31 with Silicone Sub-glandular Implants (for 13 years) - Removal In 2 Days, GB

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So my story - I was 18 years old and insecure with...

So my story - I was 18 years old and insecure with one breast slightly larger than the other (probably not more than one size difference) Left A and Right B., and realised later in life that this is very common. But as a naive teenager, paralysed by fear, it felt like the end of the world. So I undertook life changing surgery. Looking back I feel that counselling would have been a more appropriate solution but this was never suggested to me. I don't think anyone knows what they really want when they are 18. I had an implant put in my smaller breast but it got infected and had to quickly be taken out a few days later. I then had 2 implants put in making my breasts an even C. These have been fine.

However following having my daughter and general weight gain, the size difference is clear again a decade later. I am around a DD in bras. At this size I feel frumpy and uncomfortable. I am also convinced that the implants caused me difficulty with breast feeding.

So a few weeks ago I decided to have an MRI to find out what condition these 13 year old implants are in. I found out both have intracapsular ruptures and that I have one prominent lymph node with possible silicone in it. I had no obvious symptoms of rupture and so had to pay for an MRI privately (Alliance do these for £199 at the moment). I got my GP surgery to give me a referral and went to see my breast surgeon the following week. About 2 weeks later I am booked in for my explantation without capsulectomy as there is no leakage apart from one node. I have another meeting with my surgeon tomorrow to discuss a few things. And then hopefully I will be having these uncomfortable and unnatural bags out in 4 days time. I am excited but also very anxious and have felt physically sick for the last few weeks whilst sorting everything out. I am however convinced this will be the start of the new me. The real adult me that I actually have never really known. Physically.

This site has given me the knowledge and the confidence to go ahead with the explantation. I don't think I have looked at so many breasts in my life other than in the last 3 weeks.

I am wondering whether there is anything to do about the symmetry issue as well as removal but the most important thing is to get these out. My older self wishes it could tell my 18 year old self that I didn't need this.

So I include one picture now and will try my best to view my breasts and take photos during the healing in order to pay forward such great information from this site and the amazing women.

Well they are OUT

They came out yesterday ???? - all went straightforward. I haven't been able to sleep yet and will send an update once I am more alert but just wanted to share this cute little bag the hospital provided me with to store my two large drains in whilst walking around. I will have to have these in for at least a week so this is coming in very handy.

2 Days Post-Op

I woke up at home this morning and actually managed to get some sleep. I think the mix of the morphine and getting used to having the drains attached to me kept me up on the first night post-op.

So I include a picture from today. You can see the bandaging that I have to keep dry for a week. Hopefully drains come out next Thursdsy.

My left breast which had a 275 silicone sub glandular implant in looks a little pinched. The left breast which had a 200 is more rounded. I am wearing non-wired front opening bras for the next few weeks. The marks on my nipples are just from the bra.

I have taken arnica and don't have much swelling but will see. I did notice some dark purple bruising when I was being examined but that is under the drain bandaging.

Will make more posts at I go.

2 Weeks Post Op

The drains were taken out after a week as not filling very much. I was advised to start washing the area 48 hours after the drains coming out. And the bandage strips have slowly dropped off. I am now left with an initial view of the incisions and drain healing scars. There is one plastic stitch to come out that I can feel.

My breasts are asymmetrical. But the left beast is starting to look a bit less squashed.

I would say it has taken a good 2 weeks to start feeling myself again. Albeit a different myself.
It actually took me 2 weeks to feel up to going shopping. And I still haven't felt up to driving. The general anaesthetic took it out of me big time.

The front opening bras I bought on Amazon have been essential whilst I have been recovering. As well as several pairs of new pyjamas to live in. I have used a clean towel and flannel every day for drying to avoid infection. You don't realise how stiff and sore you are going to feel too.
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