Aug. 1 It's All Getting Put Back into Place in Fresno, CA

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I'm getting a full tt, and a breast lift with...

I'm getting a full tt, and a breast lift with 350cc high profile silicone implants.

I'm 5'6" and between 130lbs. - 135lbs. I'm 35 yrs. old mother of 2. My daughter is 16 and my son is 2. Even though I only gained 35lbs. with my daughter, I got really bad stretch marks across my hips, abdomen and thighs. I breastfed my daughter for 10 months. I gained 40lbs with my son, and only got a few continuation stretch marks. I breastfed my son for one year. Since having my daughter, my weight has topped out at 175 lbs, or a size 14 and I am currently at my lowest weight since having my daughter at 131.5; size 2-4. I work out regularly 4 - 5 times per week doing weight/cardio and yoga classes at my local gym.

I started thinking about a mommy makeover after having my son because I knew he'd be my last child. I didn't have my husband's support until just a few months ago, so I started the process. A side note, he has always loved me just the way I am. I never felt like he didn't appreciate my body. Well, then he decided to leave me a few weeks ago. I really don't know why and I decided I really needed this more than ever. He recently has wanted to work on things, so we'll have to see how things go. I want to make very clear that I am doing the for ME and only me. I've always felt very insecure about my body. My breasts look like deflated balloons from going to a breast-engorged 38DD (and Possibly bigger) to a 34 C. My tummy has all this excess skin that I have to tuck in to my bottoms. I'm self-conscious especially when practicing yoga because the poses can cause my top to expose my belly, so I'll have to stop and adjust my clothing to cover up. I feel like I work too hard to have to cover up.

On to the fun stuff....I met with my PS & staff on May 31. She made me feel so good about myself and thought I was realistic about my goals. She said I didn't need lipo and that I'm all skin in my abdominal area. Yayy! She pulled and squeezed my tummy and breasts to help me envision what my new body would look like. I also tried on the bra with the silicone implants. They looked so good!It wasn't long before I scheduled my surgery for August 1. I'd do it sooner, but July is a very busy vacation month at work. I plan on taking just 2 weeks. I have a desk job, so it isn't physically demanding. The nurse thought I was pushing it, the Dr. thinks that I'll be ok, but to take it easy. My manager knows that I'm having this done, so it helps in case I have to take another day or two.

Like others, I really have to thank this site and all the ladies that put their stories for people like me to see. Time for me to pay it forward. :) Before pics wil be posted soon.

I'm 26 days out from surgery. Not a whole lot has...

I'm 26 days out from surgery. Not a whole lot has changed and I can honestly say that it hasn't really hit me, yet. I'm trying to (unsuccessfully) eat better because the ladies here say it will help with recovery. I'm going tomorrow morning to get my blood drawn. And then there's my clothes. I refuse to buy any new clothes until after my surgery. It is driving me crazy, because they don't fit right since dropping weight, but I'm going to hold out ladies! A whole new wardrobe awaits in a few short weeks. I'm sticking to my workout regimen since I won't be able to after my procedure. Have a Happy 4th everyone! Independence takes on a whole new meaning this year. Be safe.

My surgery is on Monday! woo hoo! I was really...

My surgery is on Monday! woo hoo! I was really hoping to be more on top of my posts, but that's life for ya!
I had my pre-op one week last Thursday and took my neighbor and friend and cousin, Katie. She is my angel. It was decided that we would go to 400cc silicone implants. The Dr. also told me that she could get rid of most of my stretch marks on my tummy!I got my prescription Percocet, Zithromax, Valium. I plan on filling these today.
I can best describe my feeling as waiting or being on a rollercoaster. A nervous excitement.
My weight and measurements as of 07-16-11
Weight-134.5 Fat - 27%
Bust with no bra - 35"
Waist - 27.5"
Hip - 33"
Butt - 37"
Thigh - 22"
Arm - 10.5"
I'm curious to see how the measurements will change.
Also I promise to get some before pics up before my surgery date.
Thanks all.

Adding pics! Eep!

Adding pics! Eep!

Today was the day. I'm recovering now. Appt. was...

Today was the day. I'm recovering now. Appt. was scheduled for 6:30a. I went under about 7:45am and in recovery by 12:15. 6:30 was best time ever. Doesn't give time to think. I filled out some more paperwork and went to the back to get prepped. Everyone was so nice. I took a last minute pregnancy test and got undressed. The Dr. came in and marked me up and then the hot anathesiolgist came in and gave me something to relax. Holy cow did I relax. Then they wheeled me to the OR they moved me to the OR bed and all I remember was getting the oxygen mask. I woke up and was in recovery what felt 30 seconds, but in acutality was 2 hours. I don't feel a lot of pressure on my chest like many have described. I did feel a little bit of pain. Maybe 2-3 out 10 on the pain scale 1 being no pain and 10 being the worst. in out of the car wasn't a big deal, but I did feel something. Got home got some jell0 and pudding so far. I best describe my sensations as being sore. Like I worked out. I can still raise my arms. I'm very drowsy from the paid meds and plan to stay on top of them for a few days. I haven't seen the results of my surgery, but hope to tommorrow morning when I get the catheter out. Oh yea, the catheter is heaven. Can't feel it and don't have to get up and pee! I am super thirst despite drinking 64 oz of fluids the last couple days, too. My recliner so far is comfy and I'm comfortable in general. I also feel pretty coherent. Again, a lot more than I thought I would. Ok. That's it.

