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As I watched my daughter go through the recovery...

As I watched my daughter go through the recovery of a BBL I thought, oh, that can't be worth it. But she is so pleased with her results that I gave it another thought and went in for another consultation. Two years ago I was told that lipo would work great on me. This time a TT was recommended to handle the skin. She said I have great skin and would heal well. I have a cesarean scar that doctors say looks wonderful so I'm hoping that the consultant is right.

I am 5'6" and 180. I work out regularly but can't make head way. I feel like this is taking a shortcut. The consultant said that when you get to be my age, there are so many things working against you: age, babies, stress, etc. that it's hard to get to where you want to be without some help. I got braces at 50 so I am coming to terms with getting this TT.

Tomorrow's the day!

Just waiting for my phone call to tell me what time to arrive at the center.
My PS has only prescribed pain pills but I have got the following in preparation:
Arnica cream
Arnica pills
Shower grab bar
Big body pillow
He didn't mention anything about showering with antibacterial soap, but I'm going to do that tonight and tomorrow morning. I am also going to go on a liquid diet today, which will hopefully help with the nausea and other side effects of the anesthesia.

It's done!

Considering what I went through yesterday, I feel great! I was up moving around 4 hours after I got home. I can even stand up pretty straight. Going to return the walker that I bought. I'm not going to do too much, specific lipo spots are starting to hurt. Going to get back in recliner and let helpers take care of me. My post op appointment is Friday. I want to see what's under this CG.

The unveiling!

I feel so good!
One drain is bothering me but now that we've taken everything off and moved around a bit it might get better.

On my own

Daughter is leaving today, I'm on my own. I would go down to SoCal with her but I want to be close to my Dr in case I can get these drains out sooner. The pain from one drain is an excruciating, searing pain when triggered. I try to keep pressure on it when I move around.

I would like to try some other pain relief that doesn't put me to sleep. I'm going to try half a tablet and maybe some Tylenol.

Cabin Fever

Today was my best day so far. I hope it keeps getting better. I got 6 hours of sleep last night without taking any narcotics.

I get two hours out of my cg per day. I do an hour in the morning and an hour at night. I think that may have aided in sleeping as well. Just rearranging and letting body breathe.

I'm determined not to do too much. Even though I felt great, I still didnt go out - not even to mailbox. I have been walking around when I'm out of my cg, and usually my drainage spot starts to leak. This morning I didn't walk around until after I put it back on. Been taking 600mg of Ibuprofen today.

Hoping tomorrow is another good day. I want to stop by a friend's birthday party. If I can get a ride.

Finally Got Out

Although I've been feeling good these past few days, I've been hesitant to go out because I don't want to do too much and have a setback. Last night I went to a real small gathering for a friends birthday. I had a friend pick me up so I wouldn't have to worry about driving. I thought I was moving pretty good but I got teased quite a bit. Guess there's still more recovery to come. I go back to work on Tuesday.

Drains out - back to work tomorrow

It's hard to describe my feelings now. Kinda walking around in disbelief. Got both drains out today - I was in sooo much discomfort/pain that I was taking narcotics again. And I was given the okay to be out of cg at night. So right now I'm just trying to take it all in. A friend took me to Dr office. When I came out he said, Wow! You just about hopped into the truck. It's like night and day!

Did say I would start to swell now that I would be moving around more. I will probably stay in cg most time except when sleeping.

5 weeks post - ready to get back on the courts

I am at 5 weeks from full TT, MR and flank lipo. I've been cleared to resume activities. I want to get back on the tennis courts but I don't know how I will run around, I feel like I have a sack of bricks in my stomach. I will put on a compression garment but I don't see how you all do it. I used to be able to hold my stomach up, now that it's gone, I still feel like I need to hold it but now there's nothing to hold.

Back on the courts

Today I played tennis for two hours! I was determined not to give up. I didnt wear anything extra, just spandex-type capris. No discomfort afterwards. No additional swelling.

9 month update

My stomach is still sensitive but numb - if that makes sense. If I touch it on the right, I can feel it twitch on the left. Rubbing my belly button brings weird sensations as well. At the end of the day I can't wait to get out of my pants. I'm very pleased with the results. Still don't know if I would do it again knowing what I know now. I guess I have to keep looking at my before pictures.

Didn't know how much I changed

Until I just looked at these before and after pictures, I didn't realize what a difference the surgery made.

1 Year Anniversary

It seems like a distant memory. I often go back and look at pictures. My body shaped changed dramtically. Two years prior I lost 15 pounds and thought I looked good. I gained the weight back before the surgery but my daughter says my body looks much better now than after the initial weight loss. I'm doing my best to get the weight back off. I can only imagine what I'll look like 15 pounds lighter now.
Fresno Plastic Surgeon

I'm so glad I chose Athenix. Some of the issues that I read about are not happening to me. I can't pop a stitch because my stitches are dissolving inside. My drains can't come out by mistake because it's about 2 feet of drain inside of my abdomen. I received a bust to thigh compression garment which I believe has reduced my swelling issues. You don't know how good you have it until you read about others. The staff is very personable. I didn't see the doctor during my initial consult but I felt the staff knew what they were doing and they were very responsive. I have seen him at each of my follow ups. They joke a little too much, but that's cool.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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