Vaser lipo on upper n lower abs, flanks, n hips

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I'm 36. 5'5" and 160 lb. I gained 25 pounds 3...

I'm 36. 5'5" and 160 lb. I gained 25 pounds 3 years ago and can't lose the weight for the life of me. No matter what I do it won't come off! Most of the weight is in my belly. Having based liposuction on my upper n lower abs, flanks, and hips.

I'm not an optimistic person so I'm not expecting the world from this procedure. Just want to look and feel better.

It's all happening very quickly, which is good because I'm impatient and don't want to wait. I've been thinking about this for a long time and made my decision. I had my initial consultation on 1/24, get labs tomorrow, pre-op is on 2/5, and procedure is on 2/15. Haven't even met the Dr yet but have been researching him and reading reviews about him. All good. So I guess it'll be ok.

Pre-op appointment in 2 days

My preop appointment is in two days. Correction to my first post. I'm getting Vaser lipo.

I've found this site to be so helpful to me. I hope my reviews help others. I'll take pics later. After I get the courage to do so. I'm a very modest person when it comes to showing my body.

Pre-op appointment

So I had my appointment this evening. It was interesting. I didn't meet with the doctor. I did meet with a very nice young woman who said she was a medical assistant. She answered all my questions about the doctor, the procedure, recovery, follow up care, etc. Apparently at Athenix you don't meet the doctor until the morning of the procedure. Hmmm. Interesting...

She took pictures of me, measured me, and weighed me. Then we looked at the pictures and she drew on them to show me exactly what they would be doing and where.

So I guess that's it. The procedure is two Saturdays from now. Guess I'll meet the doctor, get my compression garment, and have the procedure done then.

Oh. And Apparently I will only see the doctor one time post-op then the rest of my follow up appointments will be with staff. Is that how it is everywhere? The staff is nice and all, but really? Oh well, that's how profits are maximized I suppose. Makes sense from a business perspective.

My stats...

So I've established that I'm 36, 5'5", 160 lb. Now that my procedure is less than a week away I figure it's time to measure and photograph myself.

Bust: 40.5, under bust: 33.5, waist: 32.0, hip:
40.0, butt: 42.0, upper thigh: 25.0, lower thigh: 18.5, calf: 14.5, bicep: 13.5.

I'm curious to see how these numbers change over the next 12 months.

Procedure tomorrow

My procedure is tomorrow. I don't know how I feel about it. I suppose I'm nervous because I just want to get in there and get it over with already.

They are supposed to call me today to tell me what time to show up tomorrow. I hope it's early because I'm not supposed to eat the day of and I hate going hungry.

24 hours after

My procedure was 24 hours ago. I was in a lot of pain during the procedure. Still in pain. My husband said I passed out in our hall last night and my lips turned blu and I wouldn't breathe then would gasp for air. I don't remember. But I do know that up until about an hour ago any time I stood I could feel my heart beat in my ears and my hearing went funny. I looked in the mirror and my lips had turned white and were starting to turn blue.

I've been laying down since I got home except when I need to use the ladies room. Everything still hurts. I can't take the hydrocodone they gave me so I've just been taking acetaminophen.

Here's to hoping I feel better soon. Hope to shower tonight.

Follow up appointment

My follow up appointment is this afternoon. I plan to tell them about the lack of breathing and no pain medication. I'm hoping to get some pain relief soon.

I am able to walk around a bit now. So that's good. I didn't expect eating to be hard. It puts pressure on my compression garments and hurts so I haven't eaten much the past three days. Takes about 3 hours to get down a packet of oatmeal.

Showered yesterday. That was pretty funny. I lasted about 2 minutes. Drained all over the floor and shower. And my poor husband had to dress me. I felt so bad. I know how hard it is for him to see me like this. My entire torso is black, red, purple, and blue. I even have bruising between my breasts. Lol!

Follow up yesterday

So I had my follow up yesterday. It went well. As the lady rubbed her hands around my belly it didn't feel like my skin. Felt very foreign. She said that's normal, which made me feel better. She was nice, but I didn't get her name. My next appointment is next week. A lot of the bruising is already gone. Yay! She said I looked good and I can start taking ibuprofen now.

I think I'm going to go off all pain meds now. My stomach is burning from not eating and taking meds, and spending most of my time on my back. I'm sitting today, eating mashed potatoes, and drinking more water. Hope to get this under control soon.