2nd day post-op. I went to my appointment this...

2nd day post-op. I went to my appointment this morning and they took out my catheter. I also got to see my boobs and tummy tuck. It all looks really good. That was a life-saver. I didn't have to get up at all. The only thing I can really complain about is the where they sutured my abdominal wall together. It's sore like I've done a lot of sit-ups. I've been staying on top of my pain meds and I think that has been a life-saver. Also I've been drinking a ton of water. Over all feel pretty good. Have been sleeping off and today, but not as much. I'm enjoying the company that has come today. My after pics look ok. One boob is more swollen than the other. I'm very surprised at how good I feel.

Today is day 3. I am continuing to do better and...

Today is day 3. I am continuing to do better and better. My biggest complaint is my abdominal sutures. They make my tummy really sore like most have described, it feels like I've done a ton of sit ups. Nothing the percoset and valium can't fix. I have an appetite. I'v been eating fine.I never felt the "elephant on my chest"as many described. My left boob is still quite a bit more swollen than my right, but they came out pretty. So far I'm very satisfied and I'm ready to give my thumbs up review. The drains don't bother me that much and neither does my back. I'm not really walking over hunched over. The Dr. adked that I start walking upright as soon as I'm up to it. I think that is why my abdominals are so sore. I hope to post after pics soon. I do feel coherent and then exhausted a short time later. I try to rest as much as I can. I'm still napping on and off throughout the day.

Day 4. Continue to get better.slowly weening off...

Day 4. Continue to get better.slowly weening off the pain meds.swelling in my boobs is getting a sponge bath today and saw myself naked for the first happy with what I saw un the mirror I've been taking it easy and will continue to do so.wanted to give a quick update before heading to bed.

Day 5. Still continue to do well. I can use my...

Day 5. Still continue to do well. I can use my arms so well that it scares me since the Dr. said that I shouldn't use them over my head. I've had full use of my arms the whole time. Also pain up until know has been mainly soreness. The drains really don't bother me as much as it has bothered others. What I'm not very fond of is the binding garment. I don't like that it buckles into my ribs especially where it zips on the sides. Most area of discomfort are my abdominal sutures. My right breast is a little more swollen than my left, but for the most part, both are pretty symmetrical.
I weighed myself this morning with all my garments on and I was 143. Ha! Big mistake to do that. I know it's all the water weight, but I was curious.
I've had visitors all week, which I actually really enjoyed. I like the support I've been getting from my friends and family.
The highlight of my day was going out to lunch for sushi with my sister-in-law. It felt good to get out of the house! We had a nice time and had some good food. Did I mention I've been walking upright for the most part since day 2. My Dr. encouraged me to. It has made me a little more sore, but have not had any problems because of it. Lunch took a lot out of me so I asked Alicia for a percoset and my antibiotic. She gave me a percoset and a valium! When i asked her again, she realized she what she had given me and gave me my antibiotic. I had a already taken the other two so 10 minutes later I was passed out. ha.
I am still sleeping on the couch, but quite honestly I'm sleeping well and my biggest challenge is getting off the couch.
I can't believe how well I've been recovering. I feel so fortunate to be healing so well.

Day 6. Slept in my bed last night. Decided to do...

Day 6. Slept in my bed last night. Decided to do so after I updated my post yesterday. So my left boob was sore for the first couple of days post-op then it was my right boob the past couple of days, but today both seem to be doing pretty good. Abdominal sutures aren't bothering me as much today. I don't think I mentioned that my breast lift was the the lift where I had the anchor scar (which is the scar underneath the breast) with the lollipop. I had a lot of loose skin. My bottom garment comes up to that scar and bothers me sometimes. Really just annoying little things during this recovery process. I asked the office yesterday if I could change my garment to something like spanx and was told flat out no. Not for 2 to 3 weeks. Ugh. Another annoyance. I'm able to roll over and get up on my own now. Very happy for that. I think I'm recovering pretty quickly? Still taking 1/2 a percoset until it runs out. Why not? It helps. Helps me sleep and feel no discomfort whatsoever. So pleased with everything. Loving my boobies! Too much trouble to take off the bottom garment to admire my tummy. ha. Oh poop seems to be a big topic and I forgot to mention I went yesterday and today with no trouble. A little weird to poop with a garment on! ha. But it's a big opening. My garment, that is. Will continue to update. I hope you are all finding this helpful.

