44 Years Old, Chin/neck Smartlipo Scheduled for 4/29 - Frisco, TX

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So tired of my turkey gobbler. I'm ready for it to...

So tired of my turkey gobbler. I'm ready for it to gobble its way off my neck. My surgery is set for 4/29 and I'm a nervous Nellie! I had my consultation today and I am so happy with the doctor and her staff. They were awesome and made me feel so at ease. I hope my results are as awesome as the ones I have seen on here.

Turkey Gobbler even when I was thin ????

Side by side photo. 19 years apart and 30 lbs heavier now...both pictures I have the turkey gobbler. UGH!

Pre-op today

Less than two week away from my surgery. Ready to get it done as over with.

9 days pre op pictures

Just 5 more days

This week flew by...can't believe I only have to work Monday and Tuesday then I will have my procedure on Wednesday. Serious nerves are kicking in.


Tomorrow is the big day!????

All done!

Went way better than I could have imagine. I will post more about how things went when I'm not so loopy on medicine.

Can't wait to see my results tomorrow at post op!

I was really nervous today before my procedure. Dr. Stiles and the nurse did their best to calm my nerves.

The procedure itself was no worse than going to the dentist. Really it wasn't.... I was able to take a Valium to calm my nerves. The nurse covered my eyes and played 80's music on pandora for me ?? Then Dr. Stiles started giving me the shots. At first it was a very minor sting then felt nothing but pressure from getting the local on the rest of my chin and neck. I didn't feel anything after that. The laser made a continuous beep and I could feel her moving it around but again no pain. Then came the suction part. No pain with it either... I could hear the "crackling" noise it sounded like I had that candy "pop rocks" in my mouth. Then it was over. I don't think it lasted even 30 minutes. So far so good. I have some bruising on my chest. Not sure about my neck and chin because I'm not taking my chin bra off until tomorrow for my post op.

Happy Dance!

1 day post op

2 day post op

Day 5 post op

I know I'm swollen but to be honest...I am so happy with the results now that I can't even imagine it looking any better in the next few months.

Still swollen....

Today is 10 days post op and I am still swollen. I have tenderness under my chin, both sides of my neck and middle of my neck. I have been massaging several times a day. Still happy with the results but can't wait until swelling goes down and skin starts tightening up.

Swelling is going down

Swelling is going down every day. Tenderness still in the middle of neck. Not so much soreness on the sides. Still happy with results that will only get better from here. Got my haircut to show off my new chin and smaller neck :)

Almost 6 weeks post op

I can't believe it's been almost 6 weeks since my liposuction! Skin on my neck seems to be getting tighter everyday. Still numb under chin close to my incision.
Off for the summer so I'm hoping to lose a few pounds! I was always disappointed with my weight loss before on diets because I always still felt fat because my neck was fat. No more turkey neck for me!! So happy with the results!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I had my consult today and Dr. Stiles and her staff were amazing. They went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and totally at ease.

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