I have to say, ladies, read over the shopping list on this web page and get the things off it you think you will need. But OMG, get DVDs or order movies or stock up on your DVR. I thought I'd be up and around more than I am and I'm going insane with boredom! Lol! Oh, and if you are having more then one area worked on, take a week off! There is no way I could have made it to work today.

I had my mons added to the list of things done. So, yeah, 5 areas should equal five days off.

Each day...

Each day is exponentially better.


I wish I was not so impatient. But I am!!

Tomorrow will be a week. I'm already over this recovery process! Tired of the bindings, swelling, inactivity, pain, and boredom. I understand that lipo is not a weight loss procedure, that it is ment to re-shape what you have. I get it. I don't expect drastic changes. But for crying out loud! After this is said and done it had better be worth it!

I guess I'm just grumpy today. :-\

One week

It's been a week. I feel good. My follow up was yesterday. It went good. The ladies that work there are so wonderful and approachable and easy to talk to. It's turning out to be a very good experience for me.

No lumps, bumps, or pockets of fluid have built up yet. I know I'm not out of the woods yet but so far so good. I wear my garments 23.5 hours a day. I go back to work tomorrow so I'm going to go buy control top panties and a control top tank and see if I can fashion together something I can hide better under my work clothes and then wear my surgical garments while at home. I hope this works and I don't undo the progress I've made this past week.

I like the progress I've made so far. No more rolls! :-)

The bruising is almost all gone. I'm getting feeling back in my skin. Now I understand what the other ladies are talking about. It's kind of odd. I get itchy but not in a bad way, and in different spots. I find myself gently scratching and not even realizing it. It feels good though because I know good things are happening.

The first three days suck but thanks to the other reviews on here I knew to expect it. The other days are just frustrating because you want to go go go and you can't. But it's for the best - a forced relaxation time can be good for the body, mind, and soul. I still wish I were more patient though. Lol.

2 week update

13 days now. I feel good. Still have some bruising. I noticed I was getting dents and bumps from the compression garment so I have been rotating between three styles to change the pressure points to try to minimize bumps. I've been massaging with my hands, I ordered a hand held massager to get better results.

I've lost about two inches everywhere. My stats update...
Weight: 154.5, bust: 39, under bust: 31.5, waist: 30, hip: 37.5, butt: 41, upper thigh: 24.5, lower thigh: 18, calf: 14, bicep: 12.5

I'm still inactive. I was advised to not get my heart rate up for the first three weeks to keep swelling away so I have been following that advice. It's boring but I think it's working.

1 month

It's been a month. I still have some swelling. I've been wearing my compression garments and binder for about 22 hours a day. I'm tired of the binder so I'm going to start just wearing the spanx for a few days and see what happens.

I'm 152 lb. I haven't bothered to measure so I don't know where I am with that.

My skin still hurts. Not a lot. More like a discomfort. Sometimes when I get up quickly or reach for something it feels like the tissue is tearing under the skin and then that spot puts off a lot of heat and almost burns. I don't know what that's about but I hope it's not bad and that it stops soon.

That's about it for now.

2 months out

So it's been about two months now. I've been wearing various spanx during the day and nothing at night for a little while now. I have a lot of swelling. A LOT. And the swelling is painful. I'd say about a 2 or 3 at all times and a 4 or 5 when I bump, press, or push on it.

So I've started wearing my surgical compression garment in the evenings again. It's helping a little. I hope to get rid of the swelling soon because of the discomfort and because I don't like what I see in the mirror right now. That and I'm terrified that it's not swelling and the fat somehow moved back in to where it was sucked out. I know that's illogical but it still scares me.

That's about it for now.

A pic from week 6

Swelling ...

So I'm still swelling a lot. And it's still uncomfortable. I'm not nearly as small as I was in the few weeks post op. I wear my CG when I'm home but can't bare to wear it to bed even though I know I should. It's just so uncomfortable and the zippers are painful and I just can't get sleep when I wear it.

I walk daily and have started cycling again. I did 8 miles in the mountains. I swelled like crazy after that. Healing from this seems so contradictory. You want to move and exercise to be healthy, lose weight, and feel good but the opposite happens and you swell, look terrible and it hurts. If you do nothing and lay around like a couch potato the swelling goes down and you feel and look better. I wonder if inactive and sedentary people heal faster then active people. Like, in the long run; are they much happier with their results and do they have better results. In the end (12 months out) do we all heal the same? I know we are all different but still can't help but wonder.
Dr. Tavassoli

The doc was great and the staff is fabulous. Overall a wonderful experience. I hope to return for more procedures in the future.

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