Sorry I still haven't put up post op pics! This...

Sorry I still haven't put up post op pics! This garment is so hard to get off and on by myself. I wish I would've thought about doing after pics sooner when I had all the help, but the drugs make me so loopy and forgetful! ha! Every day is getting better and better. I can't believe how quickly I'm recovering. I went to dinner last night. I was out for about 3 hours and that was a bit much. I had a margarita with dinner and it knocked me on my butt! I was ready for bed by the time I was finished eating. Even though I feel good, I still have limitations. Getting in and out of the car was done gingerly. Also walking was an adjustment. My tummy is stretched tight so it is hard to walk without either sticking my butt out or tucking it in! Practice will make perfect. I stopped taking middle of the night pain meds last night. I didn't need them because i woke up feeling great. I was a little sore, but nothing that I couldn't tolerate.
I have my post-op appointment tomorrow. I hope they take one or both of my drains out. They've been consistently putting out less than 25 mL every 8 hours. We shall see. I will also post my weight an measurements 1 week post op. I'm sure there will be fluid retention and swelling, but it will still be interesting to see. Hope you are all enjoying the rest of your weekend.

Here are post op pics just shy of 1 week.

Here are post op pics just shy of 1 week.

I started to compose my one week update and for...

I started to compose my one week update and for some reason couldn't get it to's 1 am, so close enough, right? I had my one week post op guess it was yesterday now. Very exciting because I had everything removed! My drains, my stitches, and my surgical tape. I thought I felt great before...I feel like a new woman now! She numbed the drain site so taking out the drains was a total breeze If you have the option,I would highly recommend it.
As far as my body goes the incision lines are small, my right nipple is numb, my mid torso is numb, but so far so god on everything else. I passed out at 7pm today, but hope to update later with more pics. Oh, I weighed myself after lunch and before I got to take my first glorious shower in a week and I weighed 134.5.My guess is that I haven't gained or lost which is more good news! Going back to bed.have a great week!

Hi. Today I'm posting because I had another...

Hi. Today I'm posting because I had another post-op appt.before my ps goes on vacation. She commented on how much better I look just in 3 days. Everything looks good and I'm not retaining fluid since the drains were removed. I go back in 2 weeks to get the scar guard.
She also said I don't have to wear my restricting garment at night anymore. I can go with just a shelf cami, but like others I think I will continue to keep bound with my spanx and sports bras. After one more week this binding garment can go bye bye! woohoo. I won't miss it.
My biggest annoyance has been my internal sutures as I've said a few times throughout. The soreness is going away, but has been replaced by a kind of achiness. Again, feels like a hard workout. I bought some tylenol to manage it and can start taking ibuprofen on monday and alternate while at work. I may take a valium at night depending on how my first day of work goes. The achiness is not bad, but want to stay as comfortable as possible. I think its really helped my recovery.
Ill get weight and measurements 2 weeks post op. Have a great weekend!

I wanted to post a few post-op pics just shy of 2...

I wanted to post a few post-op pics just shy of 2 weeks and weight and measurements.
I also felt like I needed to edit my silicone implants as being 400cc MODERATE profile, not high profile as I indicated in my initial post.
As of today:
Weight: 131.0 Body fat: 27%
Bust (no bra of course!): 37"
waist (no sucking in: 27.5"
Butt: 37"
Thigh: 21.5"
Arm: 10.5"
Even though my measurements didn't change, my body looks better than ever. I am loving my new confidence that has come with this surgery.
I'm back to work tomorrow, so let's see how my first day goes!

Uy2nd day back at work was better than my first. I...

Uy2nd day back at work was better than my first. I was not used to being upright in a chair for long periods and going go the bathroom every 45 minutes because I was drinking do much water to keep from swelling. I didn't swell at all, and some time lying down after work did a lot of good.
My 2nd day back was much better. I feel like I'm getting used go my chair. I took Tylenol 1st thing and then as a preventative measure, took 2 tylenol and 2 advil. I don't need a valium tonight and think I will do fine. I haven't been able to v go without a bra, but I did go without my binding last was nice!.I'm wearing it today because I felt like I was swelling from the increased activity at work and home.i feel much better now. Time for bed, good night.I

My weekly update. I am finishing up my 3rd week...

