pics. I am still soooo in love. Oh yeah, I measured this morning, and I am 30" around in rib (right under boobs), and 35 1/2" around breast. When I looked it up it is showing me to be a D cup. I feel like they will go down a little bit more, and I will end up a full C, which is PERFECT for me. That is what I wanted.

23 Day Post Op Update Pics

Nothing really has changed, but I believe they have dropped a lil more. Not expecting much more dropping to happen, but we shall see. Nipples are very sensitive, and still getting nerve twinges, but even they are getting fewer throughout the day. So here are some pics. I loved and still love looking at other womens progress pictures.

1 Month Post Op---Update

I went to my 1 month post op appointment yesterday. My doctor is so great! She walked in and saw me and said "oh my gosh, you look good". I loved that. She said everything is perfect, and that I am "healed"...LOL She gave me to go ahead to start back on light cardio, stationary bike, leg press exercises, and anything else I wanted to do lower body wise in the gym. YAY! Absolutly nothing upper body yet. They took off the remaining glue from my scars, and gave me silicone strips to keep over them. Scars are flat, and look great. I chickened out of the botox just yet. So they are holding it for me. Maybe I will use it at my 3 month post op. Anyway, Dr said no side sleeping until the six week mark. Also no "real" bra until the 3 month mark. I am good with that. I like my comfy cloth sports bras....lol Oh yeah, I have the under armour high impact sports bra. She said to wear that at all times when doing anything at the gym. So that was good news too. I love that sports bra. :) So, that is all I have for now. No pics this time, as not much has changed. I will post some soon. Oh, and she also said, I am done as far as "dropping" goes. The only thing that might change is a lil more fullness as my muscle might still be releasing all the way. But other than that, I am what I will be. I love that about the textured. :)

31 Days Post Op Update and PICS :)

I am now 30 days post op. I can not believe time has flown by so fast. Here are my updated pictures. Swelling has completely gone away, and my surgeon says they are settled and will not be changing anymore.
I LOVE my girls, and think they look natural, and fit me perfectly. Thank you all for the support, and feedback. We are all so lucky to have each other on here. :)

2 Month Post Op Update...Measured 34D

Hey Ladies! Well, I will be 2 months post op on Wednesday. I thought I would post early while I had the time. My girls have not done that much changing. They have gotten a little bit fuller over these last two weeks. I am ok with that, however, I do not want them to get any fuller. I know that sounds crazy, but the size they are right now is perfect for me personally, and I do not want them any bigger. I know...I know, I am not the norm. Anyway, I am sleeping on my side now without any pains, or discomfort. Yay! Still no stomach sleeping though....no way! My scars are healing nicely, and I only get zingers every now and then. Not too often. I am 100% satisfied. I love my Surgeon, and thank God I chose her. I finally went to Victoria Secret to be sized and by a bra. I wanted to wait till all the swelling went away to get an correct measurement. I measured a 34D. WHAT? I would not have thought I was a D, but the C was too tight in the cups, as I was spilling out, as the woman put it...lol. I bought a beautiful wireless, NON PADDED bra that I LOVE. It is so comfy. I included pictures. I also bought a couple bathing suits. My Husband and I, my daughter, and her boyfriend are going on a cruise September 22. So I am super excited to not be going as a flatty this time. :P Oh yea, I just started back at the gym doing cardio, and weight lifting, but NO chest exercises for this girl...no way! I am not chancing my girls messing up. I am 100% satisfied. I love my surgeon. She is an artist, and knew exactly what she was doing. I am so glad I listed to her and went with Textured. They are soft, squishy, and even starting to bounce and jiggle. he he he. And she placed them where she wanted them, and they are perfect for me. :) Ok, well, enough chit chat. Here are some photos. Thank you all for the support, and kind words. I really hope my journey helps someone. :)

12 Weeks Post Op!!!!

I can't believe it has already been 12 weeks already. Time has FLOWN by. Let me start out by putting my stats again.

140 lbs
Pre op 34 AAA - Post op 34 D
401cc right 435cc left round, textured, silicone

My girls are doing great. They have settled in nicely, and look so natural. I could not be happier with my results. I sleep on my side comfortably now. Still no stomach sleeping. That just feels strange. I still get a twinge every now and then that makes me grab my boob to ease the sensation. I am assuming it is the nerves still coming back to life. I have a few numb spots under my nipples, but those are getting better too. Every once in a while when I bend over ( in a unnatural way) with out a bra on, I can see ever so slight rippling. I am good with that though. I can live with that. I had NO breast tissue to begin with, so I never expected them to be this perfect for me to begin with. I have included some pictures. Thank you all for your support, and comments through my journey. I don't how I would have got through this with out you all. :)

8 Months Post op!!!

I seriously can't believe it has been 8 months already. I LOVE my results, and could not ask for a better outcome. Dr Christine Stiles is a genius! I highly recommend her. She and her staff are wonderful, understanding, and so kind. My boobs are soft, and even bouncy...lol I am fully back into gym and crossfit with no limitations at all. I do bench press, and pushups, and am working on my pull ups ( those are hard for me...lol). I have NO problems what so ever. Do I have boob greed? Not really, I think one size up in cc's wouldn't hurt, but like I said I could not be happier. Here are a few pics I took this morning. I will post more when I have more time. Any questions are welcome. Good luck to all the ones have surgeries, and remember, whatever size you like before your surgery, go one size bigger, you will not regret it. I promise!!! I didn't :)

More 8 month post op pics!!!

Here are some more pics I just took today. Random. LOL. Excuse the redness on chest. I had just out of the shower.


Here are a few update pictures. I could not be happier with my girls. :)

More pics 11 month post op pics

Here are a few more pics, scars and all. So so happy with my results!

Ok last picture post. Lol

I'm a little obsessed! Rofl

Dr. Christine A. Carman Stiles and her staff were wonderful! Everyone was friendy, outgoing, and paid close attention to what I was wanting. I fell in love with Dr. Stiles the first time I met her. It was like I just knew. I told her that I trust her, and do what you do, and left the amount of CC's in her hands. She is a true artist in what she does, and strives for perfection. And in my opinion, I got it!! Now my Mom, Mother-in-law, and my daughter will be using her for different procedures. I love her so much, that I wish I could do it again, just have this wonderful experience again. I HIGHLY recommend her.

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