My weekly update.
I am finishing up my 3rd week of healing and moving on to my 4th.
My boobs are surprisingly my favorite part of this whole surgery! They are dropping nicely! To be able to go braless, is a dream come true. I LOVE IT. My tummy tuck scar looks yucky, but I'm sure once I start the scar treatment, it will look much better. My PS wasn't able to get all of the stretch marks under my incision line, but I am still VERY happy that my tummy looks great and all of my stretch marks are under my belly button! I will be rocking a bikini next summer!
I started buying some clothes this past week. I'm happy to say, I bought 2 pairs of size 2 jeans from Old Navy! I went down a size which is awesome. Good and bad news as my wardrobe goes from a size 2 to a size 10 now! I have some serious down-sizing to do.
I made it through my 1st week back at work! Yayy! I did take it easy this weekend. I have to give BIG kudos to my daughter for really stepping it up with my son and the housework. She started her Jr. year in HS on Thursday and cleaned the house the day before. So sweet! I'm able to do much more than previous 2 weeks, but I'm still trying not to do anything too strenuous. Yesterday, I did vaccuum my car and got a little sore in my boob incision underneath, but wasn't even enough for pain meds. That's the extent of my most strenuous activity so far.
I'm pretty much off the pain meds at this point. I will take an occasional tylenol or Advil and I think I took Valium at night twice last week, but it was more preventative than necessity. As far as swelling goes, I've had little to none so far, but we'll see how that goes as I increase my activity levels in the coming weeks.
If you've been following my updates, you'll notice the husband is missing from it. Well, that's because we've decided to split ways for good and file for divorce. I think that's the best thing for us and luckily we've been able to go through the process amicably and on mutual terms. Not the best timing, but that's life and I have to thank my family and friends immensely for helping me through my healing process. I really could not have done this without them.
I have to also mention a few things that have really made me more comfortable these past 3 weeks. Today is the last day I have to wear my surgical binder during the day (another woohoo!). It has hooks and zips on the sides that bend and push into my surgical scar. Not comfortable. Solution? Pantyliners!! They have been my best friend from the beginning. I had them under my boobs until my stitches were removed. I've been wearing them on my sides to keep from the garment rubbing and irritating my incision sites.
My other magic trick to comfort was tube tops under my bra. I bought them at Tilly's. Super soft and made wearing my bra so much more bearable!
I will post my weekly pics later tonight, since I just put on my garment. (for the last time!)

Pics posted 3 weeks post op

Pics posted 3 weeks post op

Just shy of 6 weeks. I feel great. The skin area...

Just shy of 6 weeks. I feel great. The skin area around my stomache is still numb and my right nipple is numb, too. It's the weirdest feeling. My left breast has not dropped all the way,yet, either. It's taking it's time. Ha! When I sneeze I can still feel the sutures just a bit. I know they are there. None of this is a big deal at all and I would've done this all again in a heartbeat! I just want you all who are reading this to get an accurate picture of what's happening and what to expect.
I started my scar guard treatment 2 weeks ago and that is going good. The scars feel yucky! But I think they will fade and flatten very nicely.
I am pretty much at my normal activity level. I would say on a scale of 1 - 10, I'm at an 8 of my former activity level. I am still building my strength up. It has been several weeks since I've vaccumed and have gone to the gym. Oh! And I'm not relying on my daughter to pick up my son and help me get him in and out of his carseat. She is loving that! ha! My son loves that I can pick him up again.
I plan on keeping up on my reviews, but not as often. Maybe every couple of weeks to a month or so.
Just shy of 6 week pics are getting posted as soon as Im done with my update.

Hi All, So this morning I had a little scare when...

Hi All,
So this morning I had a little scare when putting my scar guard on. I noticed I had a hole in my right breast on the vertical incision. I called the exchange right away and the Dr. called me within minutes. She said the scarguard causes the skin to thin and it's probably just a splitting stitch. That is apparently normal even after almost 8 weeks post-op!
I've resumed normal activity, but not quite at full strength. I feel and look great!

Hello all. I'm a little over 3 1/2 months post op....

Hello all. I'm a little over 3 1/2 months post op. I haven't gained or lost any more weight, and my measurements haven't changed. I have been back at the gym regularly and would say I'm at full strength now. I feel great and I'm so glad I did this for myself.
I have encountered a few nuances that I have to share. First, splitting stitches. I'm still getting then, but they've been limited to the vertical incision on my breasts. They are annoying and have prolonged the healing process, but I realize that it is a result of my body and not the surgery. The other is my breasts have dropped differently. My left is higher than my right, so the nipples are in different positions. Not a huge difference, but definitely noticeable. One last thing is the implant in my left breast. I can feel the edge of the implant at the bottom outer corner of my breast. I called about that and was told it's normal to have the implant show a bit.
My tummy scar is healing beautifully as is my belly button.
A co worker of mine have me some tape to put over my scars to lighten them up more quickly, so I've started doing that this week.
I wish you all very happy healthy holiday season!
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The Dr. was great. Took as much time as needed and was honest and realistic about my expectations. I highly recommend her.

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